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7 Signs You Have a Smartphone Addiction (And How to

If you go pretty much anywhere these days, you’ll find most people glued to their phones, probably suffering from a smartphone addiction without even knowing it. Smartphones have become more like an extra limb than a tool to access information, and scientists have even come up with a word for the fear of going without your device: nomophobia. This word is short for no mobile phone phobia, and it affects a surprising amount of people.

According to a New York Times report, teens and adults look at their phones around 150 times per day and send roughly 110 text messages. A 2015 Pew Research Centre study also found that 24% of teens reported looking at the Internet “almost constantly.” Surveys done in the United States and Europe discovered that between 1.5% to 8.2% of people suffer from a condition called Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), similar to smartphone addiction. Other reports have found even higher rates between 6% and 18.5%. Furthermore, a whopping 46% of smartphone owners say they couldn’t survive without their phones.

While smartphones have provided us new ways to communicate with loved ones and access information from anywhere, they also have the potential to disconnect us from our surroundings. When we unlock our phones, we have the whole world at our fingertips, and sometimes, this can seem overwhelming. With so many choices, many of us get sucked into keeping up with the latest social media trends or scouring news articles and forget about our real lives at home. This new virtual world offers hours of entertainment and memes galore, but at what cost?

Using your smartphone too much can cause serious mental, physical and emotional issues over time. Below, we’ll go over signs of a smartphone addiction, and what you can do to break it.

Here are 7 signs you’re suffering from a smartphone addiction (And what to do about it):

smartphone addiction

1 – You suffer from insomnia, often waking up in the middle of the night to check your phone.

Smartphone addiction can lead to trouble falling and staying asleep. Research shows that the blue light coming from your phone can disrupt your circadian rhythm and melatonin levels, which throws your sleep out of whack. If you often stay on your phone leading up to bedtime and even wake up in the middle of the night to check notifications, you might have a smartphone addiction.

Try to get off technology a couple of hours before bed, and dim the lights so your body knows it’s time to sleep soon. Keep your phone in another room for a while if you feel tempted to use it, or put it on a table out of reach to charge overnight. If you do wake up in the middle of the night, try reading a book or getting up to walk around until you feel sleepy again.

2 – You have bad anxiety when you don’t have your phone near you.

Like most addictions, you feel anxious without your smartphone near you at all times. If you can’t have access to it or use it as a crutch, you simply don’t know what to do with yourself. However, don’t beat yourself up if you feel this way. As we stated at the beginning of the article, roughly half of the population feels uneasy without their phones. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work on correcting the anxiety if it impedes your life, though.

Try to go for some periods of time throughout the day where you don’t check your phone at all. After you’ve mastered this for a week or two, go out for a walk in the park without your phone or maybe even on a couple of errands. At first, it will feel downright scary to not have your phone on you, but eventually, you’ll notice how freeing and calm you feel without it.

3 – Social media stresses you out or makes you depressed.

Many people use their smartphones primarily to keep up with social media. However, a lot of people report feeling anxious or depressed after looking at their social media, perhaps due to comparing themselves with others or reading negative comments. We’ve become social media addicts, and this can have detrimental impacts on our emotional and even physical health. While being able to talk to anyone in the world 24/7 can seem exciting, it can lead you to distance yourself or even avoid the people around you.

Social media shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for real-life interactions. Checking in a couple of times a day for messages or updates from friends won’t hurt, but endless hours of scrolling can impair decision-making and lead to riskier decisions, a study found. Other reports have linked heavy social media use with increased anxiety and depression.

If you feel like you have a compulsive tendency to check your social accounts many times throughout the day, you might have social media as well as smartphone addiction.

check your phone meme

4 – You can’t seem to do any task for long periods of time without checking your phone.

Do you find yourself distracted from the task at hand often? Maybe when you’re putting up laundry or washing the dishes, you take frequent breaks to check your phone for notifications. Or, you might even check text messages while driving, which can lead to serious consequences. No matter what you’re doing, you just can’t seem to stay away from your smartphone for too long.

Smartphone addiction can lead to problems paying attention and remaining engaged in conversation. If you have trouble completing tasks without checking your phone multiple times, try putting it in a different room so it doesn’t distract you.

5 – You have physical feelings of discomfort without your phone.

You not only feel psychological symptoms when you don’t have your phone on you, but physical feelings start to creep in as well. A study found that people who had their phones taken away and couldn’t answer their phones while completing puzzles, they suffered from the following symptoms:

  • heart rate and blood pressure increase
  • feelings of anxiety and unpleasantness
  • cognitive abilities decreased

Other physical symptoms can include sweating, nervousness, restlessness, and other feelings similar to what you might feel if you have anxiety.

6 – You mindlessly scroll for hours.

If you find yourself being on your phone without having a need for it and spending long periods of time looking at social media or other sites, you might have an addiction. Using our phones as a tool to access information, talk to loved ones, or complete work can improve our quality of life. However, using it as an escape or to decrease boredom will only lead to feelings of unhappiness down the road.

pop meme7 – You feel phantom vibrations.

Many people report feeling their phone go off when they haven’t gotten a notification at all. In fact, one study found that 90% of undergraduate students experienced this phenomenon, which occurs when the user perceives vibrations from their phones but doesn’t actually get a call, text, or notification. Scientists have said this causes people to reach for their phones compulsively, which resembles an addiction.

