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Astrologist Explains the Cosmic View for July 2020

Astrologist Explains the Cosmic View for July 2020

Summer is upon us. The desire to feel the freedom and pleasures symbolic of this time of year makes caution and staying inside more challenging. Fighting Covid-19 has been like living in a war zone with danger lurking outside. Mars, the planet of war, is in Aries, its sign. Here’s the cosmic view for July of 2020.

This situation strengthens your desire to express anger and encourages you to take on a battle – anything to release that inner tension. Don’t use anger as a weapon.

With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, it’s time to center yourself from within. Cancer is powerful, but it needs an inner voice, it is weakened when your self-worth is based on the expectations of others. Power must come from conviction, from the faith, and an acceptance of destiny.

Wherever life has placed you, own it and start from there. If you do, a path will appear and show you the way. Mercury goes direct on the 12th, and you will solve old problems. By the middle of the month, Neptune trines the Sun, bringing fantasies and the dreamy part of life back into play. A retrograde Saturn reenters Capricorn on the 2nd, reuniting with Jupiter and Pluto until December 19th.

This is your chance to review the last 2 12 years and own the lessons you’ve learned. The more you reflect, the higher your wisdom. Socrates, the founder of modern philosophy, said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” This is your chance to examine your life and change what needs adjusting. Explore your passions and acknowledge what holds your interest. Strengthen the bonds in your life, and when this is over, you’ll come out ahead.

Aries (March 21st – April 20th)

Aries is impulsive and often act before they think. You’re instinctual, and that serves you well when you listen to it at the moment. However, this month you need to act with caution. Mars, this month, squares the Sun and Mercury, and without self-control, you could be your own worst enemy. Self-discipline is necessary. As an Aries, you want to be the best or have the control, and the truth is, there are many ways to get your wish.

Kindness and love also give you power if you give it from a place of strength and not an area of need. Saturn reenters Capricorn on the 2nd and reunites with Jupiter and Pluto. You are vying for power when it comes to your position in life, probably because your insecurities are enhanced. Step back and let things settle, then you’ll see where you can make a difference.

Mercury goes direct on the 12th in Cancer, and anger might be your chosen emotion – it gives one a temporary feeling of empowerment. Be careful you don’t over-use it. If winning becomes too significant, you’ll lose sight of your ideals and the real dream, which is to make a difference.

You can transform the lives of others, but it has to come from love. Venus, in Gemini, in your 3rd house, puts the focus on communication. Be careful of contradictions, you often take both sides of an argument and don’t even know it. With Mars on your Ascendant, you’re eager for action, and treading water won’t work.

You need to advance and take a risk. If you’re in a relationship, you finally understand what your partner needs, now it’s up to you to decide if you want to provide it. If you’re single, you could meet someone through a friend. Say yes to the introduction. It has possibilities.

Taurus (April 21st – May 20th)

Taurus carries with it the potential to turn things around. Your sign rules desire, and the more self-control you can command, the more in charge of your life you will feel. You’re at the stage of the journey where roots are set, providing the strength you need to grow.

Remind yourself. You can uproot yourself from your choices and change things if you see a better way. Nurture what you believe in, and that will grow strong within you. Your vision is sharp, which allows you to see the path ahead and get things done. You’re great at giving advice, but the truth is, you should be listening to it yourself.

With Mars in Aries, you realize that your anger has been a source of motivation when appropriately directed. However, this month Mars is square the Sun, and caution is advisable. Your anger could quickly be taken out on an innocent soul, when the truth is, you’re angry at yourself. Don’t beat yourself up; just make the changes. Mercury goes direct on the 12th in Cancer, and old issues get resolved.

Jupiter and Pluto are still together and in retrograde, expanding each other’s powers. Pluto takes you deeper into yourself while Jupiter increases whatever is brought to the surface. They are potent partners when appropriately used. Venus in trine to Saturn gives you a steady pace and a sense of stability.

You are starting to get your rhythm and are less influenced by others. The Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) on the 5th in Capricorn energizes your 9th house. Your ideas will be challenged by someone close to you. If you’re in a relationship, you’re learning about the hidden dreams of your partner, and it changes how you see them. If you’re single, you could have a crush on someone you don’t know. Fantasies work now.

moon zodiac

 Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

 Gemini is a restless sign. You don’t like to sit still. Mercury, your ruler, is in retrograde but goes direct on the 12th in your 2nd house of values and finances. Once it’s direct, bills get paid, and the path you need to take becomes clear.

If you are without a job, there’s a good chance it may return, or a new one will take its place. If nothing’s happening, don’t get discouraged, believe that it’s possible, and you’ll attract what you need. Saturn reenters Capricorn on the 2nd.

It’s only been gone a few months, but I’m sure you’ll feel how much you’ve changed. Transformation can be subtle, but you see it through the choices you make. Less afraid to speak up, the world begins to listen. Saturn makes you aware of what’s not working. This is an opportunity to make necessary changes. The new vision you have forged from the lessons you have learned is now there to serve you.

The Full Moon on the 5th in Capricorn adds to your insight and transformation. It’s time to go deeper into your truth and see yourself more clearly. Mars square the Sun, and Mercury indicates you could be a magnet of someone else’s anger – but only if you allow it to happen. Don’t let anyone put you down. Uranus sextile the Sun and Mercury add surprise and an opportunity you never thought about to your attention. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Venus trine Saturn gives you stability and keeps your feet on the ground. It’s an essential anchor for a Gemini. If you’re in a relationship, it’s not easy to handle at the moment, but there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just intense times. If you’re single, you have opportunities, but it’s essential to stay centered. Listen to your instincts, and you’ll make the right decision.

Cancer  (June 21st – July 22nd)

Shy yet stubborn, you’re a force to be reckoned with. By nature, you avoid conflict. It’s a waste of your energy when you can accomplish the same thing by ignoring the challenge. Confrontation is not your first choice, but when you allow your feelings to surface, it’s evident you’re not a pushover.

Mars in Aries square the Sun and Mercury creates an atmosphere of anxiety and anger, don’t let it rule. This is a time when everyone is tense, so your low-key demeanor will be a gift.  Venus trine Saturn creates stability, especially in relationships. With Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, you may find old relationship issues back on your plate demanding attention.

Take the time to clean up what you can. It frees you to be more reliable as you move forward. Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 2nd, and the best use of its energy is to set your goals more clearly. Clarify what you want and commit to it. The difficulties of the last few months have taken their toll.  However, with the Sun ruling your house of finance, and sextile Uranus, there is an opportunity in the form of change and even chaos.

Don’t be afraid to take on a new venture, or branch out in areas you haven’t gone before. Embrace the new. Neptune in Pisces and your 9th house insists you reevaluate your ideals. Ideals have the power to lift you out of despair and give hope to any moment.

The more you embrace your possibilities, rather than what you’ve lost, the better you will be. If you’re in a relationship, it’s an excellent time to connect on a dangerous level – with the truth. If you’re single, you could meet someone you admire, someone who inspires you.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Leo begins the month with an extra dose of energy and anger. The Sun, your ruler, is square Mars. That inner drive you have for perfection can actually hinder your success. It’s great to always strive for more, but you must accept where you are, with all its limitations, if you’re going to advance with ease.

If you default to righteous judgments, you will hold yourself back. Accept and move forward. This month Mars dominates, and the level of anger and tension increases. It’s not difficult to understand why your life has been restricted, and keeping your balance has been challenging.

However, anger only makes things worse. Express it through exercise, or do a primal scream in your shower, but don’t take it out on innocent souls, anger is a great motivator, but to use it positively, you need to direct it toward a goal.

With Saturn trine Venus, love, and relationships become serious. Gifted with an overdose of independence, you tend to think you don’t need anyone because your emotions are seldom a priority. However, after the sequestration and enforced restrictions, having loving people around has more value. With Venus trine Saturn, the cost of love has never been more apparent. It has the power to transform your life. Mercury is retrograde until the 12th, and then everything begins to move forward.

Uranus in Taurus, sextile the Sun and Mercury, brings change to the table as an option. Listen to your instincts. If you do, you’ll know what to trust. If you’re in a relationship, there are opportunities to improve your communication. Take advantage of them. If you’re single, you could meet someone in a very organic way. If you see an opportunity, take it.

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Virgo can combine the practicality of earth with the inquisitiveness of Mercury, it’s the ruler. This provides you with the ability to push the boundaries of an idea to its limits, revealing both its strengths and limitation.

When you understand a person or a thing, you can make better decisions personally and in business. You are obsessive, and it’s only dangerous when you’re on a destructive path and escape through alcohol, drugs, or a relationship that’s not happening. You don’t give up. Hopefully, you have found your balance and have learned to say no to yourself as well as others.

Without self-discipline, extreme behavior is dangerous. The Full Moon on the 5th in Cancer and the direct motion of Mercury on the 12th puts an emphasis on friendships and group gatherings. Whatever issues were left unresolved between you and someone you care about has probably come to the surface and demanded your attention.

