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Financial Planners Share 21 Money Saving Tips Never to Ignore

Financial Planners Share 21 Money Saving Tips Never to Ignore

Financial planners have different opinions about what you should do with your money, but there are essential money saving tips they all agree on. So, what do financial planners say are the best money saving tips you should never ignore?

21 Money Saving Tips Never to Ignore

1.Have some savings

One tip all financial planners agree on is that you should have a savings plan. They advise that you save a certain amount every month, at least five or ten percent of your salary. It’s best to have the money automatically deposited into your savings account from your paycheck. Experts recommend you save at least one month’s funds to cover an emergency.

2. Don’t spend everything you make

This advice seems simple enough, but if you are living paycheck to paycheck, it is challenging to do. If you have a small salary with debt, you must consider this as you make financial decisions. This time may not be right to purchase a car or eat out every evening.  Making wise choices on big or small purchases helps you live within your means.

3. Ask for a raise

If you need an increase to make ends meet at home, ask for it. You need to know what your job is worth in the marketplace. Think about your education, training, job experience, and what you’ve done for your company-all these things contribute to your overall job worth.

Get paid what you’re worth, being underpaid is money you need for bills, savings, and investments. You’ll never be able to get ahead if you are underpaid. If your current job can’t pay you what you’re worth, it may be time to find another job.

4. Pay down credit cards

If you have several credit cards, pay down the credit cards with the highest amount of interest first. Pay off the smallest amount required on your other credits cards to avoid a penalty. After paying off the high-interest credit card, close that one out using only the low-interest cards.

5. Have a budget

Another money savings tip recommended by all financial planners is to have a budget. It gives you a good understanding of where you’re spending your money. Figure out what your total income is after taxes. Choose what kind of budget plan you want to use to keep track of your expenses. You can use banking apps that automatically break down your spending or a spreadsheet to keep track of costs. Pick the plan that works best for you. Then decide what your costs are. The National Institutes of Health offers a list of money-saving tips for food budgeting.

Besides food, your budget includes

  • Other groceries
  • Rent
  • Household expenses
  • Insurance
  • Car
  • Child care
  • Entertainment
  • Perscriptions
  • Pet care
  • Parking
  • Clothing
  • Work wardrobe
  • Gifts
  • Banking fees
  • Loan payments/credit card payments
  • Travel
  • Gym memberships
  • Subscriptions

6. Prepare for retirement

Saving for retirement doesn’t seem important when you are just getting started, but it’s one money savings tips all financial planners suggest.  They say you should contribute something to your retirement savings, even if it’s a slight amount. Your employer may offer you a 401(K) retirement plan, and it’s a good idea to add to it.  Some plans match what you add with interest.  Saving for retirement is essential, and if you begin early, you’ll be nicely situated when you’re older.

Remember, too. Your overall expenses will go down once you hit retirement age. By the time you reach 65  or 70, your house mortgage will be paid off. Plus, your children will be out of the house, so you’ll be spending less on supporting their needs.

7. Pay down other debts

Most financial planners suggest you pay down your student loans and mortgage

slowly. Many mortgages have a penalty if you pay off the loan early. Also, this kind of debt isn’t as high in interest as other kinds of debt. And the interest on student loans and mortgages are tax-deductible. Use for money for other things, like investments or savings.

8. Keep your savings and check account separate

Your checking account has available money you need for your regular monthly expenses and bills. It’s the place where your paycheck will be automatically sent, minus monies you’re putting into your savings account.  A checking account gives you access to your money right when you need it.  A savings account should be left alone. Depending upon your bank, they will offer an interest rate on your savings.

9. Get rid of your subscriptions

Dump your subscriptions. They eat away at your income. It’s easy to forget if you have them. You often get one or two months free, and then the fees kick in. You may forget you have it.

10. Buy life insurance

If you’re young, you may not think you need life insurance. But if you have dependents or people who depend upon your financial contributions, then you need life insurance.

These people will become financially responsible after you die, so it’s a necessary part of your fiscal money-saving plan. This life insurance will be used to pay off debts after you die. Even if you’re young, buy life insurance since it’s cheaper when you’re young and healthy.

11. Review your budget every year

Every year, review your income, budget, savings, and debt. Life changes, you get a new job, or you have a baby, you realize these changes mean you need to adjust your budget or taxes since you now have a little tax exemption. Other things that affect your financial assessment include;

  • Rent changes
  • Health insurance premiums rise
  • The cost of living goes up-food, clothing, etc.
  • Inheritance
  • Auto-insurance goes up
  • Property taxes rise
  • Water or electric costs rise

Doing an annual review is like a health checkup.  You keep a pulse on how you’re doing financially and can adjust things if needed at this point rather than in a moment of panicked realization of some unexpected costs.