If this sounds like you, try to gradually decrease the number of times you check your phone throughout the day. You’ll start to gain mental clarity and just feel better overall without being glued to your phone all day.

How to break a smartphone addiction

Sometimes, breaking an addiction means you need to just go cold turkey for a while. This might not work for everyone, but heavy users should experience what it feels like looking at the world without filtering it through a screen for a period of time. This will help reset brain chemistry and remind them that they can live without their phone; they just needed to remind themselves of it.

Here are some tips for getting off your phone:

  • Don’t keep your phone in your room at night. Charge it elsewhere so you don’t feel tempted to use it before bed or during the night.
  • Practice going places without your phone. You’ll remember what it felt like during the good old days when smartphones didn’t exist and people just went about their days.
  • Get out and socialize. Many people who compulsively use their phones simply feel lonely or bored. If you replace the time spent on your phone with real-life relationships, you’ll start to realize how much better you feel living in the real world.
  • Find a hobby. Instead of being on your phone, why not delve into your creative side or go for a bike ride? With any addiction, you just need to find something else to focus your attention on.

smartphone addictionFinal thoughts on smartphone addiction

Smartphones have become so pervasive in society that they affect every area of our lives. We rely on our phones for so much that it seems almost impossible to live without them. However, we should remember to use them as a tool to improve our lives rather than as an escape or a crutch. As with anything, we should use them in moderation and remember the beautiful world we live in outside our screens.


5 Signs That Reveal You May Live Longer Than Other People Your Age

5 Signs That Reveal You May Live Longer Than Other

In a perfect world, we would all live longer and know when our life would end. This way, you’d be able to get your affairs in order and get things ready before the moment comes. On second thought, knowing when the moment was happening might be an awful thing to know.

Whether you’d want to know when it’ll happen or if you’d rather not know, we’re all curious about one thing. The thing we want to know is what makes some people outlive others. While there’s no exact science to figure it out, there are some ideas of what leads to a longer life.

Each of the ideas relates to your overall wellbeing. It seems that taking care of your body and mind is the ultimate key to living a long life. Since wellness is such a vast topic, it’s essential to narrow it down. Once you narrow it down, you can understand some of the signs that reveal you may live longer.

5 Signs You May Live Longer Than Others

live longer

Remember that there is no exact science to determine how long anyone will live. Many factors determine the length of life, but these signs are ones that anyone can work on.

1. You’re Organized, Make Plans, and Budget

Studies show that those who are organized, disciplined, persistent, and hard-working typically outlive others. This indicator is because they take fewer risks, are healthier, and have regular check-ups and doctor visits. Since they are more conscientious about their health, this benefits them in the long run.

Those aren’t the only reasons that organizers, planners, and budgeters live longer, however. Since these things go along with cognition, it can help prevent degenerative cognitive diseases.

People who have these characteristics are also less likely to smoke cigarettes and consume an excessive amount of alcohol. Plus, they’re more likely to have a steady job and a healthy marriage, leading to less stress and health problems.

In total, those who are organized, planners, and budgeters are expected to live around four years longer than others.

How You Can Work on This

Luckily, it’s not too late to develop this type of lifestyle. For those who aren’t naturally organized, a planner, or a budgeter, it’s still possible. It may just be a little tougher and will take more determination.

You can start by practicing writing schedules and budgets for yourself or your family. Start with a plan for the day, and then stick to it. Once you have a routine of planning your day and stick to it, you can begin planning for longer things.

If you wish to live a life like this, it’s crucial to consider relationships, careers, and friendships before jumping in. By doing so, you’re giving yourself a chance to review what may come from life change. If it might be toxic for you or cause overwhelming stress, think of your wellbeing before deciding.

2. Your BMI is Normal

Being overweight can decrease a life span, so an abnormal Body Mass Index (BMI) could mean a shorter life. With a healthy BMI, however, you are likely to outlive others.

Keep in mind, however, that an abnormal BMI calculation isn’t always a cause for alarm. If yours is too high or too low, you should discuss it with your doctor.

An average BMI calculation is between 18.5 and 24.9, and the index for being overweight is between 25 and 29.9. Then, an obese index is between 30 and 34.9. If you are above the obese calculation, you must change your lifestyle habits.

To calculate BMI, you have to divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared. If this is too complicated, it’s easy to find accurate BMI calculators on the internet.

BMI tape measure
Read about the connection between BMI and overall wellness.

How to Reach a Normal BMI

The only way to change your BMI is to change your lifestyle. If your BMI is too low, you can work to gain weight or muscle. On the other hand, if your BMI is too low, you will have to do the opposite.

There are two natural ways you can successfully reach a normal BMI. One is by eating healthy foods and sticking to a nutritious diet. The other way is by exercising regularly and leading an active lifestyle.

It seems that the most critical factor for those who are overweight or obese is to eat less. Try leaving some food on your plate at each meal. A study performed at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis proves that this can help you live longer.

In the study, researchers determined that a diet that is low in calories yet high in nutrition is the best option. This is because that type of diet decreases the number of T3 hormones in your body. T3, a thyroid hormone, not only causes a slow metabolism, but it also speeds up the aging process.

