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Vintage Watches Are the Timeless Timepieces You Need

Vintage Watches Are the Timeless Timepieces You Need

Vintage Watches Are the Timeless Timepieces You Need

Long summer afternoons, spent in the dim cool of your grandfather’s study. The scent of his cologne and his cigar competed with the smells of Grandma’s roast or Sunday gravy, floating up from the kitchen above. You would be tucked into the corner of a cracked leather armchair, paging through an oversize book with rich watercolor illustrations, or maybe just watching the dust motes dance through a shaft of sunlight.

Sometimes Grandpa would let you look through the treasures in his desk drawer: old coins, antique keys, a fountain pen, black-and-white pictures of distant relatives. And, of course, his wristwatch, still ticking as reliably as when he purchased it in Paris during the war. Just glimpsing it again brings up memories, and he begins to tell you the stories…

There is no doubt vintage wristwatches hearken back to an era when people valued quality craftsmanship. Unfortunately, your older brother was the one who inherited Grandpa’s watch, but there is a way for you, too, to recapture that nostalgia: browsing a selection of vintage watches.

Three Reasons Why Vintage Watches Are Timeless

In the days when no self-respecting fellow would be seen in public without a hat and a pocket square, a wristwatch was a necessary accessory as well as a stylish one.

Today, we don’t need watches — even if you don’t want to reach into your pocket for your smartphone, it seems digital clocks are everywhere. So why choose vintage watches? Let’s take a look.

They Are Out of the Ordinary

Wearing a wristwatch, particularly one of the many storied vintage watches available, will set you apart from the masses. When everyone else is bent over their devices, drawn into the swirling vortex of social media and constant communication, all you need to do is take one quick glance at your wrist.

They Are the Epitome of Class

James Bond. Cary Grant. Sinatra and Deano. Classic style isn’t as easy to come by these days, now that fashion is disposable and people wear pajamas to the grocery store. Not you, however. You understand that projecting a sophisticated, masculine image depends on the details: well-polished wingtips, having your shirts starched just so and, of course, the beautiful leather band of your vintage watch peeking out from beneath your cuff.

They Last a Lifetime — Or Two!

If Omega vintage watches could talk, they would certainly tell some compelling tales.

What stories will you contribute to your timepiece’s repertoire? Owning a well-made watch from the mid-20th century positions you within history. Unlike today’s tech gizmos that practically become obsolete the moment you take them out of their packaging, the old-school technology of a finely crafted chronograph is truly timeless.

Imagine handing down a vintage watch to your son, and then one day seeing it grace the wrist of your grandson. No iPhone can compare to that sense of tradition.

Once you fasten the strap of that first watch, you’ll be hooked. Vintage watches are beautiful, collectible, and practical items that you will be proud to own, and to pass on to future generations. Grandpa would approve!

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Men’s Winter Coats: How to Improve Your Winter Fashion

Men's Winter Coats: How to Improve Your Winter Fashion

Men’s Winter Coats: How to Improve Your Winter Fashion

Winter have you wearing the same pair of sweatpants or boring jackets over and over again? Unsure how to look good while staying warm?

The good news is you can look great in even the chilliest of seasons, and bundling up in sub-freezing temperatures doesn’t have to be complicated.

We’ve created this guide of men’s winter coats to keep you looking stylish and hot, even when the weather is not.

Whether you’re shopping for you or looking for a gift for the man in your life, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get into it!

Guidelines to Men’s Winter Coats

Know Your Budget

Men spend, on average, $85 dollars each month on clothing. That’s about $1,020 annually.

Before investing in your coat, it’s important to have a general ballpark regarding how much you are willing to spend.

This will help you narrow down stores, types of materials, and brands. After all, if you’re only looking to spend about $150, it wouldn’t make sense to visit stores with prices hovering over $800, would it?

We commend that before making any clothing decisions, make your budget!

Find Your Fit

This isn’t your father’s wardrobe. Men’s winter coats have come a long way in terms of style and sizing.

Determine what kind of coat you’re looking for. Something slim-fitting? Something for the office? For formal events? For travels and adventure? (and yes, a coat for the Dominican Republic has different purpose than a coat for the Rockies)

Narrowing down your intended use will help you narrow down the appropriate styles and fits for the occasion.

Consider Fur

If you think fur is only for rich people, think again. We’re convinced this is the hottest trend of 2017.

