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Science Explains The Importance of The Menstrual Cycle (Other Than Reproduction)


It’s safe to say that very few, if any, women look forward to the arrival of their menstrual cycle. Between the cramps, mood swings, cravings, headaches, and other PMS symptoms, periods are the bane of most women’s existence.

Despite periods being anything but pleasant, a natural monthly bleed is vital to a woman’s health. They really shouldn’t come with many side effects, but that’s a tangent for another day. Whether or not you’re currently trying to conceive, consider your cycle to be a monthly report card about your health.

Amenorrhea, or missing a period for at least three consecutive months (if you aren’t on birth control) is not normal. There are several reasons why your cycle might be missing.


Menstruation has been a taboo topic for ages. As women, we’re expected to hide any evidence of our cycles and avoid talking about them at all costs. We either cover-up in black pants for an entire week each month, or constantly run to the bathroom to check for leaks. Jackets are our best friends while we’re cycling because they can cover up any mishaps in an instant.

It’s about time we end the shame around periods and embrace them for the beautiful, life-giving process they are. After all, menstruation is half the reason any of us are here today. Aside from allowing for the human race to reproduce, ovulatory cycles are critical for a woman’s overall health and well-being. This is true for several reasons, including:

Hormone balance

Ovulation is how women make progesterone, a vital female hormone that strengthens bones and builds a metabolic reserve. Progesterone also helps alleviate anxiety and is often referred to as the “calming” hormone. Each month a woman fails to ovulate, all the other reproductive hormones in her body get thrown off balance. This dangerous imbalance can lead to a host of health problems, which will be discussed shortly.

Indication of health

Getting a natural period each month reassures a woman that her body is functioning optimally. Specifically, it means she is eating enough food (carbohydrates in particular) and managing stress well.


One of the most dangerous misconceptions about birth control is that it regulates hormones and helps women recover their missing period. This belief couldn’t be further from the truth because birth control does not contain any bioidentical female hormones.

Progestins, the hormones found in most hormonal birth control options, are completely different than progesterone on a structural level. They are manufactured in a lab rather than made by our ovaries, and the female body knows the difference. Progestins are actually more similar to testosterone and can come with some undesirable side effects as a result.

Here are some of the key differences between progesterone and progestin:


  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Anti-androgenic
  • Improves mood and sleep quality
  • Protects against breast cancer


  • Increases the risk of blood clots
  • Causes hair loss
  • Androgenic
  • Can exacerbate anxiety and depression
  • Increases the risk of breast cancer

Clearly, birth control is not the hormone savior many physicians tout it to be. Instead, it seems to cause much more harm than good, both in the short and long-term.

Women taking birth control should know that their monthly withdrawal bleed is not the same as a natural period. Ovulation is the main event of the menstrual cycle; the blood itself is simply an inevitable outcome.


We’ve covered the importance of a natural monthly cycle and why withdrawal bleeds from birth control are not true periods. Now, let’s dive into how a woman’s hormones fluctuate throughout the month. These are the four stages of the menstrual cycle:


Day one of the menstrual cycle is the first day of heavy bleeding (spotting doesn’t count.) A healthy cycle lasts anywhere from three to seven days, producing no more than 80 milliliters of fluid in total.

Follicular phase. Once bleeding is over, the follicular phase begins. A woman’s body is preparing for ovulation, so estrogen and LH (or luteinizing hormone) levels are elevated. Most women feel their best during this phase and have ample energy for physical activity. This phase typically lasts between seven and 21 days. (1.)


When estrogen and LH hit their peak, the ovaries release an egg (ovulation.) This egg makes its way down the fallopian tubes, where fertilization may occur if it connects with sperm, and into the uterus. Fertility is at its highest during ovulation. Ovulation is characterized by vaginal discharge that resembles egg whites and a spike in body temperature. Also, the cervix is higher than it usually is.

These signs are important if you are transitioning off birth control or trying to get your period back. Recognizing ovulation is crucial to understanding your cycle.

Luteal phase

Once ovulation is over, the luteal phase begins. During this time, LH and estrogen levels drop and progesterone rises as the body prepares for implantation (a precursor to pregnancy.) This increase in progesterone is often the culprit behind many PMS symptoms, such as fatigue, cravings, breakouts, and oily skin. Many women also experience constipation, anticipation of which can be alleviated with dietary modifications. The luteal phase should last right around 14 days.

Menstruation begins after the luteal phase, and the entire cycle repeats itself all over again every month until menopause. A healthy cycle lasts anywhere from 21 to 35 days in total.


We already discussed how withdrawal bleeds as a result of birth control are not true periods. However several other situations can cause anovulatory cycles (periods not caused by ovulation.) (2.) Some of these reasons include:

Having recently undergone puberty

  • PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Recovering from hypothalamic amenorrhea, or a combination or over-exercise, undereating, and psychological stress

Transitioning off hormonal birth control

Approaching menopause

Anovulatory cycles typically don’t look like regular ones, and can thus be distinguished. Here are three signs to keep an eye out for:

  • Bleeding that lasts more than seven days
  • Cycles that last less than 21 days
  • Cycles that last over 35 days
  • This all might sound confusing, but it doesn’t have to be – when in doubt, test! Taking your temperature daily and looking out for a spike is the most accurate method of confirming ovulation.


Now you know all about what a healthy cycle looks like and why pill bleeds are not true periods. Now, it’s time to discuss what it means when a woman’s menses go completely missing. Here are some of the most common things to be concerned about when this happens:


Being overly stressed out can affect the hypothalamus, which is responsible for regulating reproductive hormones.

Low body weight

Weighing less than 10% of what is considered normal for your height puts physical stress on the body. This can also trigger a hormonal cascade that stops ovulation. Women who participate in intense exercise, regardless of their weight, can also experience amenorrhea (loss of the menstrual cycle.)

Obesity. Much like being underweight, an obese state also stresses the body out. Getting your BMI back into the normal range (under 25%) can restore reproductive health.


Polycystic ovary syndrome is a complex endocrine disorder that causes the body to overproduce androgens, or male hormones. Cysts form on the ovaries as a result, which can impair or stop ovulation altogether. Insulin resistance, typically associated with diabetes, is also a factor in PCOS. Treating this is key to getting the entire hormonal dance back in sync. (3.)

Chronic diseases such as diabetes and celiac

As previously stated, blood sugar dysregulation can affect the menstrual cycle. Celiac disease, or a gluten allergy, causes inflammation in the small intestine. This can impair nutrient absorption and cause late or missing cycles.


Menopause typically occurs between ages 45 and 55. The period just before menstruation stops is known as perimenopause, which means a woman’s egg supply is approaching zero. Missed periods are common (and normal) during this time.

Thyroid issues

The thyroid is the body’s master regulatory gland, so hormone levels can be affected when it’s over or underactive. Luckily, thyroid dysfunction can be easily regulated with medication.

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather the most common causes of missed periods. Contact a doctor or call 911 right away if your missed periods are accompanied by severe abdominal pain, fever, nausea, or vomiting.


Menstruation is vital for not only the continuation of humanity but also for women’s health and well-being. It allows us to make essential hormones, combat depression, protect against cancer and gives us insight into our health.

A woman’s period can go missing for a variety of reasons, none of which warrant celebration. Thyroid issues, PCOS, stress, and being underweight are just several catalysts for the loss of menses. Regardless of the trigger, amenorrhea should be always be taken seriously. It should be treated as soon as possible to restore reproductive function and overall vitality.

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10 Things to Never Forget if You’re in Love with an Aquarius


The Aquarius is the universe’s most independent nonconformists because they are unique and creative. Nothing brings the Aquarius down; they become slightly stubborn when they fail to follow their instincts. Ideally, such features make dating a person born of this sign exciting.