Hopefully, you faced the problem and resolved it once and for all. Mars in Aries square the Sun, and Mercury brings up repressed anger. Your need to be in charge may add to the tension of the moment. Ask yourself if what you want is really worth the effort. Venus trine Saturn encourages you to use your creativity and passion for your purpose and goals. Saturn provides limits and structure, and when you embrace them, it adds strength to help you get the job done.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner is temporarily out of your reach emotionally. They are either pursuing their own dreams or lost in a fantasy that may or may not include you. It will pass. If you’re single, you are looking to be in love from a distance. This way, you protect yourself from disappointment. It’s safe, but it also leaves you feeling empty.

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

 Libra is the sign of balance, the balance between your truth and the truth of others and society. Do you feel as if you fit in?  Do you have a need to please, because you’re afraid of being rejected? That’s never a position of power, and although it may work when your opponent is also insecure, anyone with real power will just take advantage.

If you’re going to be someone others look up to, you need to stand up for your truth. This month Venus in Gemini gets help from Saturn. This is a time when sure-footedness is essential. Slow down and advance one small step at a time. The Sun and Mercury, in your 10th house, attracts attention and opportunity.

Don’t let your desire for control take control. Stay flexible and adapt.  Mercury goes direct on the 12th in Cancer, and your career finds new paths to success. The Full Moon on the 5th in Capricorn adds power to the moment. It sets you free form a family obligation and allows you to follow your instincts. Venus is trine Saturn, and your ideals and dreams show you how to manifest them. This is a blend of creativity and practicality. Uranus is the awakener.

This month it makes a sextile to the Sun and Mercury. It brings change that you are unprepared for. Don’t panic; just adjust. Sextiles are gentle and create opportunities. If you’re in a relationship, your partner is feeling healthy and assertive. Don’t be surprised if you get challenged.

If you’re single, there is an opportunity to meet someone, or if you’re already dating, express how you feel about whatever is going on between you. Never be afraid to expose who you really are.

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

Scorpio is a sign of power and the ability to let go of what or who no longer serves you. These two opposites are actually connected. If you hold on to what has no purpose, then it will weight you down, and you won’t be able to advance as quickly as you’d like to.

Knowing what has value and what doesn’t, is a big challenge. Scorpio’s are especially useful when it comes to investments and handling money. Mars in Aries has invigorated your work schedule and keeps you busy. If you’ve been out of a job, then there’s a good chance you could get one this month. Uranus sextile the Sun, and Mercury brings opportunity at work or in your career. With a sextile, you have to make the first move. It doesn’t land in your lap.

If you see it and want it — go for It. You have a lot to do, and what you need is to focus. Saturn in Aquarius brings a sense of stability and structure to your home life. It’s essential to be organized and have a routine. If you do, you won’t waste time, you’ll get things done. Venus trine Saturn provides emotional stability to your love life. This is always welcome, especially now. When Saturn is not around, it’s too easy to get lost in passion and your romantic side.

The Full Moon on the 5th in Capricorn makes communication important. If there is something you haven’t been able to say or bring to the table, you’ll get a chance to do it now. Mercury goes direct on the 12th, and projects begin to fall into place.

You’ll have a better idea of where you’re going and what is possible. If you’re in a relationship, then it should be stable and supportive. If you’re single, it’s an excellent time to meet someone who is independent and confident. It’s what will make you happy.

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Sagittarius is a planet of strength, a strength that comes from personal beliefs. Remember, what you believe you create, so if you have faith in yourself, others will too. With Jupiter, your ruler, still in Capricorn, your focus is on money and values.

However, by the end of the year, your attention will be in your 3rd house of communication. This is when new ideas inspire you. With Neptune in your 4th house of the home, there is something uncertain about where you live or who is living with you. Or perhaps you’re not sure if you want to move. Mercury goes direct on the 12th and what has seemed impossible to deal with, suddenly gets done. Saturn in Aquarius brings seriousness to your communication.

Perhaps you have a job where what you say carries weight. It is never a bad idea to pause and think before you speak. Mars in Aries in trine to the Sun and Mercury brings energy to your relationships and thoughts. You feel passionate about what you are doing, and that passion helps you advance. The Full Moon on the 5th in the sign of Capricorn challenges your values and how you’re spending your money.

What are you willing to fight for? If you know what you want, it’s so much easier to manifest it. Don’t leave what’s essential unclear.

Clarity is an asset that brings results. Uranus in Taurus in your 6th house has brought change and new opportunities for your work schedule. If you are looking for a new job, you’ll find one. The move was a part of all our destinies with or without the virus, so keep a positive point of view. If you’re in a relationship, things should be steady and supportive. Venus, in your house of relationships, helps keep harmony. If you’re single, you may be seeking love. Keep an open mind, and you’ll attract it.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

Capricorn is the accumulation of your choices, beliefs, and ideals. It is wisdom turned into opportunities and structure. It’s a dream in the process of becoming real. Life is never stagnant, it’s always evolving and becoming, but you can dig in and refuse to grow.

If you learn from everything that happens to you, you will advance without effort. In Capricorn, what you have has been earned through hard work. When you receive your success, no one can take it from you. With Jupiter and Pluto still conjunct in Capricorn, you are open to new ideas that may help you overcome the challenges of the moment.

With Saturn, your ruler, in Aquarius, your focus has shifted to values and finances and a desire for independence. The trine Saturn makes to Venus opens the door to make money and do well simply because you’re good at what you do. If you don’t see opportunity at the present moment, know that it’s around you. Open your eyes and believe that what you have in your heart can happen.

With Uranus in Taurus and your 5th house, you’re being challenged to take charge of your life and the new ideas that have come your way. The more independent you are, the easier it is to manifest your dreams. Mercury goes direct on the 12th, and life begins to make more sense.

Whatever was being held up is now free to move forward. The Full Moon in Capricorn brings an old issue to the surface. It’s vital to deal with it and then let it go.

If you’re in a relationship, this is an excellent month to understand why you are with your partner and what makes it either a good or a challenging relationship. If you’re single, love is a lot of work at the moment, and you may choose to ignore your personal attractions, at least for now.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

 The sign of freedom is now the host of Saturn, the planet of restriction and boundaries. Opposite energies have a lot in common, besides needing each other for balance. On the 2nd, Saturn goes retrograde and returns to Capricorn until December 18th when it reenters Aquarius and stays there until March of 2023.

This is your chance to set new boundaries and stop saving souls that are not interested in enlightenment. Not everyone wants to grow or learn. Once you recognize who does and who doesn’t, you’ll experience real freedom. With Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and your 12th house of the unconscious, so much of what happens to you lies beyond your control. What you need is faith, patience, and the ability to listen to your instincts.

Saturn trine Venus helps you find balance and keep a position that gives you options. Mercury goes direct on the 12th, and things begin to move forward. New ideas can finally get support. With Uranus in Taurus in your 4th house of the home, brings change to your private space. If you have repairs to do, they will get done. With the Full Moon on the 5th in Capricorn, it’s essential to expect the unexpected. The power lies in how you respond. Neptune in your 2nd house, square Mercury, enhances your fantasies and illusions.

The danger is your lack of reality can undermine your authority. If you’re in a relationship, your partner has lingering anger from unresolved issues. And if you want peace, you will address them now. If you’re single, you could feel rejected by someone you’re attracted to. Don’t take it personally, they’re not in a right place, and it has nothing to do with you.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

 Pisces is water, and it is intuitive and powerful when you have faith in yourself. If you want to empower yourself, build your confidence by starting each day with an inspiring affirmation. The Sun and Mercury in Cancer help you turn inward. Remind yourself that strength comes from your spirit and your sharp mind, not how much money you make.

Honor your talents, and they’ll work for you. Mercury goes direct on the 12th, and things began to move forward. A retrograde ensures that old issues get paid attention to, so if you’ve cleaned up your desk and dealt with old problems, you’re ready to move forward.

Venus, in Gemini, adds to your restless nature. The trine it makes to Saturn provides work to do and a direction. If you can keep busy, you won’t go crazy. Uranus in Taurus has been shaking up your third house of communication. You’ve been handling things differently. You’re more open to new experiences and ideas.

You now understand that keeping an open mind makes you stronger. Competitive by nature, you can get lost by focusing on what others are doing, rather than your passion. Each of us is here for our purpose. We come to earth to challenge ourselves to understand our spirit and to learn how to merge heaven and earth. The Full Moon on the 5th in Capricorn sets off your house of friendships. Someone close to you needs your support. Give it in a way that works for you.

If you’re in a relationship, things get better after the 12th when Mercury goes direct. Hopefully, you will have dealt with the issues this retrograde has put back on the table. If you’re single, you’ll be ready and anxious to meet someone new. Just be careful–do not attach yourself to an angry person.


Therapist Explains How to Grieve the Loss of Your Love Relationship »

Therapist Explains How to Grieve the Loss of Your Love

Breaking up with your partner is like a death. It’s almost impossible to move on as if nothing happened. You both have been uprooted out of the ground into a new chapter in life. It’s okay to feel a range of emotions as you go through the process. We have a few ways to grieve the loss of your love relationship.