This article shows that a proper fur coat is one of the most stylish ways to stay warm and look good doing it.

With different lengths, patterns, and options (yes, faux fur is trendy!), this is one of our favorite kinds of men’s winter coats

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Men’s winter coats are just part of the attire. If it’s really cold out, you will likely need proper shoes, scarf, and head protection (such as a beanie) for additional protection.

Maybe you already have some of these pieces. Maybe it is important for you to coordinate matching styles or colors.

Either way, these should be taken into consideration when planning out your budget and style.

Rock the Boots

Want a surefire way to look stylish?

Ditch the sneakers and pair your men’s winter coats with well-fitted boots. Not only do they define your style and create a sense of professionalism, they are also comfortable and warm!

If you’re looking for outdoor protection (and style), consider checking out the endless designs and styles guaranteed to keep you happily active.

Final Thoughts

No matter what the season (or how hot or cold it is), you should never have to compromise looking and feeling good.

If your wardrobe is in need of an update, men’s winter coats are a great way to show off your style and personality while keeping you warm. Win-win, right?



Why Your Medical Supply Biz Needs a Fast Website

Why Your Medical Supply Biz Needs a Fast Website

Why Your Medical Supply Biz Needs a Fast Website

On the internet, there are two truths that must never be overlooked:

1.) Cat videos own Youtube.

2.) Speed is king.

While both statements are unequivocally true, only one applies to your medical supply business.

Search engines, in particular, Google, have changed the rules of search rankings over the past year. Before, if you had solid content and a bunch of links going to your page, you were good.

In the past, you could simply post a blog about polymem wound dressing and anyone searching for it would find your page if you were an active site. Now, if your page doesn’t load fast enough, it’s dropping in the rankings.

This is especially true after the mobilpocalypse, in which Google decreed that if your site wasn’t mobile friendly, it was going to be lowered.

What does this mean?

You better be fast.

There are good reasons Google made this move. According to their research, if a shopping or travel site takes more than three seconds to load, consumers will find another site.

If you run a medical supply business, that can be disastrous considering the amount of competition that’s out there. To put it simply, the question of “why your medical supply biz needs a fast website” can be answered with two statements:

Customers leave you if you have slow loading times.

We live in an age of instant gratification. What used to take 45 minutes to make in an oven takes 4 minutes in a microwave. It used to take 10 minutes to get on the internet using AOL. Now it’s just a matter of opening up a laptop.

You have three seconds until your customers either think something is wrong with your page or that something is wrong with you. Either way, the end result is that you are losing money.

Customers will never find you because Google will bury your page if it’s slow.

In the online world, competition is everywhere. If you search for the products that your page is selling, it’s almost guaranteed that there are thousands of other pages doing the same thing.

The difference often comes down to where you are ranked. The results on the first page of Google search results get 91.5% of the traffic. Those customers have already purchased their goods without even realizing you exist.

Now That You Are A Little Bummed Out, Let’s Talk Happy Things

No, not the cat videos that were mentioned earlier.

The good news is that it’s easy to check the performance of your website. Run a speed test designed by Google, and get your results.

From there you can look at your web page and figure out what’s slowing it down, and then fix it. Get rid of images that aren’t important. Get rid of some HTML on the main page.

Minimize your JavaScript and JQuery code. There are some simple things that can be done to fix the problem.

This might seem like a pain or a lot of hard work. If you catch yourself thinking that, just picture your customers giving your competitors money.

That image alone should tell you why your medical supply company needs a fast and efficient website.

Don’t Wait To Get Started!

A business that isn’t moving forward is failing. Often websites will get put on the backburner because of an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality.

Even if you have a brick and mortar store, your website can be the cornerstone of your success. It’s profit with far less overhead! If your website is your only store, there is no excuse to not fix these problems today.

Don’t allow something as fixable as slow loading times derail your customer satisfaction.



How Robots Are Transforming the Cleaning Industry

How Robots Are Transforming the Cleaning Industry

How Robots Are Transforming the Cleaning Industry

Remember how far off the future seemed as a kid? You may have had daydreams about self-driving cars and automated homes.

While some of that is still (sadly) quite a ways off, technology has come a very long way. Case in point, the automated cleaning industry.

While your first thought may be of the Roomba, robotic cleaning is far more advanced and sophisticated than many of us can imagine.