3. You Look Younger Than You Are

When scientists conducted a study on twins, they were able to determine one of the signs of a longer life. The twins were monitored over the course of 12 years. In the end, scientists decided that the twin who looked younger lived longer.

The Secret to Looking Younger

Take care of yourself. Things like cigarettes and alcohol can make people appear older, proving that they are not suitable for the body. Eating healthy foods will help, along with regularly being active. Another way to look younger is by getting enough sleep.

4. You Have Regular Social Interaction

Healthy social interaction doesn’t have to mean there are many people in your life. Even a small group of people, you have a meaningful relationship with can help your overall wellness.

When you have people that you can trust in tough situations, you’ll have more help through the hard times. This increases the chances that you’ll have support when you’re sick, hurt, or just need a companion.

Other reasons that regular social interaction leads to a longer life are health-related. Studies show that those who aren’t regularly social tend to have more negative health patterns than others.

These negative health patterns include inactivity, obesity, hypertension, and increased blood clots. Those who are social also get sick less often when exposed to viruses than those who are generally isolated. They also have less inflammatory markers than those who don’t have regular social interaction.

Another health issue that stems from social interaction is that those who are isolated are more likely to smoke tobacco. Plus, those who have social interaction are less likely to have high blood pressure and increased heart rate from stress.

social distancingHow to Become More Social

Be careful not to let social media become your only form of communication with friends and family. To get the full benefits of social interaction, you have to have people in real life.

Make plans with the people you care about and follow through on them. Don’t wait for them to call you to make plans. Instead, reach out and let them know you’d like to spend some time together.

If you don’t know anyone in your area that you can reach out to, look for friends in other places. Join a group or start spending time in places that interest you. By doing this, you’re likely to find friends like yourself.

5. You Often Exhibit Positivity

Positive people experience less stress in their daily life and outlive negative people. Since there is less stress, blood pressure and heart rate tend to stay more regular. Both of those things are a vital part of living a long and healthy life.

The most crucial topic to remain positive about is aging. It’s believed that being positive about aging and life can lead to living up to 15% longer than negative people. Plus, you’ll have a better chance of making it 85 years old than those who can’t see the positives.

The Way to Become More Positive

Work on staying positive in your life each day. When things aren’t going as planned, look for a positive in the situation. There is always going to be at least one good thing going on, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

One way to remind yourself that life is good is by keeping a gratitude journal. Write one thing each day that you were grateful for. You can also say positive affirmations to yourself and surround yourself with other positive people.

live longerFinal Thoughts on Signs That Reveal You May Live Longer Than Other People Your Age

Even though there is no definite answer, there are signs that you may live longer than others. These signs are based on scientific evidence and research, so it isn’t just speculation. The best part is that anyone can achieve all of the signs mentioned.

If you struggle with any of the things listed, you can change something about your life today. Your wellness is the most significant part of life length, and each sign focuses on wellness in some way.

Take care of your mind and body, and you’ll become one of the people who may live longest. You only have one life, so you might as well make it the best one possible.


15 Signs That Reveal A Good Man

15 Signs That Reveal A Good Man

A good man may be hard to find, according to many women. The definition of what makes a man “good” may vary,  but certain qualities are non-negotiable. Many people wonder what traits are essential in a good man. So, what qualities make a man suitable?

A good man, one study found, has certain qualities. Women ranked qualities like honesty, humor, kindness, and dependability as the most important.  But there are other qualities that could be added to this list.

Here is a list of 15 signs that reveal a good man.

1 – Supportive of you

A good man is supportive of you, whether it’s in your career, your schooling, or your creative outlets. He sees what you’re doing as essential, not just secondary to him. He encourages you to pursue your dreams because he cares about you and your interests as much as his own interests. He’s for you, not against you.

good man

2 – Works hard to get to know your family and friends

If you’re in a relationship or married, you know how important it is to you that your family and friends get to know your partner. When he wants to get to know your family and friends, it’s especially encouraging to you. He cares for enough about you to want to know these people, because they’re people you love. When he reaches out to your family and friends, it’s a sign of his love and commitment to you. Keep an eye out for this kind of good man.

3 – Respectful

Respect is an essential quality in human relationships. If your man isn’t respectful of you, it should be a huge warning sign. Disrespect means he’s not really for you, he’s more concerned about himself. Don’t believe the lie that once you’re married, he’ll be more respectful. Disrespect of women can be a sign of entitlement or sexual dominance, one study found. If you see this in your man, you may need to step back in the relationship.

4 – Emotionally open

Men who are emotionally open and in touch with their feelings are better able to listen and encourage your emotional growth. Emotional vulnerability makes your relationship deeper. When you share your opinions and struggles with your man, you should feel his understanding. A man who is emotionally uptight or unwilling to talk about his feelings is immature. This isn’t the kind of relationship you want.

5 – Willing to work on your relationship

A good man values your relationship enough to work towards its growth. He doesn’t blame you but seeks to own his own negative contributions. One study found that forgiveness is an essential element in a relationship. A good man is willing to forgive. He doesn’t hold a grudge or try to get revenge when you do something wrong. Part of being human means you do and say things you may regret later on. A man who’s willing to work to make himself better and work on your relationship is indeed a good man.

relationship meme

6 – You share similar values

This might not seem like a game-changer in a relationship, but it’s a huge contributing factor to a successful relationship. Having similar values means you and your man have the same values related to marriage, family, religion, and character qualities like trust and honesty.