Although love is an all-embracing idea, it is a unique experience for everyone. Learning your lover’s love language is essential in building and maintaining a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, people aren’t knowledgeable about their emotions, so they struggle to express them fully. They consequently create disappointments and resentment in relationships.

Loving an Aquarius is accepting a changeable person. The water bearer pours liquid endlessly so is the flexibility and fluidity that you must learn to accept. If you want to date an Aquarius, here is what you need to know before going into it.

10 Things to Never Forget if You’re in Love with an Aquarius

Below is a list of the things you need to know about your partner, per their astological sign:

1. Aquarius Has Emotions that Run Deep Like a Pool of Water

Although temperamental, the Aquarius is very emotional. The Aquarius is perceived as detached individuals because they uniquely feel things. They are always warm in love and strive to please their partners.

  • Easily hurt -Aquarius connect with their lovers in a way that few people understand and this makes them feel insecure
  • Wear their heart on the sleeves- they express their feelings openly and habitually, and they feel bad whenever their partner fails to reciprocate the same.

Quote; sometimes, we love people so much that we have to be numb to it because if we felt how much we love them, it would kill us.

2. Aquarius is An Ideal Lover

The Aquarius is idealistic, and they often set standards about the partner they need. They are the type that never settles for anything; they don’t compromise over the qualities of a perfect mate. You are lucky If an Aquarius chooses you.

The Aquarius has fixed ideas regarding how lovers should treat each other. They feel unique about themselves so they want a lover that can always make them feel so.

They value their affections, and they won’t throw it to anyone. Before accepting a relationship, they confirm whether the partner can love them equally. They begin relationships as friendships to learn more about their future partner.

3. Aquarius Hate Routines and Likes Learning

Aquarius is very unpredictable, and they dislike rules and routines. If you are planning to do the same thing every week, be ready to lose your Aquarius lover. These can be hard if you operate using a calendar. However, you can learn to be spontaneous for the sake of your lover.

For Aquarius, compatibility means adjusting to the unexpected even when you are unwilling. Learn to be very flexible if you are in love with this person; otherwise, the relationship will be brief.

Despite being a water bear, Aquarius’s thirst for knowledge is endless. The Aquarius love learning and exploring so you can hold their interest by teaching them often. Loving them for their brain doubles their love for you; satisfy their cognitive needs to strengthen the relationship.

Although it has a water symbol, Aquarius is an air sign. As a sign of the air, the Aquarius values learning and pursuing intellect. Show your affection by reading or writing poems for your Aquarius lover.

4. Aquarius Need Commitment and Freedom

The Aquarius will need the right to express their feelings and live their lives as they prefer. However, they will still expect you to commit yourself in loving them. Freedom isn’t supposed to separate them from monogamous relationships but rather help the evade feeling controlled.

Aquarius has a strong dislike for clingy partners and loves independent dating personalities. They take things slowly, and sometimes they take things to heart. If you exert pressure on your Aquarius lover, he or she might disappear.

This water bearer symbol likes having options. The Aquarius will love participating in decision making, and he or she must agree with choices before implementation. Otherwise, slight manipulation is a red flag, and your love will reject the dating request.

5. They Open Up to Trustworthy People Only

Aquarius loves listening to friend’s problems and advising them, but they fear to look defenseless in the face of their partners. They will be mentoring many people and be cautious not to disclose their secrets to their partners. They respect their secrets because they are sure that ultimate trust is in their own lives.

Once you win their heart, Aquarius can make you feel special. They rarely end a relationship over petty issues; instead, they solve the main problems and continue loving you. If you need a partner that will stay with you through thick and thin, choose an Aquarius.

Aquarians love their partners profoundly and feel scared annoying them. This water bearer sign takes care of you no matter what comes between your lives. They will support you in everything that you do, and they can give their lives for you.

6. The Water Bearer Sign Hates Fights

Aquarius hates confrontations and the accompanying dramas. They are very tolerant in relationships and rarely blow up. They always have control over their anger, so they easily avoid fights. Often, they communicate their thoughts and solutions via writing to prevent their emotions from being charged.

Indeed, they don’t get mad quickly until you repeatedly upset them. Aquarius mostly use silent treatment when angry to avoid being coldblooded and disrespectful. If extremely angry, the Aquarius will shout and cause a regrettable scene.

They will say all the bad things about the relationship when there is serious disagreement. In such a situation, they will tell how disappointing you are instead of saying they are angry. They will say nasty things about you on your face without caring whether it will hurt you.

7. A Lot of Mood Swings

If you want to pan on staying with Aquarius, you should be willing to tolerate his or her mood swings. Those of this astrological sign are funny and charming when in a good mood. But they can kill you with sarcasm if you annoy them.

Aquarius can swiftly change from sweet and loving to being irritating when you repeat mistakes. The best decision is avoiding fighting them when they are angry. Just let it go, or else they will turn their anger to you and create a disturbance as strong as Mercury Retrograde.

8. Innovative and Creative

Aquarius is very creative in relationships and likes surprising their partner. They come up with ideas concerning the activities you can do together as partners. They use such innovation to communicate their feeling, so it’s your responsibility to listen

This water bearer symbol expresses love through creative ideas. Aquarius rarely demand grand some romance. They will use the available means to make you feel loved.

Aquarius is famous for creating exceptional ideas for dates. Also, they prefer homemade gifts for costly bracelets and jewelry, especially for women. They love thoughtful gifts over flashy ones, so you cannot break a bank for a woman.

9. Aquarius Make the Best Friends

An Aquarius makes a friend everywhere he or she goes. Many Aquarius are extroverted, and they rejoice in meeting people and making friends. They spread the same joy in finding love.

‘Friends first’ is a joint statement among the Aquarius. They rarely jump from one person to another; they take time to build a lasting relationship. In most cases, such relationships thrive because they are born on shared friendship and shared interests.

The idea of starting as friends and graduating to lovers works for the best interest of this sign. It gives both parties time to check for compatibility and if they decide on dating nothing pulls them back. Aquarius values respect, but you can lose it if you push the relationship ahead of time.

10. Aquarius Value Communication

Make your emotions and intentions clear when dealing with an Aquarius. An Aquarius demands to know what you are thinking about and where you are going. Do not feel shy to communicate your exact feelings and thoughts because an Aquarius won’t judge you.

If you are in a relationship with an Aquarius, stop worrying about your flaws. Your partner loves you for who you are. Nonetheless, he or she will be sad learning that you are dissatisfied with life.

These honest people hate dishonest people, and they rarely forgive the people that hurt them. Do not lie about your feeling and stop crying whenever people annoy you. An Aquarius will ignore solving your problems if he or she feels you are petty, be resilient for your partner.

AquariusFinal Thoughts on Entering into a Relationship with an Aquarius

An Aquarius is a humanitarian at heart; he or she loves both human beings and animals. The water bearers look for someone that can give them unconditional love and the chance to be themselves. He or she needs a soul mate with the desire to make the world an ideal place.

Aquarius hate someone that fences them up. Instead, they prefer a person that is unique and proud of that uniqueness. They love being with someone who follows the crowd won’t but create his or her space in the world.

If you are planning a date with an Aquarius, you should go where there is a crowd. Those born under this sign love partying and dancing, they view such activities as merrier. Alternatively, you can go to a coffee shop and catch up on the recent gossip. Ensure you don’t stay there for long unless the water bearer is comfortable with it. Sign up to learn more about your Aquarius lover as we offer the best guidance about love and compatibility.

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12 Things Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Career Ambitions


People’s belief in astrology is often contested. A study in America shows that at least 58% of its teenagers believe in Zodiac signs. At some point in life, you have been curious to know what your zodiac sign means. The best thing about your Zodiac star is the fact that it gives a chance for self-analysis about your career ambitions. It is like BuzzFeed for your personality.

Your sign illuminates personal traits such as strength, likes, dislikes, and weaknesses that can point you towards a fulfilling career. It gives you a detailed introspection about the career ambition that suits you according to what your star means.