12. Write down all your expenses

This concept is simple enough, but many people don’t do it. Keeping a record of how you spend your money may be revealing. You may be shocked to find you’re spending lots of money on subscriptions or memberships you don’t even use.

13. Check your credit score

Your credit score is the number that shows lenders your borrowing practices. Knowing your credit score will help

  • Keep your loan interest rates lower when you borrow money
  • Helps you know your overall financial health
  • Make sure your score hasn’t been compromised
  • Determines if you can spend money on a house or car
  • You may not be able to rent an apartment if you have a bad credit score

Having a good credit score is like taking care of your body. Keep it healthy, and you’ll be able to do more things with fewer problems.

14. Use bank apps

Downloading your bank apps on our phone is excellent for keeping tabs on your spending habits. You’re more apt to check your phone since you carry it around. Plus, you’ll get notifications when your account gets hit, so it’s more secure, too.

15. Start saving for holiday costs in January

How many days till the holidays? The best time to save for the next holiday season is as soon as the season is over. Holiday gifts, parties, and travel all add up. When you save early, you won’t be hit with huge expenditures around the holidays.

Financial planners suggest you put aside $50 every month starting in January for your holiday fund. By the time you get to the holidays, you’ll be ready to pay for everything without going into debt.

16. Invest if possible

Most financial planners suggest you invest, even if it’s just a little bit of money. You could invest in

  • the stock market
  • real estate
  • Your employer’s retirement plan
  • 401(K)
  • mutual funds

17. Learn to say no

It’s easy to spend money because of others. If your extended family wants you to join in on a beach house rental for a week, it’s tough to tell them you can’t afford it. It’s hard to admit to your co-workers you can’t go out for drinks with them on Fridays. It takes strength to just say no, but it’s the best choice when you’re trying to get yourself financially stable.

18. Cut out things you don’t need

It’s easy to spend on unnecessary things. Whether it’s purchasing a large coffee every morning at a coffee shop or buying snacks at the snack machine every day, these things add up. Go over your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. Stop spending money on these little habits. It’s a simple way to save money.

19. Save extra money

If you get a big tax refund, stow it away in your savings account as soon as possible. Things like a bonus at work, an inheritance are perfect for your savings. They weren’t part of your budget, so it’s money you didn’t expect to save.

20. Wait a day before buy

Financial planners would agree that giving yourself a good twenty-four hours before you make a purchase. This waiting period helps offset impulsive purchases. If you’re shopping online, see if you can put your items on a wish list, then go back a few days and see if you want to buy them.

21. Make a cash-only rule

Some financial planners suggest this money saving tip of spending only cash for a brief period. They recommend this so you can get control of your overspending. It’s an abrupt way to get your spending under control, but it might be worth a try.

Final Thoughts on Implementing These Money Saving Tips

These money saving tips will help you get your finances in order. With careful planning, you can lead a satisfying and secure financial life.


12 Ways to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle (and save money)

12 Ways to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle (and save money)

We live in a modern world where most people consume and pollute. Instead of wasting at such vast degrees, we should make a point to be as sustainable and self-reliant as possible. This effort is an excellent way to both help the earth and saves money. Here are 12 ways to live a sustainable lifestyle (and save money in the long run).

12 Tips for a More Sustainable Lifestyle

1. Grow Your Own Food

Instead of getting into the car to go to the store and putting toxins in the air and buying food that needed to be transported and possibly packaged, grow your fruits and vegetables at home.

Do your research to learn what foods grow best in your area and how to grow them. When the time comes, you’ll have the freshest vegetables possible. Plus, you will know exactly how they were raised and what they were treated with since you were the one who grew them.

Are you planting a victory garden to live more sustainably? Here are 15 plants to try.

2. Recycle

Recycling is the process of taking used material and repurposing it instead of adding to the already overfilled landfills in the world. Not everything can be recycled, but the items that can go to a recycling center which helps bring it to a new, reusable form.

Place plastic, paper, and glass in a separate container specifically for recyclable materials. In many cases, the city will provide a recyclables bin for you. In some cases, you may even be able to make money off of your recyclable materials. The following states offer money for bottles and cans:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Iowa
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Vermont

If you live in one of these states, collect your cans and bottles. The recycling center will typically offer a nickel per item. You can help the environment while also earning some extra money. Talk to an employee at the center to learn about any other materials they would pay you for.