If you disagree on too many of these values, you’ll be clashing all the time. You may not agree on all of these, but a good man is open to discuss his values and is ready to compromise for the sake of the relationship. If he’s refusing to budge on too many of these, he may not be the one for you.

7 – Good manners

Good manners show respect. A good man knows how to relate to people like a gentleman. Here’s a list of some basic manners a good man should practice.

  • Ready to vacate his seat for an elderly person or disabled person
  • Says excuse me
  • Says thank you and please
  • Doesn’t use foul language in public
  • Is ready to help
  • Listens
  • Doesn’t talk about bodily functions in a group of people
  • Chews with his mouth closed
  • Doesn’t talk with food in his mouth
  • Keep his elbows off the table.
  • Washes his hands
  • His cellphone use in public should be private. NO one wants to hear him shouting into his phone at a restaurant.

A good man is mannerly or at least desirous of good manners. Not everyone learned good manners at home, but if your man is as least anxious to learn good manners, this is positive. If he thinks these courtesies are stupid or unnecessary, be alarmed. It’s not a sign he’s a good man.

8 – Reliable

Reliability is critical in a relationship. A good man is trustworthy. If he says he’ll do something, he does it. He doesn’t make excuses for himself. He’s reliable at work and at home. He shows up for engagements or parties on time. If your man is unpredictable, you can’t trust that he’ll be there for you. This quality is essential, so don’t overlook it when you’re considering a good man.

9 – Mature

No one wants to see a man acting like a teenager. It’s unattractive and quite honestly annoying to see a man speaking and acting half his age. It’s a sign he’s insecure. Men like this are usually looking for attention. This type of man may be fun at a party, but he’s not ready for a long term relationship. No woman wants a relationship that requires her to continually rescue her man from his immature activities. If your man acts like this, he may not be right for you.

10 – He’s a leader and a follower

We often consider a good man as someone who can lead, but a good man is one who can also follow.  He is respectful at work of his boss, or team lead. He’s doesn’t need to be in control all the time. Also, he is willing to allow you to lead in areas where you have more experience or know-how. He is neither insecure nor afraid he’ll look “weak” if you lead in the relationship. Good men also know how to lead when needed in various situations which include

  • Knowing how to delegate
  • Respecting that others may be better at a job than they are
  • Motivating the right way, without guilting or threatening
  • Empathizing with others
  • Wanting others to succeed
  • Being humble, but don’t tell everyone they are
  • Wishing the best for everyone around them

11 – Owns his mistakes

A good man owns up to his mistakes. He listens to criticism without getting angry or blame-shifting. He admits he was wrong without drama or playing the victim. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who wallows in self-pity. It’s selfish and proves they can’t handle criticism. A humble man that owns his mistakes is a good man. He’s humble enough to admit his weaknesses and desirous of change.

12 – He communicates

Studies show that couples who have effective communication have a more satisfying relationship. A good man not only communicates well, but he initiates contact with you. He doesn’t see it as your job to start a conversation. Also, he values your input.

And while may not agree with you on a topic, but he’s open to talking about it. He doesn’t insist that he’s right, or make you feel like your ideas are stupid. A good man will communicate with you because he cares for you.

pop meme

13 – He takes the initiative in the relationship

A good man is an initiator. He initiates in

  • Home projects-he doesn’t wait for things in the house to fall apart before he gets them fixed
  • Finances-he’s saves and budgets
  • Communicating with you.
  • Planning activities as a family or couple
  • With the kids, he’s attentive to what they’re doing and how they’re doing.

14 – Faithful

A faithful man is a good man. He’s faithful by not gossiping about you behind your back or flirting with other women. He’s loyal enough to protect your reputation, your confidences, and your sexual relationship. His love isn’t divided, he’s attentive to you alone because you’re most important to him. A faithful man is a faithful man who you can trust with your life.

15 – Financially responsible

A good man knows how to keep his finances in order. He should understand or be learning about the essential elements of economics such as:

  • Credit score
  • Savings
  • Reasonable financial risk versus bad financial risk
  • Insurance
  • 401K
  • Cash savings
  • Investing
  • Taxes

A good man won’t prey upon you for money, or ask to borrow money from you all the time. On the other hand, he doesn’t place too much emphasis on money. A good man is generous, not stingy. He won’t get angry if you spend money on something for yourself.

Finally, he’s balanced when it comes to money, seeing it as a means, not an end in itself. Lastly, a good man is willing to learn from you if you have more financial knowledge and experience than he does. This is a sign that he’s humble, and that’s good.

good manFinal Thoughts on Finding a Good Man

If you have found love with these traits, hang on to him. He’s a definite keeper. Congratulations–you found a good man!


12 Signs of a Gifted Child to Never Overlook

12 Signs of a Gifted Child to Never Overlook

A gifted child, by definition, has a higher level of intelligence and is advanced academically. They are often creative, artistic, and possess leadership skills. If you think your child is gifted, it’s essential to know how to help your child best.