You might probably want to know how your star determines your career aspirations. You may need now to check your date of birth or fetch your birthday necklace and check your sun sign. Every astrological sign reveals different traits and personalities to determine your career path.

Zodiac signs work for a recent graduate in search of career inspiration or an employee aspiring to progress. If you can explore your chart, you will find a section explaining your workplace challenges, morale, and aspirations that represent your daily work life and career reputation. Having said all that, here is what your zodiac sign says about you and your career ambitions.

12 Things Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Career Ambitions

1 – One’s Passion to Progress in A Career

Every zodiac sign shows different people’s inner strength and passion to sore to higher heights. Be it an Aries or a Libra; you will depict different levels of confidence when in various career paths. For instance, Aries possess character traits such as inner strength and high levels of confidence in careers such as athletics, law enforcement, boxing, or even firefighting.

People from different stars prefer specific careers they are passionate about. They are fearless and impulsive to explore new challenges when it comes to what they are excited about doing. The level of intensity they are ready to put in their work is a clear indication they love what they are doing. Passion is an essential trait in a relationship and career progress because it shows how much a person is willing to go an extra mile. Explore the various stars and know the profession that makes you happy.

2 – Zodiac Signs Reveal Your Weakness To fail in Different Careers

Everyone has his or faults that can cause a downfall in different career ambitions. It is up to you to know your weakness so that you can deal with them before you fail in your job. Fast forward, some weakness in a given career might be your strong points for another job.

For instance, if you are an Aries, your main weakness is your anger, especially when provoked. Knowing this might help you want to learn how to control your temper and impatience to progress and achieve bigger career ambitions. Also, if you are a Scorpio, you may want to learn how to work in a team to deal with your cold-heartedness. Having this in mind can help know how to harness your faults into strengths to enhance your efforts in career development.

Besides, it also essential in understanding your workmate’s weakness to improve efficiency and collaboration primarily in a career that depends on progress delivery. You may also want to refocus your attention and jobs that require your strengths than weaknesses.

3 – Your Zodiac Star Reveals Your Leadership Skills

Leadership is an essential career progression trait. Natural born leaders always find it easy to progress from entry-level to a management position within a short period. In contemporary times it is often challenging to find selfless leaders.

However, knowing your zodiac sign can help you see if you can pursue a leadership career. For instance, Arians become successful in their careers because they are natural leaders who are ready for self-sacrifice. They are committed to serving to get incredible recognition, and praise that is worth your hard work and courage.

4 – Your Stars Tells Your Communication Skills

We all know that communication adds value in career development and growth. For you to survive in the job industry you must first investigate if your career matches with your star’s traits. You will learn that some zodiac stars do not require face-to-face confrontations.

On the other hand, individuals such as Arians succeed in public speaking careers. That have smooth-talking skills and warm enthusiasm. They can lure people and sell agenda in fields such as politics.

5 – A Zodiac Sign Tells One’s Reliability

Understanding one’s level of reliability in delivering quality work is essential in career ambition. We all want some who is resilient in providing desirable output without excuses. Such people often get stability and climb up the ladder of responsibilities.

For instance, Taurus are hardworking and resilient. They always bounce back even when a challenge is impossible to solve. They mostly work in a constant environment that requires little change.

6 – A Star Depicts Your Persistence Levels

You need persistence in doing the right things to progress in your career. As always, different people display various persistency levels. Knowing your star will be a great start in understanding how much you are will to do the same thing repeatedly.

Those individuals born between April 20th and May 20th (the Taurus) are often referred to as the most persistent professionals. They often major in a creative art career that requires constant persistence, patience, and dedication.

7 – The Stars Reveal Your Creativity Levels

Creativity and adaptability are essential in a career that requires constant change. One’s ability to change with the environment can determine their career ambitions. If your goal is to nurture others, you must be creative.

Therefore, if you are Gemini, you are highly likely to progress in a continually changing environment that requires creativity. Besides, you can nurture people that rely on their creativity to succeed.

8 – It Also Shows Your Attitude Towards You Career Ambition

Your attitude towards your career can determine your passion and commitment to developing new skills. You should discover a career opportunity that suits your character traits by knowing your zodiac star. This way can develop a positive attitude towards your career.

Attitude is essential, especially when you are working under pressure. The jobs that require constant change require a Gemini. Geminis can quickly progress in a career that involves multitasking and continuous change in skills passion and personality.

9 – A Zodiac Star Reveals Your Perfection Levels

Your career ambition can perfect your work. People from different stars possess difference passion to error-free work. Your star can tell you why you keep second-guessing your work.

A perfectionist can easily thrive in careers that require accuracy. For instance, the medical diagnosis requires accurate diagnosis. Virgo, who are known for their precision work best in career ambitions that demand perfection.

10 – Your Zodiac Star Your Levels of Adventure

A career ambition for a salesperson is mostly to adventure into untapped markets. You must possess the resilience energy and love to travel from place to place. Every star reveals personal traits such as if you are a reserved person or one who is willing and optimistic to tap into new areas.

Sagittarius is a courageous person when it comes to traveling and taking up new challenges. They are willing to engage new people and help the divert from the routine areas. Career ambition that requires exploring unfamiliar territories will suite a Sagittarius. Besides, Sagittarius possess the abilities to work independently without abandoning their assigned projects whatsoever the available challenges.

11 – It Can Also Tell If One Is Goal-Oriented

You need to be goal-oriented if career ambition is to stick to the traditional structures to succeed. Remember that different stars show people with independent level of rigidity to change. Once you become goal-oriented, you must be able to stick to your prior targets. Besides, you can take change slowly for you to adapt.

Careers such as management positions and creative art require a goal-oriented person. Capricorns often excel in this position because they are ambitious and possess excellent planning and organizational skills needed in career development. Goal-oriented people also need individual discipline to stick to the hectic schedule or even manage other people.

12 – Your Stars Show Your Levels of Intelligence and Wits

Career ambitions such as excelling in a sales job require an intelligent person. You also need quick wits to make instant decisions. Therefore, you must make independent choices. Intelligence also encompasses your ability to plan, communicate, and forecast.

Different zodiac stars depict people with varying levels of intelligence. The wittiest group is the Aquarius, which consist of individuals such as teachers and veterinarians. This group also consists of lawyers who excel in their planning skills and wits to excel. The zodiac stars help you in brainstorming and choosing a career ambition you can love and dedicate yourself to develop.

zodiac signsFinal Thoughts: Your Zodiac Sign Is Essential in Determining the Success of Your Career Ambition

Your zodiac star reveals a lot of information about you, notwithstanding whatever sign you are. Your sign can advise you on the career ambition you are likely to pursue and succeed. Everyone has a strong trait that is highly likely to exist in their zodiac chart.

These twelve things are essential in helping to make the correct career ambition choice in your life. However, although some things might change with time, the primary zodiac sign character traits remain true. Explore your sign and investigate whether your zodiac reveals these twelve things about your career ambitions.

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10 People Who Are Saving the Planet (and Winning)


When it comes to saving the planet, we have a lot of work to do collectively. Between the plastic pollution, airborne pollutants, overconsumption, food shortages, and other issues, we have our hands full. It might seem like we have no hope at times, but plenty of people out there care about the future of humanity and our planet.

All of us can do our part to help keep our home clean, even if it’s something as small as picking up trash on the side of the road or taking shorter showers. However, one of the most impactful things you can do is cutting down on plastic use. According to, about 2 million plastic bags get used every minute, only to get thrown away shortly after. Buy reusable grocery bags instead of using plastic ones, and opt for glass instead of plastic straws.

So, now that you know a bit about what you can do to help the planet, let’s look at some people who are making waves in environmental preservation.