Read on to learn more about how robots are changing the way the cleaning industry operates.

How Does it Work?

Perhaps the most interesting thing about robotic cleaning technology is how it works. This tech is largely based on machine learning, a concept that aims to improve the way machines recognize patterns.

Pattern recognition is extremely important for basic cleaning tasks like vacuuming and sweeping. In order for a robot to accurately clean a room, it first must understand it.

This is where a lot of bumping and banging comes into play. Don’t be surprised if your new vacuum runs into the couch a few times.

A Roomba With a View

If you’re only used to thinking about robotic vacuums, it’s time to expand your horizons.

Although the technology for vacuuming is quite fascinating, as well. For instance, Dyson is working on a line of AI-based home cleaners that connect with a user’s smart home. These new machines use computer vision to detect the dirtiest areas of a user’s home.

These days, there’s a bot for nearly every chore you can think of. Boston Dynamics even created a robotic dog that can load your dishes and pick up trash.

iRobot introduced the Braava a few years ago, which is one of the first robotic carpet cleaners.

There’s also Winbot which gives you the freedom of never washing a window again. No more worrying about smudges and the harsh smell of cleaning chemicals.

And if you hate yard work, be sure to look into LawnBott, which promises to symmetrically cut your lawn.

What Does This Mean for the Cleaning Industry?

This increased focus on automation may make people feel a little bit uneasy. Especially since more companies seem to be working toward an increasingly automated workplace.

While some cleaning jobs will dissipate, most of the industry is safe for the time being. The tech that most of these robots use is specifically designed for a home environment.

That means that there’s still a big need for cleaning services in places like offices and hotels.

It also means that many of these jobs will be replaced by fields like robotics and computer science. The latter, for instance, has seen a tremendous growth.

As of last year, the computer science sector featured an estimated 500,000 jobs for 50,000 graduates. While a job in these fields may not seem feasible for some, there are tons of ways you can learn these skills for free.

At the end of the day, robotic cleaning tech is great for everyone involved. We’ll see less waste, cleaner homes, and fewer back injuries. So next time you’re stuck taking the trash out or scrubbing dishes, remember — soon you’ll have help.


Why the Latest Tech Trends Are Embracing Nostalgia

Why the Latest Tech Trends Are Embracing Nostalgia

Why the Latest Tech Trends Are Embracing Nostalgia

When you take a moment to think back to your childhood, you’re likely flooded with memories. Maybe you can smell your mom’s home cooking, or you can hear your dad snoring in the living room as the TV drones on.

Nostalgia plays a big role in our lives, even as technology continues to advance at a faster rate.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Famed media studies scholar Marshall McLuhan stated that technology would lead to a global village. And he was right!

We walk around with small computers in our pockets that let us communicate with anyone in the world on a whim.

So why is nostalgia selling better than ever, especially in the tech world?

Read on to find out why it’s such a big factor in today’s market.

Why Nostalgia?

There are a few key reasons why nostalgia is becoming such a hit. But ultimately, it revolves around creating an emotional hook.

For instance, many people hear the words Spice Girls and Pokemon and immediately think of the 90s. These brands are almost synonymous with their time periods.

If you’re still skeptical, let’s take a recent example. Last year, Nintendo set the marketing world on fire with the introduction of the NES Classic.

It was essentially a miniature version of the famous 1980s Nintendo Entertainment System. It sold out immediately. Stores couldn’t keep the thing in stock, and Nintendo was forced to address supply issues.

People went absolutely crazy over it.

But why was everyone trying to get one of these gadgets on their TV stands? After all, a quick Google search shows that most of these games were already attainable in a dozen or so ways.

The NES Classic succeeded because it hearkened back to an era of simplicity. Even the device’s box used several of the original colors to remind users of the past.

At the end of the day, that’s what nostalgia is banking on: memories and emotion. We want ways to connect with our past while enjoying the convenience of modern technology.

Sometimes Simplicity is Better

If emotion is one-half of the answer, simplicity is undoubtedly the second half.

Last year, Nokia announced that it would bring the Nokia 3310 back to the market. If you’re in your 20s, you likely had one of these bricks to get you through your teenage years.

Sure, it’s a baffling move, especially since the phone functions on 2G technology in a 4G world. But let’s face it, you look at the phone and know exactly how to operate it.