Gifted kids act differently than other kids. But researchers suggest that parents and educators must view a child’s giftedness as their potential for growth rather than something they’ve already achieved. This information will help a child be motivated to learn and grow in their talents.

Gifted kids versus bright kids

People often confuse the terms bright and gifted. They have two different meanings. Bright children and gifted children are both smart. However, here are some fundamental differences between these two descriptions.

Bright kids Gifted kids
Like to work hard and do well in school. Don’t need to work hard to do well in school.
Like to get the right answer to earn approval Ask more questions, are curious, not looking or approval
Learn progressively, line upon line Learn with some gaps, high in one area but low in another
Social development is correct for their age Usually like to be adults or older kids more than their peers, may not respond correctly to social cues
Can handle scary movies or books for their age Tend to be fearful, ask lots of questions, get scared easily
Like being at school They’d rather learn by themselves
Can finish their work then do something else like read or draw Very detailed, overly specific and interested in one minute point

Here are twelve signs of a gifted child you should never overlook:

gifted child

1 – Talk like a professor

Gifted kids’ language skills develop early. If you have a child who is gifted, he or she will have a large vocabulary for a child their age.

They’ll speak in more complex sentences and sound like a little professor when they talk to you. It’s easy to assume that a gifted child’s maturity level matches their language, but their minds get ahead of their physical and emotional growth.

They’re still a child with developing emotional needs. Don be intimidated or awed by your child’s intellect. Seek to provide them with a stable home environment where they can grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

2 – Read constantly

Gifted kids are voracious readers. They need to be told to stop reading at meals or bedtime. They read through their age level books so quickly. It can be quite challenging for parents and educators to find age-appropriate but exciting books for them.

A gifted child can quickly end up reading a fifth or sixth-grade book in kindergarten or first grade. The classic literature books are great reads for gifted kids.

3 – They’d rather hang out with adults

School can be challenging for these kids because they prefer adult conversations to talk with their peers. They find their peers’ non-intellectually stimulating. Adults tend to know more and have more experiences that gifted kids want to learn about.

It’s challenging for parents and educators to help them learn how to relate to their peers while allowing them time with adults for higher levels of conversation.

4 – Creative thinkers

Gifted kids are often creative and original thinkers.

Studies show there’s a connection between intelligence and creativity, but how they function together isn’t understood. They are inventive and often think outside the box when they play or do school work. Their creative energy can be hard to keep up with as a parent or teacher.

They may be obsessed with one particular type of creativity, like construction bricks, building elaborate structures that kids typically do not create. Wise parents will provide them books, materials, and the freedom to allow this outlet.

pop meme

5 – Seem mature

Gifted kids like all kids develop physically, emotionally, and physically over some time. It’s easy to assume because a gifted child talks like an adult, they are adults. But gifted kids aren’t little adults.

They are still growing and maturing, sometimes at different rates in each area. They may be tiny for their age or very immature but seem older in the way they speak. It’s easy to put higher standards on how they should act because they’re gifted. Parents and educators must give a gifted child room to grow up and be a kid, even if they need intellectual stimulation.

6 – They are natural-born leaders

Gifted kids show leadership. They like to take charge because they’re full of ideas. They’re often intensely focused on their ideas. Other kids who want to follow will attach themselves to these kids because they like the excitement of being with the gifted kids. They get easily frustrated with themselves and others if people aren’t doing what they were asked to do.

7 –  They might have a hard time socially

Researchers found that kids who have an IQ of 130 or more are more apt to have socio-emotional problems. These kids often have adjustment problems and behavior problems. Gifted kids prefer to hang out with adults. They may find it hard to play with their peers. They may be immature around kids. Gifted kids may want to take over the playtime with their creative ideas, making other kids feel like they’re being bossy.

8 – Precocious

Studies show that a child’s precociousness is a good indication they’re gifted.  This precocious growth may be in intellect, music, understanding how things are related to the space around them, the ability to understand information physically through their hand and body movements. Precocious kids are typically advanced intellectually.

9 – Get bored at school

Studies show that schools often misunderstand the needs of gifted kids, making them sit through regular class instruction when they already know the information. The school may feel that a gifted child needs to learn to sit in a class with other kids so they’ll grow socially.

Although gifted kids do need to develop social skills, sitting through a slow-paced lesson isn’t the way to achieve this goal. A gifted child will often say that school is too easy for them, and this is misunderstood by an educator. Sadly, gifted children are often treated with irritation and alienation for being bored and unmotivated when their lessons are too easy.

10 – Like to talk

Some gifted kids are early talkers, while others don’t talk until they’re three or four. Whatever age they begin to speak, once they start talking, they don’t stop. Gifted kids have an incredible curiosity about things-how they work, why they work that way, and where they came from. If you have a gifted child, they will question you about everything, and you may find that you don’t the answers to their questions. That’s okay because you can teach them how to find the information they want to know in books, dictionaries, or appropriate online sites.

coping with childhood anxiety

11 – Need little sleep

Gifted kids often have little sleep or time to reboot. This can be difficult for parents who try to get them to sleep longer. Typically gifted toddlers don’t nap as long as their peers and give up their naps earlier than other kids.