Here are 10 people who are saving the planet (and winning):

1. McDonald’s trucks run on used deep fryer oil instead of gasoline.

© Mike Mozart/Flickr

Since 2007, McDonald’s has been producing fuel by using leftover oil in their deep fryers. After obtaining the oil from the restaurants, it is sent to cleaning facilities. Then, the fuel is transported to 42% of McDonalds’ trucks for use.

2. In Tokyo, islands built from trash are common.

island of trash tokyo© Chris 73 / Wikipedia

In Japan, they dispose of trash by burning it and cleaning the exhaust before putting it into the atmosphere. The ash is then recycled in making concrete and asphalt. The trash that they don’t burn is used to make floating islands, like the one pictured above, which is one small step in saving the planet.

3. In Portland, one company is using turbines in the water pipes to produce electricity.

turbine in water pipe


The founders of the LucidEnergy startup in Portland came up with the idea to put turbines in water pipes to produce clean energy. They predict that within 20 years, the pipes will have produced $2 million worth of energy.

4. Seawater is used in place of fresh water in 80% of bathrooms in Hong Kong.

bathroom© Pixabay

Hong Kong doesn’t have a lot of freshwater, so authorities built a separate sewage system utilizing only seawater. This saves a lot of freshwater, and the seawater is less toxic for marine life.

5. In Indonesia, they accept trash as currency for bus fare.

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Yes, you read that correctly. Residents of Suroboyo, Indonesia can pay for their bus fare with used plastic that they can bring to recycling points at different bus stops. This allows for an easier method of sorting through trash and also cuts down on the number of cars on the streets.

6. There is a plant that takes CO2 out of the air in Switzerland.

Our Hinwil plant has been filmed from all angles this week… Stay tuned, we'll be featured in a lot of documentaries in the coming months!

Posted by Climeworks on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Near Zurich, there’s a factory that sucks CO2 out of the atmosphere. The gas is used for growing vegetables and in soda production. The factory plans on obtaining around 900 tons of CO2 annually.

photos of earth

7. In Michigan, expired mayo was converted into energy!

Then you clean out all 500 containers.

Posted by Cole Gude on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

After 4,700 liters of mayo expired at the Michigan University campus, they didn’t just get rid of it. They dumped it into the anaerobic digester instead. This machine cleans water and industrial waste. The chemical reaction created a biogas that could be converted into heat and electricity. This energy was used at nearby farms. Who knew mayo could be used for saving the planet?!

8. In Mumbai, volunteers cleaned up a beach and sea turtles returned after 20 years to lay eggs.

This is versova beach an hour back. Week 85 of cleanup.Versova beach is gorgeous and clean now.we have done our bit.We need to maintain it.

— Afroz shah? (@AfrozShah1) May 20, 2017

Afroz Shah, a lawyer from Mumbai, inspired thousands of people to come out and clean Versova Beach. It was buried under 11 million pounds of trash and took them 86 weeks to totally clean the beach of debris. Soon after the cleanup, 80 sea turtles came to the beach to lay eggs after 20 years.

9. This company created biodegradable, edible packaging.

Posted by E6PR on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The E6PR startup began to make rings for beer cans that is both biodegradable and can serve as a food source for birds and marine life. Plastic rings around beer and other drinks is one of the biggest sources of plastic pollution in the oceans today.

10. You can exchange trash for movie or concert tickets in Moscow.

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Posted by ????????? ???? ???????? on Sunday, November 4, 2018

The project “Art for the Environment” allows people in Moscow to exchange trash for movie, theater, museum or concert tickets. People must bring at least 2 pounds of aluminum and 4 pounds of paper, glass, or plastic for recycling.

Do you like these ideas to save the planet? Are you doing anything in your area to help the environment? Share with us in the comments!

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Useful Androids Tricks and Hacks You Need to Know About

If you thought that android is not exciting enough or does not offer great features, then we are here to change your mind. There are a lot of things that you can do with your android phones that other phones can only dream about. It is essential to know that android is a stunningly diverse ecosystem, and those who own an android phone should know what this operating system has to offer.

To make your experience of using the android phone more exciting, we’ve mentioned a few tricks for you to know. However, these tricks may or may not find in all phones, but if your phone has them, make sure to give them a go. Below we have compiled a list of a few cool tricks. To learn about them, stick to this article!

Use Your Camera and Led Flash for Heart Rate Monitoring

Don’t be surprised, yes, it is possible to monitor your pulse rate without even using any fitness tracker or device with a heart rate monitor. You might think it is a joke or gimmick, but it really works to a convincing extent. For monitoring your heart rate, there are a number of applications that you can download, which allows you to keep tabs on your pulse rate. These applications require you to place your finger on your phone’s camera or LED flash to track the changing color under your skin. Once you’ve placed your finger, then the application will monitor the amount of blood flow to show to the results. However, it is important to know that the application is not as accurate as monitoring devices.

Lock People Out of Your Apps

I know it is very frustrating when someone else has all your personal information in their hands. But did you know that your phone provides you with a useful feature that can prevent nosy people from looking through your phone? If no, then do not worry! Here is what you need to do. Open settings, go to security selection, find screen pin or screen pinning, and turn it on. This feature offers you peace of mind when giving your phone to someone else.

Download APK Files

Google Play does not authorize some applications which you cannot download from Play Store. Moreover, when you think of downloading the apk file of an android application from any unreliable source, it can harm your home. Therefore, allows you to download applications and games that Google Play doesn’t allow you. You can download any of your favorite android apps (free apps only) with apk downloader.

Lower the Display Resolution of Your Smart Phone

Lowering the display resolution is the best way for saving battery that is all taken by extra pixels. In case you did not know, high display resolution may result in heating issues which also stress the processor when you play high intensive games on the phone. Therefore, to lower phone’s resolution, then there are two methods such as root permissions and other ABD commands. If you are hesitating to root your device, then you can use the second method (without root). For this, you’ll require a computer which will allow you to change the resolution and pixel density using ADB commands.

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Dietitian Explains How Nutrition Can Help Clear Red Skin


Medicine finds a myriad of things that can cause red skin, such as autoimmune disorders, allergies, acne, sun damage, and overexertion. And this skin condition can be a source of insecurity for many people. Fortunately, there is no shortage of over-the-counter or medical treatments available to those seeking relief.

There are also dietary changes that you should try to help restore the skin’s natural appearance. Fortunately, some of these tweaks lead to better overall health. In this article, we share advice from dietitians. These cover dietary changes and tell just how quickly you can expect to see results.


Before detailing some of the foods that can resolve redness and help restore your skin’s natural, healthy glow, let’s take a moment to go over some of the foods that you should avoid:


Gluten plays a critical role in foods like rye, wheat, and barley, insomuch that it contributes to the elasticity of the dough. However, it can also wreak havoc on your gut health. The same applies to other gluten-containing foods, such as cereals, pasta, and salad dressings, for example. Along with affecting gut health, gluten has been linked to autoimmune disorders that can affect the skin.


While coffee is not a food per se, it contains caffeine, a stimulant that can irritate the skin if consumed in excess. Beyond that, coffee also contains a fair amount of tannins, a polyphenolic compound, which, when combined with caffeine, can cause the following skin problems:

  • Blocked pores
  • Acne breakouts
  • Dry, irritated skin
  • Red skin

Also, because caffeine is a stimulant, drinking excessive amounts of coffee can lead to dependence. And as with any other substance, you may experience withdrawals symptoms when you finally decide to part ways with your morning pick-me-up, some of which include headaches, migraines, and irritability. All in all, too much coffee is bad for your skin and overall wellbeing.


Overindulging in fried foods not only leads to high cholesterol but also heart disease. And the ill-effects do not end there as these foods can also affect skin health, according to several studies. Vegetable oil used to fry chicken, french fries, onion rings, and other food is extremely oxidative and reactive. In layman’s terms, this means that the oil can trigger the release of free radicals in the body, which can cause inflammation and the following skin problems:

  • Wrinkles
  • Blemishes
  • Age spots
  • Clogged pores

It is important to note that many of these symptoms can also give way to irritation that can cause red skin. To improve both your skin and physical health, it would be a good idea to substitute vegetable oil with olive oil or coconut oil whenever possible.