You’ll Face Five Stages as You Grieve Your Lost Relationship

The Kübler-Ross model of grief, also known as “The Five Stages of Grief,” explains what happens to our minds during the five stages after we lose something or someone special.

These stages are anger, bargaining, denial, sadness, and acceptance. You don’t necessarily grieve in any specific order. Sometimes you experience a stage multiple times.

During the grieving process, you may deny the person is gone from your life. You might get angry wondering what you could have done differently. Or, you might bargain with a higher power to help them come back to you.

Once you realize this is not going to work, you might feel depressed. You start listening to sad songs and watching old home videos.  Finally, you usually just accept this person is gone from your life. Sometimes we get stuck in denial thinking no one will ever love us again.

These stages have no time limit. It’s up to you when you decide to accept the loss and move on with your life. The truth is that you probably will fall in love again. You just have to give yourself time.


11 Ways to Take Care of Yourself as You Grieve for the Love You Lost

1 – Don’t Overthink

You may find yourself returning to the relationship a million times in your mind. You might start wondering where you went wrong. When we do this, we start to think we should go back. There’s a reason you broke up. No matter how many good times you had, there’s a reason underneath it all that the relationship is done. Don’t think about it all of the time. It’s time to hang out with yourself and move down the road. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel anything. You will still feel the stages of loss and you will grieve, but it means you don’t start playing the reel of your relationship in your head.

2 – Take Time To Detox

Many people deal with the loss of a love relationship by jumping into the next relationship. This doesn’t help you deal with any of the feelings left behind. The best thing you can do is have a period of detox. This means you take time to reflect and recharge your “love batteries.” You don’t need to date or pursue others at this time. You don’t need to go home with people from the bar. You need to focus on yourself. Before you get into a new relationship, you need to be 100% ready. You need to have a clear head on your shoulders. It’s only fair to you and the next person. If not, you will bring your drama into the next relationship.

3 – It Is Okay to Be Selfish While You Grieve

Love is often selfless. We put the other person above us. It’s time to be selfish once that relationship is over. Get out of bed when you feel like it. Go to the store without telling anyone. Stay out as late as you want. You get control of the remote watching whatever show you feel. You don’t have to answer to anyone. This is one of the only times in life when you get a pass to be selfish.

4 – Lean On Others

It’s okay to feel sadness with your support system. Lean on those you love to get out your feelings and emotions. When you want to cry and grieve, call up your best friend. Get those emotions out. You might need to yell at someone about the anger you’re feeling.

When someone you love passes away, people flock to you in support. They know this is the same during this love loss. They know sometimes it’s important to just be there sitting by you as you vent.

A hug is sometimes the best therapy available.

5 – Do Things You Enjoy

After a loss, it’s always best to find your smile again. Do things you love. Your self-esteem and heart might be bashed. When you do things that you love, you will feel happiness again. You might even forget for a few minutes that you’re going through a tough time.

You’ll actually learn to fall in love with yourself when you do things you love. You get to feel happy and enjoy a smile again. Whether it’s reading a book, going to the movies, playing a game of tennis or singing along with your guitar, do something you love.

6 – Let Go Of Emotional Baggage

Breakups leave big, ugly scars. If you don’t tend to these scars, they just look even scarier. It’s important to not dwell on the negative emotional baggage. You must learn to feel the pain then move on with a positive outlook. You’re able to decrease your amount of suffering by finding the lining in the clouds.

When you can tell yourself that “maybe it didn’t work out for a reason,” you’ll be able to move forward. If you get stuck in the negative emotional baggage of the relationship, it’ll be tough to move forward. You might face depression. You’re going to feel sadness and grieve some days. You’ll get triggered by a couple holding hands.

The important thing is to think of the positives in your break up. Remember why you broke up. By doing so, you’ll help your mind prepare for the next step in life.

7 – Forgive Yourself

Grieving means having to forgive yourself. It’s hard to let go. You blame yourself for every little thing. You might think everything was all your fault when it takes two to tango. Look back and think about both of your actions.

Think of the reasons why it didn’t work out. Even if you did things wrong, you have to let go of the blame. You cannot move on until you forgive yourself and grow from the experience as a whole.

thinking about the past

8 – Don’t Shut The Door On Love

Many times people that get out of a relationship will say they’ll “never” date again. They swear off all relationships. You should never speak in absolutes.

It didn’t work out with your ex for a reason. This doesn’t mean love isn’t going to work in the future. You’re burned right now. You have to get through this tough time and leave love open in the future. If you lose faith, you could be missing out.

There is a right time for your love.

One day you might find them when you least expect it. Until then, you focus on yourself. Don’t turn your head to anyone that tries to set you up. One day you’ll realize you’re ready again. In the beginning, it’s natural to think of speaking in absolutes.

9 – Don’t Seek Revenge

When you’re grieving, you often feel anger. You just want to hurt the other person because you’re hurting. Don’t seek revenge. Being angry and seeking revenge will not solve anything. It will make you seem petty and immature. Don’t trash talk them to your friends and family. Just accept they are gone, and accept that you don’t need to do anything about it. There’s a reason they aren’t with you anymore. You don’t need to go out and hurt them to dig the dagger even deeper into both of your hearts.

10 – Comfort Yourself

Remember there is no time limit to grieving. In the beginning, you might find it hard to even get out of bed. Take it a second at a time. Eat that pint of ice cream if you feel. Watch that sappy movie. Let your friends come over while you cry into their lap. You don’t have to be okay.

One day you’re going to be able to get out of bed. And, of course, someday you’re going to smile again. Your life was thrown into a blender. It’s okay to feel that pain. Always remember it’s okay to grieve.

11 – See The Differences

One of the best things that happen once you get through the grieving, you’ll realize there is a difference between a breakup and a death. When someone dies, it’s final. When you break up with someone, you get both get through it alive. You get to rise above it. One day you might see them walking along the street, and you won’t cry.

You’ll realize one day that you’re able to move forward. This breakup was the demise of that particular love relationship, but it’s not the final stage of love for you. One day soon, you’ll embrace living life to its fullest once again.

Final Thoughts on Taking Time to Grieve a Lost Love Relationship

It’s important to take time to grieve after any loss. A breakup is a loss that turns your world upside down. Once you face the truth of this loss and think through it, you’ll be able to move on. It might feel like you’re dying inside, but you’re about to live in the next chapter. Take time for yourself, then turn the page to the next chapter in life.


Astrology Explains 15 Things Never to Say or Do Around a Leo

Astrology Explains 15 Things Never to Say or Do Around

Astrologers can agree that Leos are the proud lions of the zodiac. They love compliments, can’t stand to lose an argument, and generally want to know they’re always loved. As such, most are incredibly confident, protective, and like to be the center of attention.

Powered by the sun, Leos welcome the limelight as they and are in full form when they receive praise. Leos always needs the right energy to shine the brightest, which is why you should always be intentional when speaking with any lions in your life.

Never Say These 15 Things to a Leo

While this sign is very proud, they are also quite sensitive. What may seem like a simple comment to some can quickly cut to Leo’s core. If you have a Leo in your life that you love, make sure you never say the following things to them:

1. “Stop making it about you!”

Though this sign knows the world doesn’t revolve around them, they depend on their loved ones to make them feel like they’re the center of attention. Just like the sun, they desire to know how important they are to everyone’s lives.

This is why it can be incredibly painful when someone close to them makes them feel bad for making situations about them. This sign is most comfortable when they have others hanging off of their every word.

Before you tell your loved one that they’re not always the center of attention, try to hear them out when they do talk about themselves or draw references from their own lives. In most cases, this is their way of relating to you.

2. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll do it.”

If you are relying on this fire sign to finish a project with you, it’s important to show them that you trust that they will take care of it. There’s nothing this sign hates more than feeling like they’ve let someone they care about down.

This sign wants to be in control in their own lives and will get angry if they feel as though you’re taking that control away. Even if this sign can’t lead the way in everything, always make sure they ask for help before you try to take care of it on your own.

Remember, this sign often hides their insecurity and fear by regaining control. Make sure to respond to this by taking the time to understand and allow them to open up to you.

zodiac sign

3. “I forgot about our plans.”

We all miss important dates and forget other details, but forgetting to invite a fire sign to an event is incredibly offensive. This sign absolutely hates to feel forgotten and will be very deeply hurt if it ever happens to them.

If you’ve forgotten about your fire sign, you need to make things right quickly. Beg this fire sign for forgiveness as you genuinely express how sorry you are. Then, let them get their anger out as the share how your actions made them feel.

You can get back into this sign’s good graces by validating them. Explain to your loved one how much you care for them and eventually, they’ll return to being the powerful sun you know and love.

4. “Stop holding onto things, just let it go.”

This fire sign is complex and emotional. They’re not always going to forgive and forget in certain situations. In some cases, this sign may even bring up things that happened in the past as if they just happened yesterday.