There isn’t a need to head online just to figure out how to access certain settings. Everything is presented front and center in a simple user interface.

Most brands are embracing the future with waterproof phones and powerful devices. But Nokia is taking the exact opposite approach. So much so that a large part of their marketing strategy revolved around the game Snake.

Is it a smart move? Absolutely. After all, this article is discussing the phone in depth, which is exactly what Nokia wants.

Nostalgia is all about marrying simple technology in modern ways. It creates a strong sense of emotion that immediately makes a product stand out.

And at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to go back to the good old days?


How Millennial Talent Is Driving Digital Media Growth

How Millennial Talent Is Driving Digital Media Growth

How Millennial Talent Is Driving Digital Media Growth

Millennials get the blame for a lot (looking at you, fidget spinners) but in one specific way, the kids are alright.

With new practices and approaches, millennials are helping grow the digital media industry.

Through talent, experience, experimentation, and a little bit of good luck, the digital generation is living up to their name.

Let’s take a look at how exactly the youth is accomplishing it.


With smartphones becoming more and more popular, people are walking around with a portable TV in their pocket.

As a result, the emphasis on visual content is growing. From streaming TV to getting news from Snapchat stories, there are many new mediums to present media and a wider audience to reach.

Visuals offer an opportunity to get right to the point. For example, Facebook Videos are on the rise as one of the best ways to reach an audience, and companies are starting to shift their focus there and other online platforms.

Millennials are keeping up to date with the latest trends and methods, and from there become more accomplished with direct response media.


A common knock against millennials is that they’re lazy and unmotivated.

On some levels, that could be true, but the truth is that while previous generations were fine with the daily grind in a job that didn’t give them anything back, millennials are looking for some sort of purpose at their workplace.

They want to feel encouraged while they work, and they want to feel a purpose.

Millennial-led companies have started to make sure that they place an importance on work-life balance, and the result has been highly motivated and dedicated workers.

If millennials feel like they have a reason to care, then they’ll thrive.

Millennials also are looking for a place where they can move up and advance in their career, and when companies harness that they start to see results.


As a result of it being harder and harder to get into the digital media industry, millennials are taking on more and more responsibility to make themselves as talented and prepared as possible.

Through internships and college courses, millennials are getting hands-on experience in an industry that is already well-suited for them.

It’s easier to get a direct response from a client in the digital media industry when it’s something you feel natural in, and the millennial generation has grown up in a digital media environment.

Social media is part of their everyday life, where they’re shooting photos and videos and creating written content for huge audiences.

Another way that the millennial generation is succeeding is by making sure that they’re as involved as possible.

Some digital media companies are making sure that they have portfolios that include several different websites that all work together to boost the overall product.

So What’s The Secret?

At the core of it, millennials are just well-prepared to take on the digital media industry.

It’s an industry that they feel comfortable in, as well as respected, and the result of their presence is growth.

Bringing in the right talent, giving them the tools to succeed, encouraging them, and giving them a work environment that feels like home is the recipe for success when it comes to millennials.


3 Kinds of Dining Room Tables that Never Go Out of Style

3 Kinds of Dining Room Tables that Never Go Out

3 Kinds of Dining Room Tables that Never Go Out of Style

Planning to redecorate your dining room?

The focal point of the room, due to its function, is the table. If you’re not sure what kind of table you want to get, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’ll look at dining room tables that never go out of style, and when you might want to use them. The style, of course, starts with the shape, and there are three shapes that offer timeless popularity:

Remember that some tables are convertible–for example, rectangular tables can become square tables, and round tables can become rectangular–with rounded ends. The type of table you choose will be dictated in part by the available space, but also by your goals.

If you have a small dining area…

For small areas, a rectangular dining table might simply look too large, even if it actually fits in the space. A square or round table might better suit your needs.

The number of people you’d like to sit can help determine what size table you choose. A square or round table tends to look smaller in the room than a rectangular table.

If your dining room is narrow…

Many dining rooms are built as off-shoots of the kitchen or living room. For this reason, they may be quite narrow.

A round or square table in a narrow room will either look too large or too small. For narrow rooms, a rectangular table is best.

If you want to facilitate conversation…

Have you ever sat down at a long table, only to find that you converse with the people on either side of you and across from you, and no one else? In fact, you might not even talk to anyone at the other end of the table unless you need the salt.

