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The Best Birth Control Natural Remedies You’ve Never Heard Of


Although many consider children to be a blessing, some people have their own reasons for not wanting to be parents. Some people just do not like the responsibility and think it is better to just have pets while others are concerned about the resources, the choice is not that easy. In any case, birth control has become exceedingly popular. Other than abstinence, people use all kinds of birth control methods, including male and female condoms, morning-after pills and other contraceptives. These methods are quite popular but have their pros and cons too. Nevertheless, nature has provided us with all kinds of herbs which can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are a few natural remedies you should know for birth control.

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1. Neem:

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Neem is one of the most famous herbs. It is used all over the world for a number of reasons. Neem is used in all its forms, from neem leaves to neem oil and extract. Using neem as a contraceptive is a rather popular practice, by men as well as women, all over the world.

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Neem is a very strong contraceptive given that a minute amount of the herb, in form of oil, when injected to the uterine horns, can make a woman infertile for a year, without messing with the ovaries, menstrual or hormonal cycle. Neem not only works as a contraceptive for women but men can also use it.

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For a man, neem can adversely affect the motility of the sperm cells, which makes them unable to reach the female egg and fertilize it. It takes neem oil less than 30 seconds to kill a sperm cell within a vagina. It can also cause infertility in men. It may be used within a capsule, on a daily basis, to use as a birth control pill. The good news is that your sperm productions or libido do not get affected by the intake of neem, in any form.

2. Queen Anne’s Lace:

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Also known as the wild carrot, Queen Anne’s Lace is yet another herb used for birth control. The seeds of the herb disrupts the implantation by blocking the steroid hormone, progesterone synthesis and the fertilized egg finds implantation very hard. The seeds of the herb are collected and work as the contraceptive.

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Various studies have been carried out on using this herb as a contraceptive and it has been gaining popularity. This herb is best used as an emergency contraceptive. However, using Queen Anne’s Lace has some mild side effects too. Women who are breastfeeding should not use this herb.

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Using this herb is not a good idea for people who have had issues regarding gallstones or kidney. Some may also experience constipation for a few weeks. The herb has an uncanny resemblance to toxic plants like water hemlock and poison hemlock. One should make sure that they do not confuse Queen Anne’s Lace with these plants. Here’s how you can use the herb: 8 hours after, take a tablespoon of Queen Anne’s Lace and chew the seeds. To get the maximum effect, do this for 7 days.

12 Shocking Reasons Why Men Die Sooner Than Women 3. Blue Cohosh:

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Another popular remedy is to drink Blue Cohosh tea after. Blue Coshosh is also known as squaw root and blue or yellow ginseng. The root of this herb can affect implantation due to the two uterine-contracting substances it has. This herb has been used to induce uterine contractions. Using this herb is ideal for when you forget to use a contraceptive.

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Like all other herbs, it has some side effects too and it is excellent to use it after consulting a specialist, to avoid any problems in the future. To one-quarter of boiling water, add a teaspoon of the herb and for five minutes, let it steep.

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Keep drinking this tea until you get your period. Make sure to not drink more than 400mg a day.

4. Pennyroyal:

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This herb was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a contraceptive. The herb works as a contraceptive on the principle that it maximizes menstrual flow, acting as anemmenagogue. This herb can be combined with other herbs to make it work like contraceptive and maximize the effect. It can also cause severe results which not only include maximum menstrual flow but also abortions. Pennyroyal has leaves which may be used dried or fresh.

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Although Pennyroyal is a very effective contraceptive, it should be used cautiously. It can not only damage the nervous system but also cause liver and kidney issues. It may even disturb your hormonal cycle. One should make sure not to drink more than 300mg of Pennyroyal in the timespan of 6 days. In case you do not get your period or you get more than 10 days late, you should stop Pennyroyal intake immediately. The herb should be used immediately after for full effect.

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Here is how you can use the herb: You may take 8 ounces of water, which may be distilled or spring and add one teaspoon of dried leaves of Pennyroyal after you have taken it off the stove. Let it stand for 15 to 15 minutes and then strain it. You may also add in a small amount of honey.


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