Parents will also note that their kids function well on less sleep. But some of their lack of sleep is that they can’t turn off their busy mind. They are thinking, questioning, and wondering all the time, so this interrupts their sleeping ability.

12 – A more advanced sense of humor

Gifted kids can crack jokes that even adults think are funny. They have a quick ability to see the funny side of things. This humor can sometimes be disarming to adults that a child is so quick to create a pun or an unusual side of something. They have a sense of humor above their peers who may be more literal and don’t understand abstract thinking as early.

Meet some famous gifted kids from history

  • Albert Einstein: His teachers found him dull. He got kicked out of primary school because he couldn’t read fast enough.
  •  Mozart: He started playing the harpsichord at three years old and composed his first musical piece at age 5.
  • Pablo Picasso: The first word he said was “pencil.” He painted his first famous oil painting at age nine years old.
  • Blaise Pascal: He taught himself mathematic terms since his father refused to teach him these skills. Then at 12, he discovered on his own all the geometric proof of Euclid without a textbook.
  • Clara Schumann: She didn’t talk until she was four years old. At the age of 7, she knew how to play the piano like a master. She started composing at ten years of age.
  • Stevie Wonder: He was born blind to an impoverished family. He began singing and playing the organ and piano as a child. At 12 years of age, he recorded his first songs and performed them on stage.
  • Marie Curie: As a gifted child, Marie Curie had a fantastic memory and incredible frankness even as a child. Once at the age of 4, she told one of her parents. “Remember that time when I was three months old, and you put my diaper on backwards, idiot?”

gifted childFinal Thoughts: Nurture the Emerging Abilities of Your Gifted Child

Parenting a gifted child can be both a blessing and a unique challenge. You might find that your child outpaces his or her siblings and that their homework is over your head! Do all you can to continue to foster an environment that will allow your child to flourish and for these innate abilities to emerge.


13 Signs Your Personality May Be Intimidating People »

13 Signs Your Personality May Be Intimidating People »

Have you ever noticed that some people are just naturally intimidating? Or, perhaps, have you noticed that people tend to be intimidated by you?

Being an intimidating person is an intriguing situation to be in, as it can be tough to tell why people are so nervous around you – especially if you’re not a physically “scary” person. But it actually might be your personality traits that are causing the discomfort!

Here are 13 signs your personality may be intimidating people.

1.    You Don’t Do Small Talk

Being direct and to-the-point can be quite intimidating, and if you match that description, you do not waste time with small talk. You likely consider beating around the bush pointless and would much rather get straight to the point and talk about pressing and significant issues.

This means that you often skip pleasantries or straight out avoid talking to people that won’t start an engaging pr productive conversation. This can cause a projection of you that appears cold or even rude to others, and that’s certainly intimidating.

Though this is fine and a preference you likely share with many people, do keep in mind that small talk can be a positive thing. Many communities around the world consider it a crucial part of their interactions and bonding.


2. You’re A Problem-Solver

It’s good to have the critical thinking skills necessary to be a good problem-solver, but that can sometimes intimidate people. This is because you’re always finding solutions independently and taking charge.

Others around you might feel like you hog the spotlight like you are excluding them, or as though they are unneeded. This can lead them to consider you intimidating.

3.    You Have Big Goals

Someone with big goals always strives to be the very best version of themselves. They do so by setting goals to work towards, and these are often ambitious and exciting in nature, with motivation and commitment involved that propel them forward.

If this description matches you, then it can be quite intimidating to the people around you. This is because of your colossal drive and forward movement. The good news is that the people who will likely be intimidated are those who are insecure about themselves and their achievements.

4.    You Don’t Conform

Others are often intimidated by someone who has confidence in themselves and does not bend or conform to the expectations of others. If you are an independent thinker, where your opinions are often not shared by the people around you, others with low self-confidence will find it hard to understand how it is possible to self-validate and not look for the approval of others.

In addition, people that are less knowledgeable in certain subjects may find it uncomfortable that you are so much more well-informed than they are. Once again, this will not be an issue for people who are secure in themselves and have positive thinking for their actions.

free thinker

5. You’re Assertive

To an introvert, extroverted people can be intimidating. This is especially true if those extroverts are assertive. But you don’t necessarily need to be a stereotypical extrovert – or even an extrovert at all! – to have this feature.

If you are the type to quickly speak out while expecting others to do the same, you can be perceived as aggressive those around you. Unlike some of our previous points, this intimidation isn’t necessarily a mark of insecurity.

As a matter of fact, by taking up all the space in the room and disregarding the different communication styles of others, you may alienate the people around you. This doesn’t mean you should stop being assertive – it just means that you need to find the balance in a conversation instead of consistently dominating it. Here is what you can do in that respect:

  • Take the time to assess the people surrounding you. Do they speak the same way as you do? Are they the type to interrupt your long assertive speeches, or would they likely wait for you to stop talking – which might not happen until the point is lost?
  • Take note if people are unusually quiet or sensitive towards you. Try and encourage these people to speak or ask them what they think.
  • Match the pace of others. Sure, you have great ideas, but let others share theirs, too. You can dominate the conversation when it’s your turn to speak, not throughout an entire meeting.