While it can be annoying to rehash certain things with your loved one, this is how this sign works things out. Instead of telling this sign to “Let it go”, talk to them about what they’re experiencing. Chances are, if you give this sign the opportunity to share, they’ll be able to start letting it go on their own.

5. “I already complimented you.”

Enough is never enough for this sun-powered sign. This sign feeds on the positive energy of others’ compliments and affection. For example, if your lion keeps asking you if you like something, they’re just seeking validation.

For some, one compliment is all that’s needed, but this isn’t the case with this sign. Feel free to let loose with your compliments and signs of affection. Oftentimes, all this sign needs is to know that you believe in them and they’re doing enough.

6. Never tell a Leo, “You’re so self-centered.”

While this sign is happy to be the center of attention, never call them self-centered. This sign likes to think that the world constantly revolves around them, though they know that it doesn’t.

Pointing out this personality trait by using the word “self-centered” will make your loved one angry. It’s best to talk about your feelings and ask them to focus their attention on you for the time being.

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7. “I didn’t know you were so needy.”

All of us are needy from time to time. This sign especially craves attention and wants to know that their loved ones are there for them.

Don’t make your fire sign feel bad for this. Show them how much you care by laying on the love.

8. “I’m not sure how I feel, Leo.”

Astrologers believe this zodiac sign to be one of the most confident and self-assured signs. As a result, this sign wants to know that others around them are just as confident and are doing what they believe is right.

If you’ tell a fire sign that you haven’t made up your mind about a decision that’s important to them, you may unintentionally offend them.

Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic relationship, you should be clear about your intentions and decisions. Even if you really don’t know how you feel, share your thoughts with them. Making an attempt to communicate with your fire sign is sometimes all it takes.

9. “You’re overthinking it!”

Another way to offend your fire sign is to tell your loved one they are overthinking something.

This sign is deeply introspective and seeks the true meaning in any situation. By their nature, they are deep thinkers and need the time and space to figure out certain thoughts.

10. “Don’t do that.”

Telling a fire sign what to do and what not to do is a quick way to get into an argument. Make sure your fire sign knows they’re in control of their own decisions.

11. “You’re too much.”

The emotions that fire signs feel can be particularly overwhelming. At times, this zodiac sign struggles to handle their feelings.

To truly love this fire sign, you should never make them feel as though they’re too much for you to handle. Give them the chance to work through their feelings while you help them feel safe.

12. “It’s not a big deal!”

For a fire sign, everything in their life can seem like a big deal. If your loved one comes to you to share news, it’s because they want you to get excited about it.

Show your fire sign you’re on their team by always cheering them on.

13. “You always do this.”

To a fire sign, the world “always” can be pretty triggering.

This word can make your loved one feel as though you’re constantly dissatisfied with their actions. Instead of reacting this way, try to have a rational conversation about both individual’s behavior and any patterns that you’ve noticed.

14. “Why are you like this?”

Leos have very strong personalities and need partners and friends that let them be themselves.

If you ever question this sign’s personality or lifestyle choices, you’re telling them that you aren’t happy with who they are. To a fire sign, these are fighting words.

15. “You have to change.”

Fire signs have a strong opinion of themselves, to the point where they’ll lash out at anyone that isn’t completely happy with who they are.

If you ever tell this sign that they need to change, they’ll be deeply wounded. This sign loves to know how much they matter to their loved ones and wants to be accepted. Be sure to tell any fire signs in your life that you love them for who they are.

Learn how to manage your anger, according to your zodiac sign.

Final Thoughts on the Things You Should Never Say to a Leo

This sign is a confident yet sensitive creature. They bruise easily, so it’s important to always choose your words carefully with this sign.

Treat the fire signs in your life gently and with love. By laying on the affection and working to truly understand them, you’ll their personality shine like the star they are.


Psychology Explains What Eye Contact Says About Your Personality

Psychology Explains What Eye Contact Says About Your Personality

They say that your eyes are the window to your soul. When these spiritual windows are open to others, what can they decipher about you? Psychologists assert that your eye contact says a lot about your personality.

Most predatory animals, including humans, have forward-facing eyes that give them a binocular vision. Our early ancestors could easily focus on their prey as well as dangerous animals and situations to avoid. Your eyes still provide safety and are continually processing pictures of the world around you.

Did you know that roughly half of your body’s sensory receptors are found in your eyes? They can detect visible light wavelengths up to 700 nanometers and many spectra of colors. Six extrinsic eye muscles control their complex movement.

When you combine positions of your eyelids and eyebrows, your eyes help to create instantly recognizable expressions. Humans are adept at interpreting eye contact, so we assume that someone looking into our eyes has nothing to hide. How you use your eyes to communicate with others usually mirrors what you are feeling or thinking.

What the Eyes Say Without Uttering a Word

Here is why eye contact is an essential part of your body language.

Think of all the idioms you’ve heard about eyes and personality. They say a shifty-eyed person can’t be trusted. “She loves him, and you can see it in her eyes.” “He couldn’t even look me in the eyes and tell me the truth.”

Good eye interaction with others suggests that you are confident in your abilities. People may view you as more successful, and you may have better leadership qualities than those who avert their eyes. Your gaze may reveal an attraction to another, or it can imply aggression and malice.

Some cognitive disorders, such as the autistic spectrum, are known for their avoidance of connecting with other people’s eyes. Many people who battle depression, anxiety, or ADHD have difficulty focusing their eyes, especially when in a conversation. For others, eye connection aversion may be low self-esteem from a lack of confidence and basic shyness.

Understanding Eye Communication

While you assume that anyone who looks you eye-to-eye is telling the truth, it’s not necessarily so. Pathological liars often use eye connection to manipulate people into believing their lies. They often become so jaded that they can lie without as much as a blink. Here are some other things your eyes can show.

• Friendliness and Familiarity

When you are in public and surrounded by strangers, you can expect to meet a few people’s glances. However, most people only look strangers in the face for only a couple seconds, and then they look away. Looking at someone any longer becomes staring, and it makes others feel uncomfortable.

Friends and acquaintances will usually meet your eyes in a longer, natural way. Close friends and family can often look into your eyes and intuitively know how you feel before asking. You may tell them that you are feeling fine, but your eyes can betray you.

• Authority and Trustworthiness

If you want others to respect your authority, you must look them straight in the eyes when you talk. Would you have much confidence in a person in leadership who was shy and kept averting his eyes? When you make direct eye contact and smile while conversing with or addressing a group, people will respect you more and will assume you are successful and trustworthy.

eye health

• Mutual Attraction

The eyes are only second to the heart when it comes to stories, songs, and art about love and romance. When you are attracted to someone, you instinctively gaze into his eyes as he does yours. Scientific research demonstrates that people who are attracted to each other look into the others’ eyes more often and for extended periods.

Do you want a special someone to be more than just friends? How do you look him in the eyes? He may think you aren’t interested if he sees you avoiding his eyes and looking all around.

Eye connection in sexuality is another point that divides us from the animals. Unlike most of them, humans are usually intimate face-to-face and eye-to-eye. We often feel more attracted to those who express attraction to us in their eyes.

• Intimidation

Have you ever watched two cats locked into a staring contest? In the animal kingdom, staring allows them to size up their adversaries. There is a wild glare that means a clash of wills is about to happen.

While we are not felines, we still use our eyes to intimidate others, often without thinking. Remember the sharp glance your mother gave you when you were misbehaving in public? She didn’t have to say a word, but you got the point.

• Memory Enhancement

Why is it that you may forget names, but you hardly ever forget a face? Your brain is making countless references and notations when you look into another person’s eyes. Your first impression of this person may be what her eyes tell you.

It will trigger a memory in your brain when you meet the person again and make eye contact. For this reason, psychologists encourage people to look at each other when meeting and often during conversation. Not only does it suggest to the other person that you are genuinely interested in what she has to say, but you will be more likely to remember her and the conversation.

Do Your Eyes Have It? Different Types of Eye Avoidance

How can you use proper eye contact to your advantage? Do you want to reflect confidence and honesty? Here are some helpful ways to identify common eye contact problems and how to improve them.

Signs from your eyes to never ignore

• The Low Looker

In many cultures, it is considered rude and forward to look at someone straight in the eyes, especially those of authority. A downcast glance shows reverence, respect, and humility. Unfortunately, women were often taught to keep their head and eyes lowered as a sign of loyalty and subservience.

If you are a low looker, then train yourself to hold your head high and meet other people’s eyes. Keep good posture, let your eyes show that you are friendly, intelligent, and subservient to no one.

• The Kewpie Doll

Have you ever seen one of these iconic baby dolls with their pixie smile and adorable side glance? You wonder what they are thinking. Whether it is from nervous tension or learned behavior, many people often avoid direct eye contact by looking to the side or a corner of the room.

“Kewpie dolls” personalities often have a difficult time when they are in leadership and must address a group. Are you one of these who keep your eyes glued to a corner rather than face your audience? Practice speaking in a mirror and retrain your eyes to look at the eyes of your listeners.