3. Ditch Your Car

Cars are a significant source of air pollution, especially in metropolitan areas. Many people drive to work or the store when they could easily take an alternative method of transportation. If you can take one car off the road every day by walking or biking to work, you are making a significant difference.

However, you should consider public transportation if walking or biking is not a reasonable method for you. If that also doesn’t work for your commute, create a carpool at your work.  You can save gas money by taking turns driving with other people at the office. It will reduce the number of pollutants in the air, too.

Read the benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle.

4. Install Solar Panels

One of the most exciting new sustainable inventions in recent years is the solar panel. You can place these on your home to generate your electricity. Of course, you still have backup power from the electric company. However, since you are producing your electricity most of the time, your electric bill will be significantly reduced or even nothing.

The solar panels collect the sun’s rays and turn it into electricity. When you need to use it, it’s distributed throughout your house. Since this method requires the sun, it works best in sunny locations.

The solar panels generally go on top of your current roof. However, Tesla has invented a roof made of solar panels. It’s expensive, but it’s attractive and saves you money in utilities.

5. Shop From Environmentally Responsible Companies

You have a lot of options as a consumer. It’s your job to make responsible decisions about who you buy from. You shouldn’t only focus on price. You need to pay attention to the way the company packages its products and their manufacturing practices. There may be a reason that a particular product is cheaper than the competition.

These items probably won’t last as long as other options, meaning you’ll spend more when you need to be a second product. Also, specific packaging and manufacturing processes are bad for the apartment.

6. Shop With Reusable Bags

Think of all of the plastic bags used when people go out grocery shopping or shopping at the local pharmacy. Even though they are plastic, these bags can not be recycled. In fact, some countries are even banning the use of plastic bags when shopping. Think ahead and bring your reusable bags.

There are sustainable bags designed to use over and over again. This habit will eliminate the need to use plastic bags. Just don’t forget to bring them with you when you head out to shop.

7. Drive an Electric Car

If you can’t possibly get rid of your car, that doesn’t mean you can’t make responsible decisions about the vehicle you drive. Some vehicles are known for being “gas guzzlers.” They consume a lot of gas. This moniker means you’ll be stuck going to the gas station more often and spending more money. Common gas guzzlers include Hummers and large trucks. Compare vehicles before buying.

Luckily, there are electric vehicles and hybrids now that don’t require as much gas. These vehicles rely on electricity or a combination of both electricity and gas. You won’t be stopping for gas as often or putting the same amount of pollution into the air.

8. Buy Energy Star Appliances

Most modern homes utilize refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and other appliances to help complete chores. It’s almost unheard of not to have these appliances around the house. However, these appliances use up a lot of electricity and water. As they get older, they may even require more to complete the same amount of work. Specific machines are designed to use less water and electricity than usual.

These appliances will have an Energy Star sticker on them. This designation lets you know they adhere to a certain standard of efficiency. You will save money on your utility bills. Plus, you will be more sustainable.

sustainable life9. Eat Local

Think about how food gets from where it was made to your plate. In some cases, this involves an extensive long-distance journey. The journey means putting pollution into the air. Plus, the food isn’t as fresh as it once was when it finally arrives at its destination.

Instead of eating at places that require the food to come from all over the country, eat at restaurants and shop at farmer’s markets who only use food from local farmers and butchers. This food is likely less expensive since it doesn’t require travel costs.

Plus, it will be some of the freshest food you can eat. In these types of establishments, the food probably wasn’t frozen at any point. Finally, it was perhaps picked off of the vine that same day!

10. Use HVAC System Wisely

It’s completely unreasonable to assume that people will live in hot summers and cold winters without an HVAC system. This fact is especially relevant if you live in a location with an extreme climate. However, you should use your HVAC system wisely.

First, you should get a unit with the Energy Star sticker we mentioned before. Also, you don’t need to set the unit to extreme temperatures. Instead of setting it at 68 degrees in the summer, try setting it at 78. You want to make yourself comfortable, but you don’t need to overdo it. You should also consider using a smart thermometer.

The smart thermometer can change the temperature when no one is in the home. It can even set it back when people come home for the day. Finally, get regular maintenance from a professional HVAC technician every year.

11. Vote

It’s your job as a citizen to vote about the things that matter to you. Since we can’t vote on particular legislation, we need to vote for people who put environmental issues at the forefront. Research local, state-wide, and national politicians to learn who will support you and others who want to live a sustainable lifestyle.

When it’s time to vote, you should stop by the polls and cast your ballot. Some people only vote during national elections, but it’s important to vote in every election if you expect to see a change in your area. These changes can even result in significant savings for the government.

