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RaceChip GTS & XLR in Audi A5 2.0 TFSI quattro


RaceChip is synonymous with effective, plug-and-play chiptuning in the aftermarket scene. And at the top of its product range is the GTS, which is capable of extracting up to 30 percent more power and torque from the engine without physically tampering anything within the engine bay.

To put these claims to the test, we installed a RaceChip GTS in an Audi A5 2.0 TFSI quattro – a process which required no special tools and no longer than 15 minutes to complete. RaceChip claims that the GTS can bump the A5’s output up by 61bhp and 85Nm. Although a dyno test was not conducted to verify the numbers, the car immediately felt more responsive after the installation.

The improvements were most obvious at high speeds where the revs feel much livelier with RaceChip GTS installed. There is also evidence of reduced lag at low speeds, with the better turbo efficiency also contributing to reduced fuel consumption over the long run. Speaking of which, the differences between running on RON95 and RON97 are easier to identify after the chiptuning – the A5 obviously favouring the latter to great effect on wide open straights.

On top of these performance gains, RaceChip GTS also offers seven fine-tuning mappings – the most of any RaceChip product – and the convenience of accessing some of the presets via a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app. Changing settings on the device itself is also easier thanks to a digital interface which trumps entry-level models that require a screwdriver-like tool for mode adjustments.

Also installed in our Audi A5 test mule is RaceChip XLR, one of the company’s newest products which tunes the throttle response. The device consists of two parts, starting with the ‘Brainbox’ that is wired between the throttle pedal sensor and engine control unit. The second component is the controller dial, which allows the driver to choose from seven separate throttle responses depending on the intended driving style. Like the RaceChip GTS, app-based adjustments are also available for the XLR.

In its sportier settings, RaceChip XLR imbues the Audi A5 with quicker throttle response – a far cry from the stock setting which made the car feel heavy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, XLR’s efficiency-focused settings really numbs the throttle to limit unnecessary revving. While this isn’t ideal for enthusiastic driving, it certainly helps save fuel in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

This experience demonstrates that RaceChip products not only deliver on their claimed performance benefits, but are able to coexist to thoroughly enrich the driving experience, making it a worthy consideration for owners of compatible cars. We will document the benefits of running RaceChip GTS and XLR in the A5 in further detail soon, so stay tuned for more.

For more details and retail information on the RaceChip GTS and RaceChip XLR, contact RaceChip ChipTuning Hellas at 03-7772 7229 or via their Facebook page.

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