Although it can be difficult to avoid sugar, especially since it is in so many of the foods that we eat, consuming less of it can lead to healthier skin. As far as the science behind it is concerned, sugar causes non-enzymatic glycosylation, a clinical term used to describe the molecular bonding of sugar to proteins or lipids. When this happens, new molecules called AGEs (advanced glycation end-products) is formed in the body. These molecules can damage many of the substances that contribute to healthy, radiant skin, namely elastin, collagen, and fibrin. AGEs can also affect your cardiovascular health as well.


Dairy products contain 1 of 2 hormones that can adversely affect the health of your skin, bovine somatotropin or bovine growth hormone. According to several studies, both of these hormones cause oily skin, which, in turn, can lead to acne, clogged pores, red skin, and many other skin-related problems.


We have all heard the adage “you are what you eat” at one time or another, but this age-old saying takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to skin health. After all, your skin can say a lot about your dietary habits and your overall health. That being said, let’s take a look at 10 foods that can resolve skin redness. And, as a bonus, they so improve your overall health in the process.


In addition to improved joint health, consuming foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, such as herring, salmon, mackerel, and other fatty fish can go a long way toward improving your skin’s health and appearance. According to a study published in the National Institute of Health, the omega-3 fatty acids found in these types of fish can reduce inflammation, redness, and acne. Consuming foods that contain these fatty acids can also improve skin problems related to autoimmune disorders, particularly lupus and psoriasis.


Avocados contain two healthy fats that can improve skin, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in avocados can help soothe irritated skin, protect against sun damage, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. One study, which focused on Haas avocado, also revealed that these healthy fats do a great job in boosting elastin. And that allows the skin to appear more youthful.


In addition to adding a pop of color to your dinner plate, sweet potatoes are also a great source of beta-carotene, which the body converts into provitamin A. According to several studies, provitamin A helps keep the skin hydrated, protects against sun damage, and restores the skin’s natural rosy complexion.


Along with adding flavor to your favorite meals, red and yellow bell peppers both contain vitamin A, which helps keep the skin firm by stimulating collagen production. More than that, these delicious peppers also contain vitamin C and beta-carotene that act as antioxidants for the skin.


The beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene found in tomatoes can do wonders for your skin. All three of these carotenoids can improve skin health and fend off premature aging. They also do a great job in reducing inflammation and clearing up existing skin problems. These include blemishes, red skin, and signs of sun damage.


6. SOY

Consuming edamame and other foods rich in soy can go a long way toward improving the health and appearance of your skin. In addition to stimulating collagen production, which tightens and firms the skin, soy also protects the skin against harmful UV radiation and certain forms of skin cancer. And as an added bonus, it also aids in soothing irritated, red skin from the inside out.


While often praised as a delicious, heart-healthy snack, walnuts contain essential fatty acids and zinc that can reduce inflammation. More than that, they contain antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, and selenium, all of which are essential for healthy, radiant skin.


Much like walnuts, sunflower seeds are chock-full of nutrition given their relatively small size. According to, an online resource for free and unbiased nutritional information, less than 1 cup of sunflower seeds provide 37 percent of the RDI (recommended daily intake) for vitamin E, not to mention 10 percent of zinc and 32 percent of selenium. What’s more, less than 1 cup of these delicious seeds delivers nearly 6 grams of protein. And all of these vitamins and nutrients contribute to healthier skin in one way or another.


Most will agree that you can’t go wrong with adding more green vegetables to your plate, especially in terms of more broccoli. Studies show that the edible green plant contains sulforaphane, a compound that contains properties that can ward off skin cancer. Beyond that, the compound offers protection against sun damage that can irritate the skin.


Consuming dark chocolate is definitely a treat to your taste buds. Additionally, the cocoa that makes up the delicious chocolate contains antioxidants that protect against UV radiation. Finally, these antioxidants also improve skin hydration, which keeps red skin and other forms of skin irritation at bay. However, there is a caveat in that the chocolate must contain a minimum of 70 percent to be able to reap these benefits.

red skin


So, it doesn’t matter if your red skin stems from an autoimmune disorder, environmental factors, or allergens. Regardless, making changes to your nutrition can improve the health and appearance of your skin from the inside out. It is important to note that these changes will not happen overnight.

In most cases, it can take 10 to 12 weeks of consistently better nutrition before irritated, red skin begins to show signs of improvement. Nonetheless, good nutrition can eventually lead to healthy, clear skin, and better all-around health.

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9 Things You Should Know About Your Friendship with a Scorpio


The eighth sign of the Zodiac is the Scorpio. This birth sign gets its name from the Greek legend of Orion. The story says that he was stung by a scorpion, and it killed him.

It ascended into the heavens to become a constellation that this signed was named after. If you follow horoscopes and Zodiac signs, then you know that people born under the Scorpius sign are known for their sizzling intensity. Maintaining a friendship with people born between October 23rd through November 21st can be challenging.

You may find that it’s easy to become friends with them, but keeping a relationship on good terms with them is going to take lots of takes work.

Scorpio: An Astrological Force to Be Reckoned With

To help you understand the aggressive nature of this Zodiac sign, you should consider the terrestrial arachnid’s life on earth. They frequent the deserts because they crave the hot, scorching weather. They enjoy this kind of intensity, and they cannot survive without the heat.

Just as in your friendship, those born under this sign tend to be fiercely loyal and love deeply. If you want to make sure you don’t get burnt in an association with a Scorpio, then you must understand these nine things. They will help to prepare you for all aspects of your relationship.

1 – There’s No Way You Will Ever Impress a Scorpio

Friends often try to put their best foot forward. Of course, you want to showcase your attributes and life accomplishments. When it comes to this friend, don’t waste your time. You are never going to be able to do or say anything that is going to impress them.

It’s not that they are not appreciative of your talents and intelligence, but their high value of self-worth always gets in the way. They will always see their accomplishments as superior to yours. Though they may see you as flawed and someone who doesn’t measure up to their greatness, they will still be loyal and love you regardless.

If you ever try to one-up them, then you will find yourself in a bitter battle of wills. Just go along with their egotistical tendencies to keep the peace.

2 – They’ll Win Every Argument

When dealing with someone who has such a high self-value, it’s hard to win an argument. Remember, these people consider themselves to be on the level of a genius. If you should ever get into a verbal dispute over any matter, they will seemingly be the expert and know everything about it.

They demand that the balance of power always be on their side. There’s no way you will win an argument with someone who holds themselves in such high regards. It’s better to agree to disagree and walk away.

3 – They Don’t Easily Forgive

If things should hit a sour note in your relationship, then you will find that you are dealing with someone who has a vengeful and ruthless personality. They believe in paybacks and will stop at nothing to ensure they write the wrong. Since this sign is not known for their forgiving nature, they take disloyalty very personal.

You only get one chance with them. An altercation, either verbal or physical, will probably be the end of the relationship. There are no do-overs or apologies accepted. Once you blow it, there’s no turning back.

4 – You Need Them, but They Don’t Need You

Scorpios tend to be very independent. Their fearless nature means that they can survive with or without you in their life. If you choose to be with them, then they will be glad to have you.

However, if you choose to walk away, don’t expect them to come after you. They can manage just fine without you being their friend. They see every experience as a learning curve, and it will only make them better.

Since they are so fearless and ambitious, they don’t need you. Instead, they see you as the lucky one for having them in your life. You can see that they tend to be a bit narcissistic.

5 – Scorpio Is Highly Emotional

If your friend happens to be a woman, be prepared for plenty of waterworks. These people tend to be highly emotional and easily upset. They can turn on the tears at a moment’s notice.