12. Volunteer

There are a vast number of organizations that work to help environmental issues and help sustainability efforts. Make a point to support and volunteer with these organizations. You may learn things during your volunteer service. You may also be able to make a difference in your community. Look for organizations that make an effort to clean up nature and plant trees. There are also organizations designed to help animals.

sustainable livingFinal Thoughts on Achieving a Sustainable Life That Saves the Planet (and your wallet)

The world needs our help. We tend to make more from the planet than we give. It also doesn’t hurt that being more sustainable can save us a lot of money, too. These tips are a great place to start, but keep looking for new ways to help.


Save Money on Prescriptions With These 5 Tips

Save Money on Prescriptions With These 5 Tips

Save Money on Prescriptions With These 5 Tips

Are you struggling to pay for your prescriptions? 

It’s no secret that prescription drugs are costly, and drug prices keep increasing over time. These costs are especially hard if you have chronic conditions that require consistent medication. 

When you can barely afford your medication, you might feel stressed out and hopeless. While it’s hard to feel the financial burden of prescriptions, there are some things you can do to make your necessary prescription drugs a little cheaper. 

Keep reading to learn some of our best tips to help you save money on prescriptions today. 

How to Save Money on Prescriptions 

Drug prices are a lot for the average American, but there are ways to keep costs down and avoid going into debt to take care of yourself and your family. 

If you’re feeling lost and unsure if you can handle your next pharmacy trip, here are five tips that will help you save as much money as possible on your prescriptions:

1. Always Check for Coupons 

Just like other food items you buy every day, drug manufacturers do offer coupons and other discounts on their prescriptions.

Before you get any prescription filled, make sure you check online or ask the pharmacist if there are any coupons you are eligible to use. These coupons could make your medicine much more affordable, especially if you don’t have insurance. 

2. Shop Local 

Now could be the time to ditch your national-chain pharmacy like CVS or Walgreens. Local pharmacies tend to offer lower prices than large, big-box pharmacies. Another benefit to this option is that you will be supporting small businesses. 

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Around

A lot of us become a creature of habit when it comes to getting our medications. We often go to the pharmacy that’s closest to us or the one that we’ve been using for years.

However, this might not be the best option, especially if you’re trying to save money. Don’t be afraid to call around to other pharmacies in your area to see if they offer the drug at a lower price. A short drive to a new pharmacy will be well worth saving money on your prescriptions. 

The website PharmacyChecker is a great tool that will help you do the same thing. 

4. Use Online Tools 

Besides PharmacyChecker, there are plenty of other online tools available that will help you find the cheapest options for the specific drug that you need. 

Blink Health, for example, helps you negotiate prices with pharmacies, and after you find the best price point, you purchase your medication directly through their platform. 

5. Switch to a Generic Drug

Generic drugs are typically much cheaper than their name-brand counterparts. At your next doctor’s appointment, make sure you ask if you are taking the generic drug. If not, ask if you are eligible to switch to save more money. 

Learn More About Saving Money on Healthcare 

While it’s helpful to save money on prescriptions, medications are usually just one small expense in your overall healthcare needs. Make sure you check out the rest of our website to learn more about how you can save money on all of your necessary healthcare services. 


The Hobby Hustle: 10 Tips on How to Make Money in Your Spare Time

The Hobby Hustle: 10 Tips on How to Make Money

The Hobby Hustle: 10 Tips on How to Make Money in Your Spare Time

37 percent of Americans have a side hustle. That means almost 4 in 10 people are making money in their spare time.

If you’ve been thinking of making some side cash, now is the time.

There are dozens of different ways to increase your income. Why quit your day job when you can make money 9-5 and after? If you can find the right side hustle for you, the money could be lucrative.

Some side hustles take hours of preparation. Others you can do while you watch TV before bed. Keep reading to learn how to make money in your spare time.

1. Thrift and Flip

Do you enjoy thrift store shopping? Put that passion and skill to the test by reselling your finds.

Keep an eye out for pieces that have a high resale value. Research which brands sell well and the condition they should be in.

Buy items from your local thrift store and make money on the markup. Use sites like eBay, Poshmark, and ThredUp. Create a neutral and appealing backdrop to take pictures of the items in front of.

The higher the quality of the item, the more you can earn. It may take some research to know what to buy. Once you get the hang of it, reselling can be a lucrative source of extra cash.

2. Dog Walking

If you go for a walk every day after dinner, why not making money doing it? Dog walking won’t compare to your full-time job’s pay, but it can add up.