And if the table is that big, two salt shakers (or more) may be necessary anyway.

If you want to get people to talk to one another, a round table is your best bet. Everyone can see others’ faces.

In the middle ages, dining tables were often large and round. Maybe this is where the notion of the knights of the round table came from–King Arthur would have been able to see and speak with all of his knights while they dined.

If you want a modern look…

For modern, there’s no table shape like a square. The only downside to square tables is that they tend to seat fewer people than the rectangular or round.

For a modern every-day look with the option to seat larger groups, a square table that can convert to a rectangle with leaves may be your best option.

Legs, Pedestals, Decor, and Materials

There are other elements to take into consideration. Do you want legs around the end of your table or a pedestal in the middle? Do you want simple lines or ornate carvings?

What kind of materials do you want your table made out of? Stone is heavy and formal. Glass is light and formal. Wood is a great choice for everyday use and function, and it can be gorgeous depending on the type of wood and stain you choose.

No matter which dining table you choose, if you put some thought into it ahead of time, you’re sure to love your new dining area.


5 Dazzling Jewelry Trends From the Met Gala

5 Dazzling Jewelry Trends From the Met Gala

5 Dazzling Jewelry Trends From the Met Gala

The Met Gala is known for celebrities showing off over-the-top fashions that will have the world talking. The fashions that take the world by storm often appear here first.

This event is an annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume’s Institute, which is in New York City. Every year has a theme, with this year’s being Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons.

This year raised 12 million dollars for the institute.

Many of the biggest jewelry trends are started by celebrities that show up dressed to impress. Which of these stunning looks from the Met Gala will lead to the trends that will take over fashion for the next year?

Read below for 5 of the best dazzling jewelry trends from this year’s event!

1. Diamond Chokers

These chokers serve as a centerpiece to any outfit and will “wow” onlookers. Seen on many celebrities at the event, no one wore it better than Lily Aldridge.

These are seeming to pop up everywhere, and for good reason. Many jewelers can take a diamond necklace and make it any length to form a choker. They can also be incorporated into any type of style, from the subtle to the extreme.

2. Pastels Are In

Pastels flatter almost any skin tone and add color to your outfit in a more subtle, soft way. If you are looking for something that will show your flirty side, pastel colored jewels are it.

Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Chastain are two stars who rocked the pastel look with their dresses and their jewelry. These colors should be used carefully, however. There is a fine line between subtle and bland.

3. Colorful and Exciting

Many stars opted for a less subtle style, matching daring flamboyant dresses with equally elegant pieces of jewelry. This jewelry will leave everyone in your vicinity speechless.

Julianne Moore showed off this trend, showcasing 144.36 karats of diamonds in her earrings. These yellow and red sapphire briolettes matched perfectly with her outfit, exuding both luxury and grace.

4. Studded Diamond Earrings

Many of the top celebrities at the Mets gala went for a simpler look when it came to their jewelry. The focus was on smaller pieces that accentuated an outfit instead of larger pieces that dominated them.

Reese Witherspoon took the simple look to the extreme, choosing to wear diamond stud earrings without a necklace. This allowed her natural beauty to shine through without the distraction of excessive jewelry.

5. Vintage Looks

The gala featured some trendy new modern styles with hip and edgy dresses and accessories. Many of these looks attempted to push against the lines of what is considered fashion.

While these looks might steal the attention of many fashion magazines, there were also stunning vintage looks that deserve just as much attention. Vintage jewelry with a modern twist made a major impact at the event.

Miranda Kerr’s vintage look coupled with classically inspired accessories showed that sometimes a simple look is better.

This vintage jewelry can accent natural beauty and show a graceful, sophisticated side that will make you feel fabulous.


Top 5 Football Chants of All-Time

Top 5 Football Chants of All-Time

Top 5 Football Chants of All-Time

We love watching a great football match. There is nothing like the drama and excitement of crafty competitors leaving every ounce of effort out on the football pitch during a match.

Football is like no other sport for the excitement of the crowd too. Part of the thrill of watching a match is hearing the roar of the crowd.

More than most sports, a great crowd can contribute to football goals. A perfect football chant can throw the opposition off their game.

And sometimes the right chant can even be part of making more football goals happen during the course of a match.