It’s best to keep a tissue handy when dealing with this sign as they are excellent actors and have a flair for the dramatic. When something significant happens that alters or disturbs their views of their awesomeness, you should know that they will need ample time to recover. Their emotional state can be quite exhausting to all involved.

To combat them when they become overly emotional, just keep reminding them how great they are and how they will be better than before. Remain positive no matter how much they are acting like a child and being over-the-top.

6 – Jealousy Comes Natural to Them

Whether as friends or lovers, Scorpios are going to be possessive of your time. They usually don’t have many friends because they are so demanding that most can’t handle their strong nature. They tend to put all their energy and devotion into a select few.

Additionally, you will find that it’s hard to have a relationship with anyone else when you are friends with this sign. If they chose you, then they will be possessive and demanding of your time. You may find them a tad bit obsessive. Should you ever need to go your separate ways, then you should be prepared for drama and a massive meltdown.

7 – They Must Keep Things Mysterious

The incredibly mysterious Scorpio has a complex personality. They like to be secretive and tend to keep things a bit strange. If you are deceptive, it can be devastating to them. They want a bit of mystery and intrigue, but they don’t like trickery.

Due to their inquisitive nature, they don’t like secrets. Forget throwing surprise birthday parties and such as this type of happy madness can send them into overdrive. If you ever lie or are deceptive to a Scorpio, then you should know that it will be the end of your relationship.

However, having a little bit of mystery in your affiliation will keep their attention. Scorpios are curious by nature, so they don’t do well with surprises. When they have a secret, however, they will drop hints to keep you dangling. Should they get a new job offer or love interest, they won’t just come right out and tell you.

They like to keep things under wraps if possible. Their goal is to keep you guessing and intrigued by their changes. They will keep you dangling like a fish on a hook for as long as they can.

8 – You Will Never Be Their Equal

Some find it hard to be friends with someone who doesn’t need them, and they will never be their equal. Scorpios have such a hard time finding and maintaining relationships because no one can measure up to the image they create of the perfect friend.

These people are ferociously independent, and they can manage with or without you. Their ambitions in life make them fearless. You will be along for the ride, but they will never see you as an equal to their greatness.

Since they have such a high self-image, they only choose friends that they view as close to perfect. Because their expectations are so high, they are selective with their inner circle. Only a few will pass their rigorous screening.

9 – Their Loyalty Is Fierce

Lastly, with everything you’ve read about a relationship with this sign, you may want to shy away from being friends. However, if you have broken through the barriers and have an association with the eighth sign, then you will have the truest devotion.

When you are friends with Scorpios, they will be fiercely loyal to you. Since you’ve already passed their test of high standards, they have found some perfection in you. If your relationship were to end, then they would feel that their selection was less than perfect, which is impossible in their eyes.

Since it’s no easy task to win the trust of this sign, congratulations are in order. They are very picky about their friendships and intimate relationships. You have done the seemingly impossible by crossing their barriers.

Zodiac sign

Scorpios Make Good Friends and Lovers

Should you ever cross the line from friends to lovers with this astrological sign, then you will experience intense, deep, and passionate love. To put it in Hollywood terms, think of the romances between Clark Gable and Vivian Lee or Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Some say that no romance novel could ever compare.

Whether friends or lovers, the Scorpio wants to know you on such an intimate level that they entangle with your soul. Romance tends to be another area in which these people excel. Some say that being in a romantic relationship with them is simply the best out there.

If you are a Leo and Aquarius, then you should steer clear of this sign as both friends and lovers. When you combine their intensity, passion, and loyalty, then you get everything they have to offer. If they choose you to be in their life, then you’re lucky as you have accomplished the seemingly impossible.

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Your Ultimate Guide to 30 Days of Self Care


You can’t take care of others without caring for yourself first! Self care helps ensure that you’re ready to face anything that life tosses your way.

Natural caregivers and busy partners are well known for being able to handle their busy lives efficiently and effectively. They are the ones we come to with our problems and for a shoulder to cry on. It’s funny how we would feel lost without that mother figure or best friend in our lives.

However, what effect does this have on the caregiver? While they most certainly feel needed and loved at some points, do they not feel drained and overwhelmed at other times? Does it become too much at times?

It would be insulting and selfish to answer these questions with a “no” for we all know the truth. The human mind and body can only handle so much before it begins to feel the effects of being burned out and exhausted. At the worst of times, the human body becomes sick and starts to break down.

This is where self care comes into play. Over exhaustion and stress not only lowers your mood but also has a horrible, long term effect on your health. Heart disease being a major concern for many. Listed below are some ideas to do for a 30-day self care treatment.

30 Days of self care guide

1) Get plenty of rest

We have been told from an early age that getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night is important for growing minds and bodies. While many of us now may have reached our peak of height in the growth chart, our minds have not. The human brain does not stop growing nor working.

Depending on who you ask, mental exhaustion may or may not be worse than physical exhaustion. According to the human body, there is no difference. Long periods of mental exhaustion have the same power to cause the body to feel sore and sluggish just as psychical exhaustion can.

Getting plenty of rest, like the recommended 7-8 hours a night, will not only “recharge your batteries” but also do another thing that you, your family, and your wallet will thank you for- protecting your heart. As discussed slightly above, stress and lack of sleep are connected to heart disease. You may not be able to see the damage but when you start to feel the chest pain it may be too late to reverse the damage already caused and you will be forced to change some things in your life.

Besides protecting your heart, your skin will look better and those despised bags under your eyes will start to disappear if you have them.

2) Meditate

Meditation is one of the many great ways you can take care of yourself without having to spend a penny. The best thing about meditation is that there is no wrong way of doing it. You do what is most comfortable for you.

The most popular way of meditating that people think about is sitting somewhere quiet inside a comfortable location, early in the morning or meditating outside as the sun is rising and listening to the birds chirping. If you like to do it that way, then go for it for there is nothing wrong with it.

However, this is not the only way to meditate. If you are a night owl and find having the moonlight kissing your skin while you listen to some relaxing music is more your style, then that is the right way of mediation for you. Let your mind wander, think about anything that comes to you. Your mind does not have to be silent all the time.

On the other hand, when sitting still is impossible then you can find other ways to meditate. Activities like sewing, arts and crafts or going for a walk can serve you in the same way as sitting still can. Baking is another idea if the kitchen is more your speed and sanctuary.

Spending anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour a day meditating will help you in the long run.

3) Eat healthy meals

It is common knowledge that eating the daily recommended amount of fruits and veggies is important for a strong and healthy body and mind. No matter your age, this still rings true for us all. However, do we all follow this medical advice truthfully?

With the accessibility of fast food places on nearly every corner and frozen meals taking up a few aisles of every grocery store, eating healthy home cook meals go to the wayside more often then what they probably should. We are all guilty of this at one point or another. Some steps can be taken to change this, however.

Part of this 30-day self-care “challenge” would be eating healthier. The first thing you should do is find a dietary plan you would like to try or follow. The second would be to create a meal plan so it will be easier to go grocery shopping. One thing you should leave off the meal plan is skipping breakfast.

4) A hot bath or shower

There are plenty of health benefits of taking a nice, hot bath or shower. The first thing that comes to mind is muscle relaxation. The second would be a few minutes of peace.

A few things that you can add to the bath to make it more relaxing and lovely would be to add rose petal and/or essential oils. You can spoil yourself with some lighted candles and relaxing music. Possibly have a glass of wine and read a book or eat some chocolate and cheese while relaxing in the tub.

If you prefer showers you can pour a bucket of water with rose petals over yourself while the candles burn in a candle holder on the counter. If anything, you can tie some eucalyptus to the neck of the showerhead. The steam from a hot shower will release the essential oils into the air that have the benefits of mental clarity, anti-stress and respiratory health to name a few.