Most dog walkers charge per dog, per half hour. If you walk two dogs a night for an hour each, that’s a significant chunk of change per week.

You can advertise your dog walking services on sites like Rover. There, you can also advertise doggy daycare and boarding services.

3. Sell Your Stuff

Take inventory of your belongings. What kinds of items are sitting unused in the garage? Some of your items could be worth a pretty penny.

Decide which items you don’t use or want anymore. Look up their secondhand value on eBay and local selling sites like Craigslist. Quality matters, the newer the better.

Collectibles are often good items to sell, like comic books. Read more about the specific ways to effectively sell your comic books.

4. Photography

Did you know that the photo gallery on your phone is worth money? Stock photo sites like Shutterstock and DepositPhotos will pay you for your photos.

There are some criteria the photos have to meet. They must be top quality and featuring places or things they need more images of.

As people download your image on the site, you get paid. Cha-ching!

5. Editing and Proofreading

How do you feel about Oxford commas? What about sentence length and SEO? If these are things you care about, consider starting a proofreading side hustle.

Businesses post online written content all the time. If there are spelling mistakes, they lose credibility. You can offer your editing services on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

SEO is a hugely profitable skill as well. If you can make their digital content more searchable, you’ll be bringing home the bacon.

6. Online Shopping

Do you love to shop online? You can do it while watching the kids, a movie, or when you’re bored.

You can earn cash back on your online purchases with Ibotta. This app pays you to shop at certain stores and sites. These sites include clothing department stores, grocery stores, and hardware stores.  

Anything you need for your house and family can earn you money. Just buy them through the Ibotta app. It’s not really work if you’re getting paid for something you enjoy!

7. Video Creation

If you’re skilled with videography and editing, you can profit from those skills. Businesses often need promotional videos made of their company.

As a freelance videographer and editor, you can undercut the competition.

You could also create videos for weddings, corporate events, and the government. Promote your services on Upwork and other freelance service sites.

8. Handcrafted Goods

People have been selling their handmade goods for centuries. Today, with the internet, the consumer base is massive.

Whether you make jewelry, home décor, or beauty products, there’s a market for you. Consumers today are more conscious of their purchasing power. They may be more inclined to buy from an independent business owner.

It doesn’t have to take much of your time, either. Make the goods, promote them, and ship them out.   

9. Monetize Your Instagram

How many followers do you have on Instagram? If it’s 1000 or more, you could be making money off your account.

Consider looking into affiliate marketing, blogging, and sponsorships. Brands will pay you to promote their products to your audience.

You may never have thought of your personal Instagram as a side hustle. But, the money is there if you’re willing to work for it. You were going to post that selfie anyways, why not earn some cash for it?

10. Drive for Dollars

Companies like Uber and Lyft have made it easy to make extra money on the side. All you need is a car, a license, and spare time.

Driving is an awesome side hustle because you choose when you want to work. Keep working your 9-5 during the week. Weekend nights, hop in the car and drive people around your city.

If you have an extra large vehicle, you can drive more people and make more. Or, if you have a luxury vehicle, rent it out as an experience. Car aficionados could pay per hour to drive your super cool car.

Want to Learn More About How to Make Money in Your Spare Time

When you start a side hustle, you have the chance to significantly increase your income. There are plenty of ways to make that extra cash.

Side hustles can vary from dog walking to driving to digital marketing. Writing is a potentially lucrative side gig to consider.  

Now that you know how to make money in your spare time, it’s time to get started. Read here to find freelance writing jobs and start your side hustle. Let the money start flowing!


Instagram Influencer Training: How to Make Money with Your Fashion Blog on Instagram

Instagram Influencer Training: How to Make Money with Your Fashion

Instagram Influencer Training: How to Make Money with Your Fashion Blog on Instagram

Do you dream of a career that gives you the freedom that you desire and the income you need to support your lifestyle?

The earning power of someone with 100,000 followers can be upwards of $5,000 per post.

That considered, it can be difficult to build your way up to that many followers, especially in the competitive fashion blogger space.

However, it is still possible to create a successful fashion platform on Instagram for budding influencers with the right mindset and strategy.

It is important to note that becoming a popular Instagram influencer will take time and commitment, but over time you should be able to get generate enough income to consider doing it full-time.

Moreover, creating content and posts for Instagram doesn’t have to be draining or overly time-consuming with modern internet tools available.

Read on to learn how to begin building your Instagram platform and fashion blog, and make money while living your best life.

How to Become an Instagram Influencer in Fashion

It is a common misconception that influencers don’t have to work hard at their job.