Let’s remember some of the all-time best football chants together. Here’s our top 5:

1. His Bite Is Worse Than His Bark

When Luis Suarez tried to take a bite out of an opponent, Man U fans wouldn’t let him hear the last of it.

The chant “Your teeth are offside” haunted the Liverpool player thereafter.

Manchester United fans are traditionally the most loyal. Their imagination when it comes to making chants is almost as legendary as their team’s ability at scoring football goals.

2. This Means War

This means Viking war, that is.

The Iceland team made headlines for its phenomenal run in the Euro 2016 matches. And their fans recognized this achievement.

The Iceland fans crafted a magical Viking War chant to support their team. They even greeted the players with a homecoming party after the tournament.

Since Iceland gave such a memorable showing in the tournament, it’s fitting their football chant was just as legendary.

3. Make Way For AC Milan

Football fans know there is nothing so powerful as an AC Milan football chant. Their stadium tends to shake with the intensity of their crowds singing and chanting in unison.

With so many to pick from, it’s tough to single out just one.

But you have to love their chant of “Non vincete mai.”

Or, “You’ll never win.”

With support like that you’ll be calling on 138 Bet to make a bundle on a match!

4. Variations on a Theme By Duran Duran

If you love 80s throwback music than the West Ham chant about Rio Ferdinand has to warm your heart.

Forget the sailors in suits from the infamous 80s music video. The chant about Ferdinand missing games due to drug use still makes us laugh.

“His name is Rio and he watches from the stand!”

Plus, it’s fun to watch Man U fans get the business from time to time too!

5. Marching On Together

Those of us who love football history have to appreciate the Leeds fans using “Marching On Together” as their anthem.

There’s nothing quite like watching 40,000 fans sing off key together to support their team!

That’s the stuff football goals are made of. Nearly anything can be adapted as a great football chant.


Make Your Own History

We know we aren’t alone in having favorite football chants. Everyone has 1 or 2 they like to hum along to.

Tell us yours in the comments below! Or, if you’re working on a new one, let us know!


5 Ways to Know You Need Drug Rehab

5 Ways to Know You Need Drug Rehab

5 Ways to Know You Need Drug Rehab

Have drugs or alcohol taken over your life?

Your immediate answer may be “no, of course not.” You could quit anytime you want. While you may say that to yourself, you know that you slip deeper and deeper into addiction every day.

If you or a loved one is abusing substances, you may try to turn the other cheek at first. Eventually, it gets to be too much.

Here are five definitive signs that drug rehab is the best option.

1. You Spend All Your Money on Drugs

Before addiction took over, you used to spend your money responsibly. Now, most of your finances go toward paying for your addiction. Depending on which substance you’re abusing, you could be spending hundreds of dollars a day.

You’re running out of money. You’ve started to sell belongings just to afford your next high. While you know you could lose your home and/or car, you’re not concerned with that right now.

This is very risky behavior. You’re putting your future in danger.

2. You’ve Cut out Friends and Family

Your friends and family don’t understand your life since you’ve become addicted. All they do is judge you, so you don’t see them anymore.

As time goes by, you become more and more isolated. The only people you speak to are your drug dealers and fellow users. This keeps your downward spiral going.

3. You’ve Lost Your Job (or Are at Risk of Losing Your Job) Because of Your Addiction

When you were sober, you never missed a day of work unless you were sick. Now, you couldn’t care less about your attendance.

It’s hard for you to get out of bed in the morning when you’re hungover. You regularly show up to work late. Sometimes you don’t show up at all.

If you’re there, it’s tough to concentrate. You’re always thinking about your next high.

You know you’re going to lose your job soon. That will make it much more difficult to pay for your addiction.

4. You Can Never Get Enough

Your body can become used to drugs and alcohol. That means the usual amount just doesn’t do it for you anymore. You need more to feel the buzz.

Your addiction becomes life-threatening at this point. You could overdose, which can be deadly.

5. How Do You Know It’s Time for Drug Rehab? You Can’t Quit Alone

Perhaps you tried to stop using drugs or alcohol once. You realized your addiction was taking over your life so you withdrew at home.

Within a day, the pain and cravings were so strong you went right back to using again.

It’s generally inadvisable to withdraw at home without medical supervision. A rehab facility can help you through the difficulty that is detoxing from drugs. Once you get past that point, getting sober is a lot easier.

Do you need help overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol?

Find help now.