• The Rapid- Fire Blinker

Some people have a nervous tick in their eyes that often gets worse when they are talking to people, or they experience eye twitching. While they try to keep their eyes focused during a conversation, all the other people can see is a flurry of blinks and twitches. If they gradually gain control of their eyelids, a rapid-fire blinker may also be a low-looker or a kewpie doll.

Some rapid-fire blinkers not only blink, but they often have conversations with their eyes closed. Occasionally, they may open their eyes to flash a bit or to acknowledge what the other person is saying, but their eye contact is limited.

Do you want to remedy your Rapid-Fire Blinker habit and practice good eye connection? Since rapid blinking may be symptoms of a physical or mental condition, consult your professional healthcare provider. Practice keeping your gaze steady and relaxing your eyes.

• Give Your Eyes a Rest

Although making good eye connection is beneficial in a conversation, there can be too much of a good thing. When you are having a discussion with another person, some eye movement is expected. A thoughtful pause to glance up and think about what the person is saying is helpful because a constant stare will make others uneasy.

• Practice Makes Progress

Some people are naturally talented conversationalists, but you can learn these skills with practice. Maintaining proper eye connections with others can be practiced in front of a mirror or with a trusted friend. If you have one or more of these common eye aversion characteristics, you can retrain yourself.

As you talk to the mirror or your practice partner, train yourself to rest your sight at the other person’s eye level. If he wears glasses, you could focus on the rims or study his eyebrows, if you feel uneasy about looking pupil to pupil.

If you feel your eyes going back into their old habit of aversion, gently bring them back into focus. Ask your trusted practice partner to give you honest feedback and to let you know when your eyes aren’t making the proper connection.

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Final Thoughts on Using Proper Eye Contact in Life

Using proper eye interaction in your professional and personal life can tell others a lot about you. Show people that you are self-confident and can make eye contact when you are conversing. You’ll discover that people will be more apt to confide in you and will see the confident, fascinating person you are.


Psychologist Explains Why Introverts Need Time to Recharge Their Batteries

Psychologist Explains Why Introverts Need Time to Recharge Their Batteries

Do you know someone who needs to slip away to recharge batteries every so often?

It isn’t easy to understand others in this world. You may sit next to a lady at work and know nothing about her. Then on the other side of you may be a gentleman that you could tell his story as if you had written a book on his life.

The difference is one has an introverted personality, and the other has an extroverted one. How would you classify yourself? Do you tend to be outgoing and the life of the party or sit back and watch as life happens around you?

You will meet people every day who are either social or anti-social, according to the world’s perception. However, both types of individuals are just as valuable to society. You view people through your eyes and with your methods for doing things, and your expectations skew your opinion of others. Thankfully, everyone is unique.

Understanding the Differences Between Introverts and Extroverts

Personalities can be grouped into two categories. The extroverted person tends to be favored in society, and if someone isn’t a socializer, then they are considered abnormal. Those with an introverted personality may have a challenging time in school and the workforce, as they are commonly misinterpreted.

A teacher may write on their grade card that they don’t like to participate in class, or a boss might see them as quiet and disconnected. Being in a romantic relationship can be even more difficult. They may continuously field insinuations that they don’t love their partner or don’t communicate efficiently.

In life, the extrovert is often celebrated. They’re the ones that get the job promotions, have the best relationships, and are go-getters. The sad thing is that introverted personalities often are disregarded and very misunderstood.

Children are taught that they must speak up for themselves and be more assertive in life. When they go to college, they will get farther when they network and put themselves out there. An extrovert has no problem mingling with strangers and thrives during social events, while the introvert is often a bundle of nerves at the thought of a crowd.

Since an introverted personality doesn’t feel like they fit into the mainstream, they avoid social interactions. Their feelings make them question if there is something wrong with them. The energy from a large group can make an extrovert thrive, but the introvert feels drained and like they need to recharge their batteries.

12 Ways Introverts Can Recharge Their Batteries

Did you know that over one-third of the population is introverted? People look down on these folks because they are quiet and avoid gatherings. Sadly, these individuals often go through life being viewed through biased eyes.

In the continent of Asia, being an introvert is considered a high quality that is valued among the people. In the Western world, it’s the opposite. Anxiety is high among introverts because they continuously feel as if they can’t measure up to social norms.

All this pressure to fit into a world where they don’t fit causes them significant problems. These individuals need to recharge their batteries, and here are just a few ways to do it.

1. Meditation

Meditation has been around for more than 5,000 years. Introverts looking to recharge their batteries should look to this Chinese method first. When you’re meditating, you’re releasing anxiety and tension that harbors inside.

One of the biggest problems an introvert has is that they cannot articulate how they feel, and all their emotions become trapped inside. This ancient art is a great way to relax the mind, body, and soul. By visualizing and releasing pent up energy, it can be a very freeing experience.

2. Alone Time

Have you ever heard someone say that they wanted some alone time? Introverts love to go into space, close the door, and be alone with their thoughts. It’s a way to recharge their batteries by sitting in the quiet.

Remember, these people don’t always know how to vocalize how they are feeling, so they need a quiet space to reflect.

3. Go Where Nobody Knows You

When you feel introverted claustrophobia, you want to go somewhere where you won’t stand out in the crowd. Maybe you want to hear the noise around you, but you don’t want anyone to expect anything from you.

Some introverts love having people around, but they don’t want to interact with them. If you’re feeling a bit claustrophobic and can’t get any peace, then drive to another city where no one knows your name.

You will be surprised how much better you feel to mingle in an area where people don’t want to chit-chat.

4. Delve into a Good Book

Is it any wonder that the introvert usually loves a good adventure story? Books allow you to transport yourself to another time and place. You can live out an account through the character, and it doesn’t make you uncomfortable either.

Some people use books or movies to get over the loss of something near and dear to them. It’s an outlet that helps recharge your batteries and help you escape the stressors of life.

5. Engage in Mindful Distractions

To recharge your batteries and keep you from ruminating about things, engage in mindful distractions. Items such as crossword puzzles or coloring can help you to focus on something other than your feelings. You need these distractions to help you with your anxiety.

6. Take a Walk in Nature

One of the best things for you to do when you feel like you need to be alone is to take a walk. Did you know that walking barefoot on the earth it will help you feel grounded?

If you feel like your world is out of sorts, then taking your shoes off and feeling the ground beneath your toes can be beneficial. There’s something so calming and tranquil about the gentle breeze blowing against your face and the whistle of the birds in the distance.

If you feel like you need to be alone to stop the noise inside your head, Mother Nature can provide the relief you need.

7. Soak in a Hot Bath

For centuries, the value of a warm bath has not gone unnoticed. Roman bathhouses were used for public sanitation, and these bathhouses allowed people to socialize. The concept developed into the swimming pools of today.

An introvert won’t like the socialization of a public pool, but a hot bath can bring about the same effects. You can recharge your batteries while listening to soft music, sipping champagne, or relaxing in some delicate bubbles. It’s hard to feel stressed or out of sorts with life when you’re soaking your troubles away.

10. Take a Drive

Another way that introverts can get the peace and tranquility they crave is by taking a drive. There’s something almost euphoric about jumping behind the wheel of a car and blasting the radio. The best time to drive is down a country road when the sun is shining bright.

These little get-a-ways don’t cost hardly anything and can be just what you need to regroup and recharge.

11. Journal

Did you know that many people can’t express how they feel, but they can write it down? Just like so many people use text messages to break up with a lover. It’s easier to put things into writing than to vocalize them.

A journal can be written or on your computer. It’s just a place where you can collect your thoughts and get out of your feelings. It’s also a great way to be alone and has time to meditate on the day and your life.

12. Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts have become the best way to gain inspiration without leaving the comforts of home. Ted Talks, as well as The Moth, are two great places where you can find stories of people who have overcome insurmountable odds in front of them.

Introverts care and have hurts, but they don’t share with the world their pain. While listening to these short stories of how people have won against a great battle, it can help you with what you face.

Final Thoughts on Breaking Away to Recharge Batteries, as Needed

The things that work for extroverts won’t always work for an introvert. People watching, for instance, might make you more nervous. Additionally, going to a spa and having a massage, pedicure, or manicure might not be the ticket.

You can treat yourself to a gift for a job well done, but your idea of relaxation isn’t going to be going to a rock concert. The noise, crowd, and claustrophobic nature of the venue may be too much for you to handle.

You should lay your head on the pillow and know that you are uniquely you. While you may never become the director of a corporation or a politician, your contribution to society is significant.

The world would be a boring place to live if everyone were the same. Having a quiet and subservient personality is what many people are attracted too. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you can still have a successful career, a beautiful family, and a life that many people desire.