But, in reality, they do work hard, only in a different way than most other careers.

A key difference in the type of work that influencers do is that the majority of people will not understand what goes into it. They also have more freedom in what, when, and how they work if it is their full-time gig.

Here are a few tips to consider as you start a fashion blog and Instagram page for your lifestyle.

Find the Right Niche

Even within the fashion niche, it is important to get as narrow as you can at first. This is because you need to different than what is already out there if you want to get followers.

Try to think about other passions and interests you may have, and how these could be used to narrow down your area of expertise.

The most dedicated audience tends to be one that relates to you in more way than just one.

So, if you love fashion and sustainability, try to focus on both on your platform. If you love talking about new trends and brands, post about recent changes in fashion, like men’s clothing directions beginning after February 2019.

Do the Research

Never skimp on research when it comes down to what you should be posting, how often, and the tools you can use.

The world of blogging, on Instagram and otherwise, is constantly changing and becoming more competitive, so it is important to keep up.

Treat it Like a Business

A platform on social media that is generating part or all of your income is a business. Show it the discipline, work, and dedication you would with any other business you could start.

Curate Instagram Content

It is vital that you hand select content based on your audience. No matter how much you love an item or product, try to think about the end user above all else, in addition to the general ascetic on your page.

Consider Using Influencer Marketing Platforms

If you struggle to find partnership at first, think about joining online platforms dedicated to helping influencers connect with brands, especially when you just starting out.

Use Instagram to Advertise Blog Content

A website with written content is the perfect pair for an Instagram page full of visually pleasing content.

The best way to utilize both is to post relevant content to both and to use social media to generate more traffic to your website, where you could monetize from affiliate marketing, ads, and products.

Become Insta-Famous in Fashion

Joining the ranks as an Instagram influencer doesn’t have to be a grueling experience.

If you are passionate about what you are posting and writing about, and you maintain an authentic approach, the people will come.

It is also a great idea to always do the research, work hard, and use tools to your benefit as you continue the blogging journey.

For more information about becoming a fashion blogger, check out our recent article on how to succeed as a blogger in this niche.


Military Money: How to Start a Business While Still on Active Duty

Military Money: How to Start a Business While Still on

Military Money: How to Start a Business While Still on Active Duty

Military service is a noble profession. Every year about 150,000 people enlist in the military and their families effectively become a “military family”

However, just like regular families, there are times when military families may find it difficult to make ends meet.

If you have been looking for ways to supplement your military income. The good news is there are many ways you can do that. The only concern is that you should find a business venture that suits your particular lifestyle and needs.

Here are some ideas for supplementing your military money.

1. Become a Freelancer

One of the best ways you can make money is by becoming a freelancer. If you are creative then you are in demand. If you can edit videos, do graphic design or even write blog posts then more than ever businesses and services are looking for your help.

You can advertise your services on Craigslist, or bid for projects on freelancing sites. However, you can also send cold emails to businesses to find out if they are interested in your services.

If you craft your cold emails correctly and personalize them towards the companies needs, you will find that some people will respond to you.

If you take the cold email approach, make sure you set up a website with a portfolio and at the very least a Facebook page. Businesses want to find out more about you before they commit.

You can also network with other military families and veterans who have started businesses via this website.

2. Try Virtual Assisting

If you can compose emails, do web research, data entry and manage schedules then someone out there needs your help.

There are two approaches you can take to get your business started, you can sign up for a company that hires virtual assistants or you can launch out on your own.

Create a website about your services and advertise on social media to increase your traffic.

3. Become a Youtuber To Supplement Your Military Money

Becoming a YouTuber is big business these days. There are several ways to approach YouTubing, you can become a daily vlogger who vlogs about your life, you can create information videos or you can use your creative skills to make video tutorials.

The best thing is that it is easy to get started on YouTube. Most cell phones have great cameras these days that record video and capture audio quite well, so there is no need to buy equipment in the beginning.

Post regularly and start advertising your YouTube channel on other social media platforms.

Once you get a certain amount of views, you can monetize your videos with ads. When you have a certain amount of subscribers businesses will start contacting you or you can contact them about sponsoring your videos for a price. In fact, sponsorship is the way most successful YouTubers make the most money.

Final Thoughts

Supplementing your military money with a business venture is not very difficult these days with the advent of online second jobs. It is easy to make money in your free time as long as you are willing to do so.

Choosing the right business is the most important thing. Once you have done so, you will be well on your way to successfully supplementing your income.

If you would like more information about how to market your business as well as other lifestyle tips please visit our blog.