6. You’re Opinionated

Being highly opinionated can also be intimidating to others. If you are not afraid to challenge societal conventions and even stand-alone with those opinions, you’re giving off a power that may cause others to feel intimidated or uncomfortable.

Being opinionated is a great thing with many positive sides to it, including improving your persuasiveness and making you less vulnerable to other people’s persuasion. Just make sure that your opinions are backed by sound arguments. Being opinionated involves:

  • Determination to do something even if it means not conforming to others expectations of you
  • Dedication to keep trying to achieve the desired result, even if it may seem strange or pointless to others
  • Bravery in sticking to your guns, even if others are not backing you up.

7.    You Never Make Excuses, and You Don’t Accept Them Either

Others may find you intimidating if you do not make or accept excuses. Not taking nonsense is not a sign of a lack of sympathy, but rather a sign of your willpower. Still, as justified as it is, no one can deny that it’s quite intimidating to deal with someone who wants results, not excuses.

People that don’t make or accept excuses:

  • Don’t see themselves as a victim, even if their entire world is crumbling
  • Don’t have a place in their life for complaints from anyone
  • Pursue whatever goal they have set with vigor
  • Have zero tolerance for procrastination and laziness

8.    You Don’t Let Fear Control You

It can be intimidating and unsettling when someone is unphased by fear. Fear can have such robust control over so many people’s lives, so for someone to have the utmost in positive thinking and never let fear stop, you can be quite a shock. You may consider fear:

  • An opportunity to grow and better yourself
  • A new experience to live through and learn from
  • An essential and vital part of life

positivity meme

9.    You Are Stubborn

Stubbornness can be an excellent trait to have in moderation, but others may find your determination to be intimidating. Being stubborn is one of the key reasons why you may be such a good problem-solver. Not taking no for an answer and doing your best to solve issues that you can see solutions to is the sign of a go-getter.

Others might find it challenging to understand this trait of yours, and if they aren’t intimidated or impressed by it, they may even become confused. To them, it’s a mystery why you would take up a great deal of your time-solving problems they’ve given up on, instead of merely letting it go.

10. You Never Get Envious

Refraining from falling into patterns of bitterness or envy at other people’s success can be a tough thing to do. As such, it makes sense that someone might find you intimidating if you never get envious of others.

Here are some traits that someone may have if they don’t fall prey to the green-eyed monster:

  • They know that their chance for success is unaffected by their current job, money or status
  • They can congratulate others without any envy or malice present
  • Being career-focused people with their own goals and don’t bother trying to meet other people’s
  • They know that every person is different and has a different path in life
  • Finally, they don’t view life as a race; they take their time and work on their aspirations at a pace that challenges them and them alone

11. You Always Want To Learn More

Close-minded people feel intimidated and insecure in the face of someone full of curiosity and always striving to learn more. So if you’re someone who understands that you don’t have all the answers in this complex world, your open-minded eagerness to grow and learn may throw off the people around you.

12. You Are Quick To Read Others

People find it intimidating when they meet someone that can accurately read them within moments of a first meeting. This is especially true for people who have ulterior motives, malice, or unfavorable characteristics, as you will not hesitate to call them out once you get a read on them.

Still, even those with good intentions only can be intimidated by quick reads. No one wants to feel like their entire life has been spilled within a few seconds, and it can make some people feel quite unsafe.

13. You Select Friends Carefully

Are you someone who chooses your friends very carefully? If so, the fact that you are so selective and even picky can be intimidating. This is because you don’t hesitate to cut off toxic people and want friends who are your peers, not those who will use you or who can’t contribute to your life in the same way you can contribute to theirs.

Still, this level of selection with friends can be a positive thing. This is because:

  • Equally strong-willed friends can boost your self-control and discipline, while those who are not disciplined will lead to slacking on your end.
  • You are less likely to take financial risks that may not end in a positive way if you have fewer friends in your life.
  • Having proper socialization levels can lengthen your lifespan.
  • The friends you make influence the choices that you make throughout your life.
  • You can learn from good friends who are in right positions or have the knowledge to share
  • A good friend group is one that lifts each other up.

intimidatingFinal Thoughts On Some Signs Your Personality May Be Intimidating People

Is it bad if your personality intimidates people? Not necessarily! It often points to a strong will, determination, and independence for which others should strive.

You shouldn’t feel the need to change those parts of yourself unless you absolutely want to. But do expect people to be a little nervous about speaking up around you, and don’t be surprised if people are taken aback when you reveal you can be a sweetheart after all!



10 Hidden Signs Of Mental Abuse To Never Ignore

10 Hidden Signs Of Mental Abuse To Never Ignore

Do you feel insulted, or perhaps your self-esteem has been reduced to flakes? Sometimes it’s the constant downplaying of your independence and dignity from your spouse that keeps your eyes wet most of the night. For a majority of people, emotional and mental abuse persists for extended periods as it doesn’t leave physical marks.

Mental abuse is often insidious, easy to cover, and can go undetected by close friends, family members, and even with the victim themselves. Unlike physical and sexual abuse, emotional abuse can be confusing. In this piece, we will discuss some of the commonly hidden signs of emotional abuse that should be clear tell-tales that you need to run.

10 Hidden Signs of Mental Abuse

If these sound like you, it could be time to make some hard decisions.