Therapist Explains How to Restore Emotional Intimacy After a Fight With Your Partner

Therapist Explains How to Restore Emotional Intimacy After a Fight

Conflicts, arguments, and disagreements are bound to happen in the course of any relationship. Sometimes, it gets so bad that the discord escalates from a moderately annoying dispute to a full-blown heartbreak. You or your partner are bound to say harsh and hurtful things to the other that create obvious issues in your love paradise. And afterward, it can be challenging to return to your previous emotional intimacy.

While both physical and emotional bonds are instrumental in making any relationship healthy, after a fight, it can be quite challenging to want to share your body and emotions. Recovering from a bad conflict or any form of betrayal from your partner is a long healing process. It’s possible to get back to where your relationship was before the conflict or even make it better, but it requires patience and wisdom.

Which begs the question in this piece’s segment: How do you restore emotional intimacy in your relationship after a bad conflict? The experts in relationship matters will guide you through a few steps that can help you salvage your relationship and bring your partner closer.

Step to restoring emotional intimacy after you fight with your partner

Keep these things in mind as you move forward after an argument.

It starts with you

The need for change has to start from somewhere. You might want to begin the healing process from within yourself. Take some time to reflect on the happy times, the sad times, the mistakes, and begin to forgive yourself first.

Healing a broken relationship requires multiple gentle and open moves while thinking about your partner. Release all the anger and start working on committing to the relationship rather than trigger another argument. Avoid getting defensive, justifying your mistakes, and ignoring the real problem.

Change your mindset from blaming to forgiving and moving on. It will help you stay calmer.

Someone has to make the first move

As earlier discussed, healing a broken relationship requires gentleness and patience. It also needs someone to save that relationship, drop the ego, and take the responsibility of protecting it. It’s common for both parties to feel like the other party needs to admit to their mistake.

You will need some wisdom to overcome this challenging phase where you get to make the first move. If you are the voice of reason in your relationship, then it’s your responsibility to approach your partner and remind them of your attachments and connections. Consider making the first move when things are calm, and when your partner seems to be in the right mood.

Communication is paramount

Therapists insist for the longest time now, that communication and comprehension work hand in hand in a relationship. Looking at things, you could spend the entire day communicating with your partner about your feelings and thoughts, but if they don’t understand you, it’s all void. Choose a time when your partner is in the mood to communicate and reach an understanding with you.

You could begin this talking phase by hinting at it and let them prepare to discuss and let out their emotions when the time comes. When the time is right, communicate openly about the disagreement. Try to be calm and honest about what you feel. In most cases, conflicts don’t come up because of one event but a culmination of build-up emotions.

The only way you and your partner get to move on from the full-blown heartbreak is through communicating. Get to understand what your partner has been going through. Let them see your troubles and heartbreak through your eyes too.

Apologize and let it go

It takes two to tango; both you and your partner need to acknowledge your mistakes and feel sorry for the wrongdoings. Apologize to your partners after accepting your mistakes and give them the chance to do the same thing. You can only move to the next step if both of you forgive each other and accept to let it go.

What is next?

Now that you are past the worst, you might want to solve the problems that caused the conflict to avoid a repeat of the fight. How did the conflict come about? Was it a lack of quality time? Perhaps a lack of communication? Maybe your intoxication and abuse of alcohol led you to blow things that hurt your partner.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter now after you have already forgiven each other and promised to work on the shortcomings. Focus on coming up with a solution to solve the problem at hand. You might decide to see a relationship therapist or perhaps support your partner and enroll them for rehab.

What if the conflicts keep recurring?

Fighting fair is also another effective strategy that helps you improve your communication and prevents another harsh fight. The approach focuses on attacking the mutual problem eating into your relationship, rather than each other. Just because you’ve moved on, doesn’t mean other conflicts won’t erupt.

Nonetheless, it takes wisdom to know how to approach the conflict and when to unleash the tactics. Downplaying the disputes won’t solve the problem. Consider contacting an expert for great fighting fair tactics that will help you stick to the mission.

Time to restore that bond

With all the burden lifted, this should be the right time to work on your lost or weakened bond. Without a doubt, the healing process is a painful process that requires effort, patience, time, love, and lots of forgiveness. Try not to bring up things from the past; it only makes the process harder.

Numerous ways can help you restore the bond in your relationship. For instance, you could go back into memory lane and do the things you both loved to do in the past. Practice regular date nights together, go to movies, or even cook a meal together. Instead of focusing on the conflict moments in your relationship, you could drive your energy into having fun together and recreating those wonderful memories.

Move onto emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy revolves around so much more than sex. Someone had to say it. Work on reconnecting with one another intimately through using non-sexual methods.

We promise, it’s not going to get boring, and it only gets better. Emotional intimacy entails having deep conversations with one another and enjoying the quality time just between you two. Find unique ways to express your love and appreciation through cuddling, hugging, kissing, touching, and admiring one another.

Through these tips, you will make a great way to reconnect with your partner physically and sexually. It all starts with the emotions first.

Give yourself time

Like we said a little earlier, healing takes time and patience. You can’t just dive into where you left and proceed smoothly. Reconnecting intimately after the bond with your partner was broken will take time.

The last thing you want after coming this far is struggling to create a sexual connection with them because you haven’t built intense emotional intimacy. You might want to start working on trusting your partner again and avoid forcing the process. There isn’t one timeline that defines when you are ready for the next level.

Every relationship, situation, and individual is different. Consider communicating your own healing process with your partner and let them know how you feel every step of the way. When the time is right, you will know.

Seek to find a balance between your relationship and yourself

The strongest relationships are made of two interdependent partners striving to be together against all the odds. As you continue to heal, don’t lose yourself to the relationship. Before you two met, you had your hobbies, a social life, and a professional life; don’t tamper with that.

Ensure that you take care of yourself as much as you strive to take care of your partner and his or her feelings. Allow your spouse to do the same and then come together as a strong, trusting, and secure couple. Again, remember to employ fighting fair whenever an issue comes up, and when an unhealthy argument is about to blow up.

Emotional intimacy doesn’t happen immediately

Nothing good is built overnight. Therapists can’t necessitate this enough. We understand that words hurt, actions replay in your mind, being in love is a risk, and nothing is certain, including restoring emotional intimacy to its previous settings.

It’s important to understand that repairing and redeeming your emotional intimacy with your partner will take time. Before it gets better, there will be tears, spoiled days, and rough nights. However, don’t get discouraged; you will get there with the right amount of effort, energy, hope, and positivity.

Continue finding your way around your partner and work on restoring your romantic side. Intimacy soon follows after everything else is in place. Remember, forgiving, forgetting, and moving on is your relationship’s strongest motto.

Final thoughts on restoring emotional intimacy after a fight

The basis of any strong relationship is an emotional connection. By being gentle, loving, mindful, and caring, you will eventually make yourself a better partner. It starts with you.

Once you’ve made a safe haven for your partner to open up and be a better partner, you will be on the right track to saving your relationship. It’s the little things that count.


Psychology Explains How a Calm Mind Helps You Make Better Decisions

Psychology Explains How a Calm Mind Helps You Make Better

Any decision we make sets in motion the wheels of karma, which either rewards or punishes us for our actions. The universe simply responds to our state of consciousness and the choices we make from that frequency. So it makes sense to have a calm mind when making decisions.

The universe has no fixed agenda. Once you make any decision, it works around that decision. There is no right or wrong, only a series of possibilities that shift with each thought, feeling, and action that you experience.” – Deepak Chopra

The universe may seem like a chaotic, random cluster of energy and events. But within that tumultuous energy lies order. By clearing the clutter from our minds, we can choose a path that will result in better outcomes for ourselves. Scientists and researchers have studied meditation for decades now. They discover time and again the many health benefits that can arise from the ancient practice.

People who regularly practice meditation tend to have a calmer disposition. This calm mind means they can hear their intuition much more clearly. Our intuition helps us make decisions, and if it becomes clouded by a restless mind, we might make a less than desirable choice.

“If you obsess over whether you are making the right decision, you are basically assuming that the universe will reward you for one thing and punish you for another.

Below, we’ll go over how exactly meditation can help you increase the positive outcomes in your own life.

Here’s how a calm mind helps you make better decisions:

1 – It allows you to focus on the present moment.

Unfortunately, many people make decisions based on circumstances that happened in the past or perceived outcomes in the future. However, since we can only really live in the present, we must make decisions according to the here and now. Studies have shown that people make better decisions when practicing mindfulness meditation.

Researchers find that just a few minutes of this type of meditation can ground you in the present tense, which will help you have a calm mind. In turn, you’ll make better decisions because you can gain clarity on the situation and choices at hand.

In one study, researchers found that just 15 minutes of focused breathing meditation can help people make better decisions. Researchers from INSEAD and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania tested the hypothesis that mindfulness meditation could boost decision-making skills by increasing resistance to the sunk-cost bias. This thinking explains our tendency to continue investing in a losing proposition due to how much time, money, or energy we’ve already spent on it.

If you’ve watched a movie to the end despite not enjoying it, continued investing in a failing business, or stayed in a toxic relationship, you have experienced this whether you knew it at the time or not. Of course, these scenarios don’t seem rational, but humans don’t like to admit they’ve wasted time or energy on something.