5 Tips to Make More Money Online

5 Tips to Make More Money Online


Writing Income Down This Month? Try These 5 Tips to Make More Money Online

Writing is a labor of love.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always pay the bills. Even the earnings of professional authors sometimes fall below minimum wage.

If you’re struggling to make enough money through writing alone, there are other ways to top your income and make more money online. In this post, we’ll give you 5 of the best ones.

How to Make More Money Online

Use these resources to fill any gaps in your online income.

1. Sell Items Online

eBay has always been an excellent platform for selling products online.

You can use it to sell unwanted items you have laying around the house, or even start your own eBay business.

If you have any designer clothes that you no longer wear, use Joli Closet to sell them at a high price.

Creative types can make items to sell on Etsy, too. The website generates around 440 million dollars every year. Create an account and get a slice of that revenue for yourself.

2. Use Fiverr and Upwork

If you’re not getting enough work from your current clients, Fiverr and Upwork are excellent places to find new ones.

On these sites, you can pick up jobs quickly, packing your paycheck just in time for payday.

You only have to create a profile and pitch your services at a reasonable price. Competition is high, so make your profile as unique as possible.

3. Teach English

Teaching English as a second language isn’t just for backpackers and graduate students. You can do it online from home, too.

You don’t have to be a qualified teacher. Most online teaching companies only require you to complete a TEFL course, which you can do in just three weeks.

There’s minimal preparation involved; the teaching company provides all the materials for you. All you need to do is connect to your students via Skype (or a similar platform), and guide them through the lesson.

4. Complete Surveys

Plenty of marketing companies offer money to complete surveys.

It’s quick and easy, and all you have to do is answer questions. You have to make sure you do it honestly, though. These companies value quality feedback. If you only click through surveys without thinking, you could be banned.

5. Use Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a ‘market for human intelligence,’ created by Amazon.

Both businesses and individuals can pay you to perform simple tasks. The idea is that humans can carry out these tasks more quickly and efficiently than computers can.

These tasks can involve research, data entry, finding images for blogs, translation, and more. Take a look at what Mechanical Turk has to offer and find something for you.

Increase Your Productivity

When you’re a writer, productivity is everything.

It’s the key to your income. Any time you spend procrastinating or waiting around will eventually become a drain on your wallet.

By increasing your productivity, you can not only make more money online but also free up more time to do the things you enjoy. To find out how to do that, read our post on productivity hacks for writers.


How to Submit Music to Blogs (and Start Making Money)

How to Submit Music to Blogs (and Start Making Money)

How to Submit Music to Blogs (and Start Making Money)

It’s a great time to be alive for music lovers everywhere. We have access to an infinite library of different artists and genres to choose from thanks to the internet.

However, for those independent artists who are trying to get their name and music out into the world, the competition can be fierce. So, how do developing artists stand out and keep themselves from being drowned in a sea of emails and mixtapes?

Well, it takes hard work and strategic planning, but it’s possible to get the attention you’re seeking through a simple and organized approach. If you are choosing to submit music to blogs with a high traffic rate, below are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to reach out.

Solidify Your Brand

Before you decide to put yourself out there, it’s important to have a full understanding of who you are as an artist. Branding is a crucial piece in making yourself memorable.

Branding yourself is a lot like putting together a puzzle that represents your artistic identity. Putting together certain pieces such as a certain font, color scheme, symbol, sound, style, or personality can cohesively create a theme in your music and artistry.

A solidified brand will show music blogs that you’re serious about making music your career. The confidence you have in knowing who you are and how to professionally represent yourself will help you stay clear of the dreaded email trash bin. And hopefully, you’ll get a positive response.

Research Before You Submit

After you’re confident in how you represent yourself to your audience, it is important to put in some extensive research before you submit music to blogs.

Reaching out to a website that promotes only rappers when you are a wedding band, such as David Rothstein Music, is completely irrational, right? Well, it happens all the time. That’s why it is important to make sure you’re not wasting your time and energy on a website or blog that doesn’t reach out to the same demographic as you.

Before committing to sending your art to someone, you should look for certain things they promote, the most important being genre. Once you’ve decided that the music blog you’re interested in is right for you, then you can move forward with trying to get their undivided attention.

Create a Sales Pitch

After you have decided to submit music to blogs that feel like a right fit for you, it is then time to work on a simple, yet professional email that will help you sell yourself to the reader/listener.

The first thing you will want to focus on is the music, of course. You will want to give a brief introduction to the song(s) with the title, an educated comparison on who/what it sounds like based on your musical inspirations, and the story behind the song(s).