5) Do a hobby you enjoy

There is nothing like spending what time you can on the hobbies you enjoy. They offer an escape from the everyday troubles. No matter what hobbies you enjoy, allow your mind to wonder about other things. To be creative and dream about what you can create with the tools in your hands, allows you to be alone in your little world.

Allow for those moments to happen. Besides relieving stress, they also bring important happiness. Uplifting your own emotions allows you to have control over your own life. Try to spend a little bit of time each day on your favorite hobby, whatever it might be.

6) Spend time with your real friends or with your romantic partner

Spending time with the ones you love and who truly care about you in return is one of life’s great pleasures. There is nothing wrong with needing someone else who you love to lift you when you are down. They can also do something for you that you can not do for yourself at that moment.

Your friends or your romantic partner can and will point out why you are amazing. They will show you your good qualities and have no qualms about accepting your faults. Rekindling those relationships will give you a much-needed break from your troubles for a bit and allow for a bit of fun.

Take the night or day off to go have dinner or go see a movie with someone or just by yourself. Enjoying a play at the local theater or visiting a museum, get out and take some time to clear your mind and do something fun once or twice a week!

7) Start to exercise

A healthy mind starts with a healthy body and a body that is in motion stays in motion. Besides building up muscles and protecting your heart, exercising has another positive link- protecting your brain. According to the research done by the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Wisconsin, exercise “boost[s] your brain’s protection against dementia.”

It is good to get out of the house and breath in some fresh air. Going to a gym or taking a simple walk around the block, getting out of the situation that is causing you stress or taking up a lot of your attention would be good for you.

If it has been a while since you have done any exercising it is best to start light. Doing a 5-minute walk with an exercise buddy or doing some light yoga would be the best advice before adding more to it.

8) Clear out the clutter

Having a cluttered house or working space can make the energy stale and heavy. Slowly tackling parts of the room or the house to de-clutter will make you and your surrounding area feel better. Not keeping things that no longer serve you not only will lighten the energy but also donating the things to charity or selling them for extra cash will only add to the feeling.

When it comes down to it.

Stress is a silent killer whether you like it or not. Taking some time off to change the energy around you and spending time doing the things that will benefit your health is the best medicine you can give yourself. Taking this list as advice for a 30-day self care project can bring you more benefits in different areas of your life then what you may think at first.

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10 Reasons Why Strength Training is Best for Women


So you have mastered your cardio routine, and you want to add strength training, or resistance training to your weekly routine, here is what you need to know. Women have a tendency to take a pass when it comes to resistance training. They see men in the gym and magazines all buffed up and think, “That look is not for good me.”

The Myth

It is a myth that resistance training and lifting weights will make women bodies bulky and muscular. Of course, the myth is not true. Female bodies are not capable of building bulky muscles. Female bodies hormonal balance is not set up that way.

Women bodies have a greater percentage of fat than men and that they preserve more fat, which is healthy. Even if a woman worked out several hours a day, seven days a week, the results would be more lean or athletic than muscular or bulky.

For many women to become bulky, they would need a steady diet and a daily 2-3 hour exercise routine for quite a number of years. The body could not withstand several hours a day of a rigorous workout.

When you train hard, your body needs to recover, which means your body needs time to replace the oxygen you lost. The only way the body could recover that quickly is with drugs.

What is Strength Training?

Now that we have debunked the myth. Let’s take a look at strength training. What is it? What are the benefits? Why is it a healthy idea? Why do women need it?

Strength training is a form of exercise that specializes in resistance training as a method to lose weight. Strength training is a type of exercise that builds strength by contracting the muscles with external resistance.

Proper strength training can improve endurance, increase the size of your muscles and build strength. Additionally, you will improve your well-being and overall health.

Finally, it helps preserve and enhance your muscle mass, regardless of your age. It may be done with minimal or no equipment, for instance, bodyweight exercises.

Benefits of Strength training

There are many benefits to strength training. It is an important part of staying fit and healthy, especially for women. It has been shown to build and maintain lean skeletal muscle which leads to loss of fat.

With the increase of popularity of resistance training recently, it has become an integral part of any exercise program that is well-rounded. Strength training can slow down the aging process and make you look and feel younger by building and maintaining muscle.

Strength training is important for metabolic and cardiovascular wellness. For people with this kind of a health condition, can benefit from resistance training. It is a key component of overall health and fitness, and it provides an important balance to aerobic workouts.

Strength training for sports exercises routine and physical activities are becoming more popular as society moves toward a healthy lifestyle. Resistance training is a great motivator because you see progress quickly.

Resistance training is important, no matter the age. It can offer speedy results. It can give you that too. There are ten reasons why women should add this kind of training to their exercise routine. They include the following:

1). Lose Body Fat

Strength training can help women lose fat. When you strength-train, your muscles contract over and over again, burning calories and fat. Once the fat is burned, it will leave the lean muscles. Lean muscles increase resting metabolism, and you can burn calories the entire day.

Studies prove that if an average woman strength-trains two to three times a week for two months. The results will be a gain of two pounds and a loss of a little over three pounds.

Studies have found that if an overweight woman does heavy resistance training minimal of twice a week for 60 days. She would lose on average 14 pounds and gained a little over one pound of muscle.

A control group study showed women who did not lift weights but dieted gained little or no muscles and lost only a little over nine pounds.

With resistance training, your metabolism stays elevated.

The body can continuously burn fat and more calories continuously up to 24 hours after your work out. With regular cardio, the body stops burning the fat immediately after your workout.

2). Increase muscles, joints, back and bone strength

Strength training can increase muscles and bone strength. As your muscles become stronger, bigger and leaner, so does your bones as they have to bear the weight of the muscles. Larger muscles and stronger bones lead to better balance and flexibility, which is needed as women when aged.

This training provides functional benefits such as improve poster, stronger muscles and provide support for joints from daily activities. Resistance training can reduce frailty in older women by preventing loss of muscle mass. They can also regain functional strength and avoid physical disability.

These workouts build muscles, builds connective tissues, increases joints stability and strengthen muscles in the lower back, which can alleviate or eliminate back pain. Weight training also eases osteoarthritis pain and improves the stability of the joint and builds tendons and ligaments.

3). Fight Osteoporosis

Resistance training can boost bone density. If you add a balanced diet of calcium, this can be the best defense for women against osteoporosis. Studies have shown weight training is very beneficial for older women in their 80 and 90s, as well.

4). Improve Athletic Performance

With increased strength, comes a more active life. Daily tasks, laundry, grocery shopping, and caring for kids will become easier.

One study shows that increased strength can reduce the chance of injury when you are performing daily tasks and exercising. Research studies show range 30 to 50 percent improvement in muscle strength with moderate to lightweight training. The study also shows that men and women strength development rates are the same.

5). Reduce Your Risk of Injury and Arthritis

Resistance training can improve physical functions such as arthritis, and it can reduce the chance of injury and improve symptoms of arthritis.

Research showed that a group of people who were disabled lifted weights for more than ten weeks and it increased their intensity and frequency with very little pain and improved array of movement.

Weight lifting can improve the stability of the joints and builds tendons and ligaments that are stronger. Proper training with proper form can decrease your chance of injuries.

6).Increased metabolism

Resistance training can increase your metabolism by increasing muscle mass. Not only does your body burns calories during workouts and afterward. But it forces your body to burn calories while your recovers.

As women get older, the chance of losing muscle increase, especially post the age of 40. Dieting, along with weight training, can preserve and rebuild muscle. Studies have the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism will be, and the more calories you will burn all day long.

7). Increased fitness

Whether you want to stay in shape or you are an athlete, resistance training can help increase your fitness. It can help improve your strength and increase muscle mass. Increase fitness can help you with all your daily activities such as skiing, golfing, swimming or bicycling with your family.

8). Reduce the symptoms of heart disease

Many studies suggest that resistance training may reduce cardiovascular disease risk. They have also shown that resistance training can increase blood flow, thereby showing the potential to be a cardiovascular exercise.