The expert explains the link between a calm mind and making good decisions.

Andrew Hafenbrack, along with co-authors Zoe Kinias and Sigal Barsade, performed four different studies to test their hypothesis about the link between meditation and better decisions. Ultimately, they found that mindfulness meditation can effectively break the cycle of investing resources into something that no longer produced viable outcomes.

“Most people have trouble admitting they were wrong when their initial decisions lead to undesirable outcomes,” says lead author Andrew Hafenbrack. Adding, “They don’t want to feel wasteful or that their initial investment was a loss. Ironically, this kind of thinking often causes people to waste or lose more resources in an attempt to regain their initial investment or try to ‘break even.’”

For the study, one group of participants listened to a 15-minute guided meditation that told them to focus on the sensation of their breath. The other group listened to a recording that instructed them to think of whatever came to their mind. Then, researchers told both groups to decide according to various sunk cost scenarios.

The researchers discovered that mindfulness meditation, which helps people focus on the present moment and block out everything else, can help people make better decisions.

“We found that a brief period of mindfulness meditation can encourage people to make more rational decisions by considering the information available in the present moment while ignoring some of the other concerns that typically exacerbate the ‘sunk cost bias,’” explains Hafenbrack.

Mindfulness meditation increased resistance to the sunk cost bias in each experiment in two different ways.

Other researches agree

Zoe Kinias explains, “First, meditation reduced how much people focused on the past and future, and this psychological shift led to less negative emotion. The reduced negative emotion then facilitated their ability to let go of sunk costs.”

Sigal Barsade concluded, “This tool is very practical. Our findings hold great promise for research on how mindfulness can influence emotions and behavior, and how employees can use it to feel and perform better.”

So, if you find that you have trouble making decisions, try a quick guided meditation to dispel doubts and clear your mind of the constant chatter.

2 – It helps you tap into your intuition.

To make any sort of decision, you need to know what you desire in life. Most people have no idea what direction to go or what to strive for. That’s because they haven’t gotten in touch with their soul. If you want to access the deepest parts of yourself, you will have to quiet the mind and go into the heart. That introspection requires concentration and a deep longing for higher knowledge.

Many people refer to intuition as the “sixth sense.”

If you’ve ever had this gut feeling to take a different route home from work and discovered later that a bad wreck occurred on your usual route, you know the power of intuition.

Or, perhaps your intuition told you someone had bad intentions with you. Then, later on, you confirmed these suspicions. If used correctly and developed, our intuition can help us navigate the storms of life and make better decisions.

Meditation can serve as an excellent tool to develop intuition. According to a team of University of Iowa researchers, the brain’s “axis of intuition” is located in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC). A 2014 Wake Forest University study analyzed the brains of 15 volunteers before and after just four days of mindfulness training. They found that in addition to brain functioning, the meditators seriously increased their vmPFC’s “activity” and “interconnectivity.” If these changes occurred after just four days, imagine how much you can develop your intuition after months or years of meditating!

By silencing the mind and focusing on the breath, we all have the potential to develop our intuition so we can make better, more informed decisions. We have unique purposes in life, and our intuition helps us steer our minds in the right direction.

 3 – A calm mind eases emotional reactivity, which can help you make better decisions.

Everyone knows that in a highly reactive, emotionally charged state, the right decisions seldom happen. Our emotions can serve as a powerful tool to make decisions. But if we only go by how we feel, we have the potential to cause devastating choices. For example, in a period of loneliness, we might go back to our toxic ex just because they feel familiar. However, if we had stopped to analyze the repercussions of this decision, we would know that getting back with that person would only lead to more problems.

Researchers from Michigan State University (MSU)  found neural evidence that mindfulness helps people control negative emotions. The team of psychology researchers, led by Yanli Lin, an MSU graduate student, found 68 females who had never practiced mindfulness meditation before participating in the study. Researchers found that the participants came into the study with various levels of natural mindfulness.

The participants then engaged in one of two 18-minute activities. Researchers gave one group a guided meditation to listen to, and the other a language-learning presentation. Afterward, researchers showed both groups disturbing images, such as a bloody corpse. They were instructed to view the photos either “mindfully” or “naturally,” and completed a questionnaire afterward.

The study found that whether the participants had high or low levels of natural mindfulness, the brain could control negative emotions to the same degree. The meditating group recovered more quickly, however, after looking at the photos, which suggests that meditation helps calm negative emotions.

Final thoughts about how a calm mind helps you make better decisions

Having a clear and calm mind can help you make better decisions in three ways:

  • by keeping your attention on the present
  • helping you tap into your intuition
  • and easing negative emotions.

So learn to look at the world with an objective, rational, and calm mind. Indeed, you can quickly discern between a good and bad choice. If you haven’t begun a meditation practice, we encourage you to get started with one! Even 15 to 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your mindset and consciousness.


Psychology Explains 4 Phrases Women Tell Their Partner If They Truly Care

Psychology Explains 4 Phrases Women Tell Their Partner If They

Words have a lot of power. They can be used to bring people together or keep people apart. They can also be used to express feelings, especially in relationships. There are certain things that women might say when they are genuinely feeling somebody.

Knowing these phrases can be useful when you aren’t entirely sure how the woman in your life feels about you. Here are four sentences women tell their partner if they genuinely care.

4 Phrases Women Use to Express Love


1. “This made me think of you.”

One of the most uncomplicated phrases women can tell their partner to let them know they care “this made me think of you.”

When a woman starts to fall for a partner, she will think about this person all of the time. This thinking includes while listening to music, reading articles online, watching television, and shopping. While going about her day, she will likely see things that remind her of her beau. Letting them know about what made you think of them is a way to initiate conversation and develop even more of a connection.

Phrases women tell their partner should be used as effectively as possible. To make this phrase useful, a woman should make a point to get to know their partner. If the person enjoys cooking, send a picture of a new gourmet meal you found online that would interest them. If the person likes music, send them new music you found in a genre they enjoy.

You can also send a picture or buy a gift of something that reminded you of an experience you once shared, such as a movie or vacation. Do not post something that doesn’t apply to your partner in other ways, or it can make it appear as if you don’t know that person.

These little messages and reminders will make someone feel adored and appreciated. They will know that you think about them regularly. Everyone is busy throughout the day, and you are taking the time to let them know how you feel, even though you are working. These reminders will make the person smile. It may also help encourage stronger feelings for you. They may even return similar sentiments while they go throughout their day. Ideally, you can use these messages as a way to hang out with each other.

2. “How’s your family doing?”

When a woman cares for her partner, she will also care about the people and things going on in their world. One of the most important things for people is their family. These are the people who helped develop them into who they are. Family members are also the people who offer love and support when necessary. They were also there through certain things that you just couldn’t be there for.

Phrases women tell their partner when they will make it clear that they know how important these people are to you.

Many women who care will not only want to know about how their partner’s family is doing but also want to develop a relationship with them themselves. Of course, this doesn’t happen right away. However, a woman who cares will want to eventually meet the family and be present for important events and holidays.

Family isn’t always comfortable for a partner to get along with. At times, families can be intimidating, invasive, or downright rude. A woman who cares will make a point to take it all in stride and deal with it for you, even if it’s not always easy.

Learning about and getting to know a partner’s family can also help explain a lot of things about the person and why they are the way they are. A person may bring what they witnessed in their household into the relationship.

Hopefully, your partner had good role models in their parents. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It can become apparent why a partner may have trouble expressing themselves or certain beliefs they have. Seeing how their family affected them can help a woman relate to their partner better.

Finally, a significant other’s family will eventually become their own family in time. This saying is one of the phrases women tell their partner when they want to be a part of the family and take the relationship to another level one day. IF things go well, you may even have your own family in time.

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3. “Talk to me.”

Many people assume women talk more than men. Due to this social training, many men may not express their feelings as much as they would like to. Whether they show it or not, men have emotions and problems, too. They may have family problems, problems at work, or personal issues bothering them. If a woman truly cares, she will sit down and ask her partner to talk to her.

When a woman truly cares about someone, they can tell when something is weighing on them. Some people get quiet, some people start drinking, and other people get irritable. Instead of being angry about the behavior, a woman who cares will ask for their partner to open up to them. They will offer an open ear without judgment or talking over the person with their problems.

It’s essential for someone in a relationship to be able to speak to their partner about what’s happening. Some women may be so busy that they don’t notice the signs of a problem or have time to talk. If a woman cares, they will slow down for a bit to listen.

When there is a problem, their partner will be able to relax and go over what’s bothering them in a safe place. However, they need to feel they are in a safe place first. Women can do this by talking in a gentle tone and smiling when appropriate.

Hopefully, the partner will start talking and expressing what’s going on. When this happens, you know a woman cares when she listens instead of talking. Venting can be the best medicine at times. Just letting things out can help someone feel better about everything. It’s just the fact that someone cares and is willing to listen.

