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‘The Voice’: Team Blake and Team Alicia Strive for Top 12


'The Voice': Team Blake and Team Alicia Strive for Top 12

'The Voice'

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Team Adam and Team Kelly will take the stage on Wednesday night.

The Live Playoffs continued Tuesday night on NBC's The Voice with 10 artists from Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys’ teams singing for a chance to advance to the top 12. After all 24 artists who made it to this round sang Monday night, the top vote-getter from each team automatically advanced. Now the rest are duking it out for the remaining slots. On Wednesday night, Adam Levine and Kelly Clarkson’s teams will sing, and the results from both nights will be announced afterward.

Team Blake went first, starting with Spensha Baker singing “Smoke Break” by Carrie Underwood. It was a fun modern country performance that is likely to connect with Team Blake’s fan base. Clarkson commended her on the song choice, and Shelton seemed confident that she will be moving forward.

Wilkes next sang “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. His arrangement was creative and ambitious, slowing the song down and making it edgier. He showcased his impressive range as well as a knack for artistry and crafting the whole picture when it comes to a performance. Shelton highlighted the fact that the artists choose their own songs this round, adding that it was a great choice for Wilkes.

Singing the Dolly Parton classic “9 to 5,” Pryor Baird followed with an entertaining performance. He put some of his own spins on the song, giving it a different sound with his raspy voice. Shelton said he deserves to be on the show.

Austin Giorgio was up next, singing “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber. It was a much different song choice for him, but this is definitely the stage of the competition to take risks, and his paid off, showing a different side of his voice and that he is more versatile than meets the eye. Keys praised his classic sound.

Closing out the Team Blake performances, Gary Edwards sang “America the Beautiful,” which was a bit of a pandering move on his part, but his vocal was strong and he put soul and emotion behind his singing. Clarkson commended his runs, and Shelton said he deserves to move on.

Terrence Cunningham got things started for Team Alicia by singing “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan. His arrangement turned it into a smooth ballad, and he showed more of his range on Tuesday night than Monday night. Eventually the performance gained momentum and became more uptempo, Cunningham showing a lot of layers. Keys and the other coaches were all blown away by his creativity with the song.

Christiana Danielle was up next. She chose to sing “Take Me to Church” by Hozier, and she proved yet again that she can sing just about anything and make it her own. She gave a solid rock performance with a lot of personality, and Clarkson went so far as to say she was the best contestant on the show even though she isn’t on her team.

Jackie Foster sang “Alone” by Heart, putting a lot of power behind her vocal. Her range was incredible, and Keys pointed out that she seems to have a strong grasp on who she is as an artist. That confidence certainly came through in her performance. She managed to sing boldly without oversinging.

Singing “Need You Bad” by Jazmine Sullivan, Kelsea Johnson was up next, and she also sang with a lot of confidence. She has sung a lot of different kinds of songs on the show so far, and this song choice was another great one. Keys said she’s carving out her own space.

The last artist of the night was Johnny Bliss, who decided to sing Adele’s “One and Only” in one of the most emotional performances of the evening. It wasn’t pitch-perfect, but his tone always stands out. Overall, Keys has an impressively versatile team, and Bliss definitely embodies that.

On Wednesday night, 10 artists from Team Adam and Team Kelly will sing. Then the top four vote-getters from each team will join Team Kelly’s Brynn Cartelli, Team Adam’s Sharane Calister, Team Blake’s Kyle Jade and Team Alicia’s Britton Buchanan in the top 12. The coaches also will have to chance to each pick an artist to round out the top 12. What did you think of Tuesday night’s performances?

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