Once the music has been presented, it is a good idea to give a story of yourself as an artist. For instance, you may want to include a little bit about where you came from, your musical background, any amazing opportunities you have had, who inspires you the most, and why you were drawn to music as a career path.

Giving insight into your creative background allows the blog to personify the artist behind the email address and put a personality to the music they’re listening to. The artistry of music is all about the heart, soul, and story. If you have a captivating sales pitch that includes all of those, then you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

However, when you are writing your sales pitch, be careful to not write a novel. Yes, the reader/listener is interested in who you are as an artist, but they also have a lot of submissions to sift through. Telling them about how you wrote your first song when you were five because your dog died will be completely irrelevant to who you are as an artist today.

Keep it short. Keep it simple. Keep it unique. Keep it relevant to who you are today.

Sending the Right Format

When you submit music to blogs that may have an interest in promoting you, it’s extremely important to know what kind of format they will accept your music in. You will look pretty foolish and get a first class ticket to the trash bin if you send music in a format that they can’t play or don’t accept.

Depending on the type of website or blog you are reaching out to, there are many different formats that could be accepted. They may have it listed on their website, but if you’re unsure, it would probably be a smart decision to shoot them a quick email asking to clarify the types of formats they accept just to be on the safe side.

Here are some different formats different outlets will accept:


  • Hardcopy CDs
  • MP3s
  • EPKs with download links


  • Embedded music player
  • Videos
  • CDs
  • Digital Press Kits


  • Digital press kits
  • CDs
  • Hardcopy press kits

Record Labels/Producers

  • CDs
  • Press kits
  • Videos
  • Streaming links

Taking the Risk

Making the decision to submit music to blogs is a huge step for any aspiring artist. Once you have a solid confidence in your artistry and branding, then the only thing left to do is take the plunge in getting your name out there.

Even if you don’t receive any feedback from the first few times you make a submission, don’t give up! Take each refusal as a chance to improve your approach. Any famous musician you know of today had been turned down many times before the right person found them.

The music industry is all about hard work, making connections, and taking risks. The story you submit in your sales pitch could be the beginning of a much longer fairytale if you play your cards right.

Consider this article as an outline for your success. Take suggestions, take risks, and always stay true to your music. And if you have a music blog yourself, be sure to check out our tips on how to promote it to your fans.


How to Make a Gaming Website That Makes Money

How to Make a Gaming Website That Makes Money

How to Make a Gaming Website That Makes Money

If you’re a gaming enthusiast thinking about monetizing your passion, you’re only a few simple steps away from making it a reality.

Playing games has long been a favorite past-time for millions of people. And in today’s digital world, making money from this hobby is easier than ever. All you need is a simple website and enough gaming knowledge that you can share with your readers.

Gaming websites are a great way to do what you love without taking up too much of your time.

No matter what your level of expertise is, providing genuine value to your visitors will surely set you apart from other similar websites.

But do you know how to make a gaming website that’ll bring you passive income? Read on to find out.

How to Make A Gaming Website That Makes Money

Write Compelling and Useful Content

The best, most efficient way to get your website noticed and visited is to write quality blog posts. The articles have to be valuable for the readers and solve a certain problem.

You can do reviews of your favorite games, write pieces about the gaming industry or guides and walkthroughs.

If you’re offering free games on your website, consider making some of them paid, i.e. players would need to buy a code in order to access them.

Finally, pay special attention to the SEO aspect of your website if you want to rank well on Google.

Use YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the most popular broadcasting platform in the world. And as a gaming aficionado, you’re in the perfect position to use it to monetize your website through their special gaming section.

For instance, for every article, review or guide you post, make a short video to accompany it. Include actual footage of the game or step by step instructions.

Many people also like to watch gamers play, so you can record yourself playing your favorite games and make money in the process.

Sign Up for Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you’re posting reviews of gaming products on your website, this is a great way to add some affiliate links.

The most popular affiliate program is Amazon’s, but you can sign up for others of your liking.

So, whenever you review something like the best router for ps4, you’ll add affiliate links for all the routers mentioned. And if someone clicks on the links and/or buys the product, you’ll get a commission.

Create and Sell a Digital Product

If you have in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry or niche, you can make money by creating and selling a digital product.

This can be an audio book, an ebook or a course on a certain topic. Though most of the information can be found on the internet for free, you’re gathering it in one place and giving your readers instant access.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve learned how to make a gaming website, it’s time to test it and see if it makes money.

If you’re patient and follow our advice, you’ll be making your first dollars in no time.

Over to you – do you have any tips on monetizing your gaming website? Let us know in the comments below!