Some people aren’t so keen on opening up and talking. In these cases, it’s still nice to offer up an ear anyway. When your partner doesn’t take you up on the offer, you don’t want to push the matter any further. A happy and comforting presence can be the best solution in this case. Just be there.

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4. “I love you.”

Ultimately, a woman will let a man know how they feel by just saying the words “I love you.” These three little words can be so meaningful. Of course, it can be challenging to determine when to say this all-important phrase.

You don’t want to say “I love you,” too soon. It can cause someone to run off instead of feeling cared for. However, when you say it at the right time, it can be a very powerful phrase.

Some people jump in too quickly and say the phrase right off the bat. However, it’s best to say it between 3 months to 6 months if things are going well, and both people want to move forward in the relationship. At this point, you have gotten to know each other better. You should be exclusive at this point, too. The phrase “I love you” can help take you to the next step in the relationship without taking drastic measures so soon. It’s a sign of future intentions.

A woman who wants to show that she cares will continue to use this phrase throughout the relationship to help reassure her partner about her feelings for them. It can help get a couple through the hard parts of a relationship, too. This is one of the phrases women tell their partner to help smooth things over after a fight and get things back on track.

It’s also important not to use this phrase frivolously. You shouldn’t say it on a first date. You also shouldn’t say it so much that it loses meaning. The phrase should be heartfelt to your partner every time you say it. You also don’t want to use it every single time you make a mistake. It can become a way for someone to get out of trouble when used in this way.

womenFinal Thoughts on the Phrases Women Use to Show They Care

Women are usually expressive creatures, but you need to listen to what they say. These phrases, women tell their partner to indicate a real sense of caring and love. If you hear these phrases, you’re probably on the right path.

But be careful–it’s crucial not to get things confused. A woman may say something, demonstrating that they care. However, they may not care for you in that way. Look for other signs that your partner is falling in love as well. If the person does care for you, you should make a point to say the same things back to her.


Counselor Explains the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Counselor Explains the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Homeschooling might be the wave of the future, and nearly two million children learn in the comfort of their homes every day. Many students are delving into home learning for safety reasons, while others have chosen this lifestyle for their family. While there are certainly some benefits to homeschooling, there are also some cons that need to be considered.

Counting the Cost of School Versus Homeschooling

Every day, millions of Americans get their kids up and send them off to school. Your local education system works hard to provide learning opportunities for your child. These parents sent their children into a world where things are quite scary.

Not only can these children be infected with viruses and diseases that can be harmful if not deadly, but they can experience violence and bullying. No wonder so many parents are rearranging their lives to homeschool their children.

If you’re on the fence about going back to an old-fashioned style of learning, then you must consider the effects this education system has on the child and the entire family.

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Pros of Homeschooling

There are many advantages to taking your child’s education into your hands. When you’re the teacher, then you get to call the shots. You can teach them what you think is appropriate if it falls within the curriculum requirements for your district. Here are some other pros to consider:

1. Quality Time

Many families struggle with the ability to spend quality time with their families. With hectic work, school, and sports schedules, it seems the family only has time to pass at times. When you homeschool, quality time is not an issue. Your child will have your full, undivided attention, as they rely on you for instruction.

2. Your Curriculum – Your Way

Each school system has different guidelines that are set forth for homeschooling. However, most authorities only require a plan of action and to know that the child learns the required skills. Some parents feel it’s foolish to teach subjects like calculus and trigonometry.

Many parents take a pragmatic approach to their child’s education. They teach them real-world things they need to use. It does someone no good if they can solve a calculus problem, but they cannot cook a meal. Fractions and elements that apply to life are the best subjects.

There are hundreds of programs for you to choose from, including online learning applications. Many school districts even have an online version of their educational program that costs little to nothing to use. The options to bring the classroom to the home are vast.

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3. Fit the Education Plan to Your Child’s Needs

Each child has unique learning abilities. Parents with children who have disabilities often love homeschooling because the curriculum can be concentrated on their child’s specific learning needs. If a child requires one-on-one type learning, then who is better than their parent to teach them? You know your child better than anyone.

Some children require medications or a revised schedule due to physical or mental limitations. A homeschool parent can create a schedule that focuses on those needs. You don’t have to take into consideration 20 other children and their demands.

4. Small Class Size – Better Learning

Class size is always a big issue when it comes to schools. The board of education puts out mandates on how many can be in a classroom with one teacher. Teachers have a stressful job trying to attend to and teach so many at once.

However, when it’s just a child and their siblings, the smaller class size allows you to help them when needed directly. Some children are self-starters and won’t need much assistance. Sadly, some cannot answer one or two questions without direction.

Having the small class size allows the child to feel that they aren’t left behind, so they don’t need to be confused about a subject. You simply don’t move on until they master it. There are no stringent deadlines when you homeschool.

5. You Set Your Schedule

Some people are early birds, and others prefer the night owl lifestyle. When you are the teacher, you can say if school starts at 8 am or noon. Since everyone’s schedule is different, and you have work and other activities, you can set your timetable based on the needs of the home.

Additionally, if you want to call off school one day for a doctors’ appointment or other meetings, it’s not an issue. You don’t need to show proof or call the school when your child is too sick or can’t do school that day. You just need to meet an hourly requirement that you can prove to the board.

6. You Can Travel

Many movie and television stars have their children in homeschool programs so that they can travel with them. If you have a computer, and some quiet time, then a child can turn any area into a learning center. If your family is on the road a lot or you long to take vacations, there’s nothing in the rules that says your child must learn in your home.

You have the freedom to take their studies on the road. What kid wouldn’t want to do their work beachside?

7. Better Teaching Materials

Teachers are limited to the materials that are purchased for them through the board of education. Sadly, many educators must pay for supplies out of their pockets due to funding cuts. When you homeschool, you get to say what materials you want to use.

Some programs even provide learning devices and workbooks for you. The internet is full of all sorts of resources for those who want to homeschool and need materials. The support for this style of learning is overwhelming, as it’s certainly grown in popularity.

The Cons of Homeschooling

It’s easy to see that there are numerous advantages to homeschool. However, there are also several cons that you should also consider. Before making such a choice, you need to evaluate the downsides to this type of learning.


1. Some Children Are Hard to Motivate

Some children are challenging to motivate to do their work. If they see the television, video games, and other distractions in the home, it may be impossible for them to do their job.

Setting up a dedicated classroom or workspace can help, but some children need to be sent to a place about learning to focus on schoolwork.

2. Parent’s Aren’t Always the Best Teachers

To be a homeschool teacher, you must have a solid background and be educated. You must know the stuff you are teaching your child. Additionally, you are making a long-term commitment that is going to impact the future of your kid.

Some people find that they just can’t get their children to listen to them or cooperate. Consequently, some children will do things for other people that they would never do for their parents, including learning.

3. It’s Easy to Get Off Schedule with Homeschooling

When your child must report to the school, it’s easy to stay on a schedule. However, when you are teaching from home, it takes discipline. It’s so easy to get off track and procrastinate.

Why do schooling when you can go to the mall instead? Though that statement sounds extreme, it becomes challenging to keep up with school if you are not disciplined enough to stick with a schedule. The school must be the priority of the day, and everything else takes a back seat.

4. It Can Impede Social Skills

Children are in desperate need of developing social skills. The only people in their life cannot be family. If they don’t mingle and play with other children, then they can soon develop social inadequacies that will haunt them for life.

Many programs encourage homeschool children to socialize. However, parents must take an active part in ensuring the social needs are met. Sadly, many don’t have the time for such activities.

Children cannot be expected to stay behind four walls every day. There must be social activities, and it costs money and time.

5. Can Make College More Difficult

Many kids that have been homeschooled have problems when they go back to public school or off to college. Learning in a classroom setting is so different than learning at home. Some people may not be able to adjust from a small group to a large group without issues.

6. Puts a Big Burden on Parents

Parents have a significant responsibility to teach their children the things they need for the future. Many try to do this while working from home. It can be quite a considerable undertaking to try to juggle many things at once.

However, if you’re forced into a situation where you have no choice but to homeschool, then you must make it work. Though, it will probably stress you to the max.

7. You Need A Dedicated Space

One of the most important parts of homeschooling is having a dedicated space that you can allow your children to work. Working at the kitchen table may be suitable for a few days, but you don’t want that mess in your dining room long term.

Children need a desk, places to hang their artwork and papers, and a site that is dedicated to learning. It will make the entire process more manageable when there is a space designated just for their school needs.

homeschoolingFinal Thought: Is Homeschooling Right for Your Children?

Finally, consider some of the greatest minds in our time who studied through homeschooling. Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb and many other things, but the traditional school didn’t work for him. He was sent home as his teacher said that he was unteachable.

The harmful statement infuriated his mother. She knew how bright her son was, and she was determined to give him the education he needed. The rest is history. Other big names like Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning, Christian Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling also received homeschooling.

No one else knows what works for your child like you. When you’re in the driver’s seat, your child’s education can be a fun and memorable time in their formative years. Are you ready for the challenge?