According to researchers, strength training can lower LDL, which is the bad cholesterol, and it can increase HDL, which is good cholesterol. It can also lower your blood pressure.

9). Reduce the Symptoms of diabetes

Strength training helps maintain sugar levels in the blood, which can help prevent diabetes. Studies show that training can maintain and improve blood sugar control at the same level as drugs. And, it can improve many processes throughout the body, which include how the body process sugar. Glucose can be removed from the blood more effectively with a leaner body.

10). Fight Depression

Resistance training can increase levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, which can improve the feeling that stems from depression and improve your mood.

A study at Harvard found that strength training can reduce depression symptoms better than regular counseling. Women who add strength training to their routine are more capable, confident, and they have more energy, which is important in the fight of depression.


Strength training was seen throughout time as an exercise that only applies to athletes or athletes involved with bodybuilding or team sports.

Today, many women take up some form of exercises to boost their physical attractiveness. Strength training has a unique objective, and that is, you will not gain the same mass as a professional bodybuilder.

There are different kinds of weight training, and you can choose the one that is best for you. Resistance training is among the best workouts because you get the most from it. It is consist of controlled movements that are precise for each muscle group. The movements do not require heavy resistance.

Strength training can boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories throughout the day. As time passes, resistance training may aid in improving flexibility. It is good for your health no matter what you eat. It has been proven to raise your metabolism for up to 24 hours after a workout.

We have outlined the reasons why resistance training should be included in your exercise routine. Choose one reason that can motivate you to get started today.

Will it be that strength training can help you lose fat, increase muscles and bone strength, increase bone density, improve athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury and arthritis, boost metabolism, increase fitness, reduce heart disease, reduce risk of diabetes or fight depression?

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9 Things Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Relationships


Hey, what’s your zodiac sign?

One of the most common pick-up lines someone will hear at a bar or club is “what is your zodiac sign?” If not used as a pick-up line, then a friend who is trying to understand the qualities of the new companion in their life. However, why do we care?

Whether you believe in it or not, many will read their weekly or monthly horoscope from the paper due to the underlying belief that there is some truth to it. Many believe that there are some scientific truths to the zodiac signs. This is especially true for some people when it comes to having a relationship with a certain sign they may or may not be compatible with.

There are many qualities both good and bad that every zodiac sign has. To ask what a person’s sign is is to allow yourself to peer into the qualities and faults that a person may have without prying directly. Therefore, you are can also look for the possible compatibility you may have with them if anything romantically may happen without making things awkward.

While a certain sign may be perceived to be more inclined to go after “bad relationships”, this cannot be predicted for that is based more often on the individual then it is to their sign.

With all this said, here are 9 things your zodiac sign reveals about you and your relationships.

9 things your zodiac sign can reveal about you

1) One’s passions

Every Zodiac sign has something they are passionate about. Be it fighting for the under-dog or traveling the world, passion runs in the veins of everyone at different levels of intensity. Anyone who wants to have a happy and healthy relationship wants to know what their partner or future partner is passionate about. By knowing what you or they are passionate about it gives away another key part of compatibility- intensity!

While it may be well known by some, not all the signs require a high level of intensity to be happy in life. Understanding the intensity levels of your sign and that of your partners can reveal if there will be major problems or just minor annoyances in your relationship. On the other hand, different intensity levels can counterbalance each other in the end.

2) One’s faults

When it comes to the faults of an individual, one would think that you must know the person themselves to know what their faults are and if you can deal with them when dating a person. This is not completely true. Although not everyone is exactly like their sun sign (they may be more like their moon or rising sign), knowing the faults of the sun sign can reveal many truths.

For example, the fault of an Aries could be their anger, for a Scorpio could be their cold-heartedness, and for a Taurus, it could be their world-famous stubbornness. If you do not like confrontation, having a harsh tongue lashing, or talking to a brick wall then knowing what the faults are of a person’s sign could save you a lot of heartbreak. On the other hand, it could just be used as a warning, so you know what you are getting yourself into.

3) One’s anger levels

When dating someone there will be days when you don’t get along and you will argue. It is just a fact of life. We all know whether we like it or not.

Understanding the levels of anger and if or how long each sign can hold a grudge is important. If you are a kind and sensitive soul, then dating an Aries or a Scorpio may not be the best idea. For an Aries’ ability to quick to anger and a Scorpio’s ability to hold a grudge forever and a day could be a bad match. Knowing what anger levels, you have and what anger levels you can handle will save you a lot of pain in the long run.

4) One’s compatibility to compromise

To have a successful relationship one must be willing to compromise. However, some signs are better than others. There is a reason why in the olden day’s mothers gave their daughters the advice of “pick your battles”.

Understanding that not all people are willing to compromise in their relationships no matter the situation. Some zodiac signs take more time to master this ability then others do, so be prepared to either give more than taking or take more than giving. Be prepared to deal with this and that some signs will never truly compromise.

5) One’s intensity levels

Intensity can make a love burn with a passion that many people hope and crave for. The downside of this is that sometimes intensity can be too much and burn the curious fly. Acknowledging that intensity is the lifeblood for some signs while not so much for other zodiac signs will make your relationship either happier or rockier.

Having high-intensity levels as an individual can sometimes be overpowering when it begins to feel like an obsession. Having a passion for a hobby is one thing, having a passion for love can be wonderful if not overpowering at times. Understanding your intensity levels will better suit you if or when it starts to scare you and/or lover.

6) One’s level of passion

No matter who you are, sexual compatibility is key to a successful relationship. Some signs are not as keen on its importance compared to other signs, however, knowing one’s skill level gives a personal insight as to if they will be satisfied or not. Sexual compatibility makes up at least 50 percent if not more of a successful relationship because of its ability to relieve stress, communicate what words cannot and help express emotions that need expressing.

7) One’s romantic level

Whoever said romance is dead most likely never look at the details of the zodiac sign of the person they married. If you need a lot of romance in your life and to feel loved by your partner, then you will need to know the romance levels of your partner and their sign. Not being fulfilled can lead to heartbreak and having the feeling of being let down.

While the person’s romance level may not equal what their sign says it should, it is still a good idea to double-check.

8) Trustworthiness

We all know the saying of trust taking a lifetime to build and a second to destroy. This is true even to this day. Every relationship needs trust to survive and grow.

Each sign has some level of having and requiring trust not only of themselves but also of their partners. Some signs like Scorpios, Libras and Taurus highly value trust above all else and the slightest chance of it being broken they run for the hills. While others would stay and see if it would happen.

Make sure you know how trustworthy you are so when you investigate the sign of the other person you can handle it if they start to question you.

9) One’s compassion levels

An important trait that marriages and dating require at times is the ability to have and show compassion. When your partner is feeling down or is going through a rough patch like losing a job or their dearly loved family member dies, showing compassion to the person you love is one of the greatest things you can do for them. It is also one of the best things they can for you.

While signs like Scorpios are not greatly known for this ability, having compassion for yourself and for the person you love will get your father in some situations then it will in others. Knowing the compassion levels that you have and can give to your partner and the compassion levels that you need and require are important. Don’t be afraid to talk about this with yourself and your partner.

Your future self will thank you for it.

In a Nutshell…Your Zodiac Signs Speaks Volumes

Be it that you are your sign to “T” or that you are more of your moon or rising sign, your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about you. Your sign can advise how you may deal with or have dealt with a present or a past relationship, be it that your good or bad qualities come or came out. As you grow as a person different quality of your sign comes out and the people who know you will know what qualities of your sign you are at the present.

These nine things reveal a lot about you and your relationships but not necessarily in the way that you would think. Reviewing this list over time can help you in many ways. Remember, as you grow as a person some things change over time. Personality and ways of thinking are what changes the most.

However, some things ring true no matter the amount of time that passing. The zodiac signs have their traits for reasons unknown and the more you accept your traits the better.

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