1 – Over-protectiveness

At the beginning of the relationship, when your spouse consistently communicates and checks-in to see how you are fairing, it may seem caring. The genuine concern could sweep your feet away, especially if you had been craving for an emotionally invested partner. Nonetheless, it’s easy for your partner to cross the line and turn these behaviors into harassment.

As time goes by, you may notice that your spouse intrudes on your personal space, threatens you when you don’t pick up your phone or text back immediately. A toxic partner will demand an ongoing account of your daily whereabouts and could even limit where you go and who you spend your time with. The relentless suffocation and harassment shouldn’t be confused for being concerned and caring.

cheating spouse

2 – Negative criticizing and humiliation

The abuser may have mastered the art of undermining your self-esteem and confidence in several ways. At first, it begins as “jokes” that shouldn’t move or anger you in any way. They continue to manifest into unrelenting and harsh criticisms that could break you into pieces. How do you spot this?

Toxic partners will ridicule your appearance, lifestyle choices, spending habits, and personal decisions. Your spouse may say out-rightly hurtful things about you and sugarcoat them as “jokes.” Sarcastic remarks have boundaries and shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself.

You may also notice that your toxic partner turns down all efforts that go into pointing out these harsh criticisms and humiliation. Your spouse may bring up earlier incidences where they made these jokes, and you didn’t confront them, he or she could make you second-guess yourself or shut you off by saying that you are overreacting. You aren’t crazy: if you feel humiliated about a partner’s comment, it’s time to table your emotions and thoughts.

3 – Hot and cold affection

Do you find yourself in the middle of cold wars always? While it’s common to argue with your partner about various things throughout your relationship, it’s not healthy for them to withhold affection, sex, or finances when you don’t comply with them. You’ve probably noticed that your spouse becomes hostile, cold, and irritated based on their emotions.

Their love is selfish and mainly relies on your willingness to bend your thoughts on a specific subject. This kind of affection is typically manipulative and aims at controlling you. You will often find yourself walking on eggshells to avoid disappointing or enraging them.

If you find yourself always self-editing or second-guessing yourself around them, it means you’ve recognized the mental abuse in your unhealthy relationship. Nonetheless, you have taken up the job to comfort their emotions first, all the time, equating to emotional abuse.

mental abuse

4 – Unfair blame game

Take a few minutes to recall how your arguments resolve. Are you always taking the blame for everything that goes wrong in your relationship? How many times have you received an apology for a wrong done to you?

In emotionally abusive cases, you are probably taking all the blame, and your partner hardly takes the blame mantle; it’s always your fault. In some cases, when the blame entirely falls on your spouse, he or she becomes manipulative, turns down the responsibility of accepting the mistake, and puts it on others. You are continually arguing and settling down arguments with a toxic partner who will never admit they made a mistake.

Over time, this form of emotional abuse gradually grows, and you may start to think that there’s something wrong with you. You may begin to reason that you aren’t good enough to keep your spouse calm and that their behaviors are justified. You eventually view yourself as an imperfect party while they take the perfect mantle.

5 – Your partner makes you feel small

It takes years of building confidence in yourself, and no one should belittle you into thinking otherwise. Unfortunately, mentally abusive partners usually are into the habit of downgrading and putting down their partners, which can be less apparent in the relationship’s initial stages. According to therapists, this is a tactic used by the abuser to garner control and power in a relationship.

Pay attention to how your spouse reacts to your achievements and strengths. Most abusers will show little or no interest in your progress. However, they will exploit every weakness or vulnerability.

You may also note many disturbing comments that belittle you and your accomplishments. They may also compare you and your strengths to other people to make you feel inadequate. With more passing time, your self-esteem can slowly diminish to become a shadow of itself.

6 – Placing ultimatums

As earlier discussed, a toxic partner is naturally manipulative and gets to reveal himself or herself within the course of the relationship. A threat doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a gun to your head. On the contrary, you will be forced to do something against your will despite knowing that the decision or move doesn’t make you happy.

Have you found yourself doing things that don’t make you happy so that you can maintain the smile on your toxic partner’s face? Does your spouse threaten to leave you if you fail to adhere to their desires and wants? Placing ultimatums in your relationship is a clear indication that you are in an emotionally abusive commitment where everything that matters depends on your partner’s wants and needs entirely.

7 – What’s in the past doesn’t remain in the past

As it should be, once you’ve discussed an argument and forgiven each other, the incidence should be buried. Easier said than done with most mental abuse cases. Emotional abusive people are always in the habit of holding and reviving grudges to maintain some sort of control and power in an unhealthy relationship.

You may notice that your spouse goes into defensive mode when they are in the wrong. They will quickly overturn facts through reviving past mistakes and incidences to defend their behavior and regard themselves as “good and justified.”

Eventually, you will find yourself arguing about the same thing over and over again, and nothing resolves completely. High chances are you will always take the blame to avoid dragging the argument.

8 – One-sided relationship

A one-sided relationship is a dangerous relationship. It mainly involves one party putting all the effort, time, and energy into making it work and keeping the other happy. It’s never reciprocated. In many cases, the one putting in all the effort often is the victim of mental abuse.

Look at it more like a bully forcing you to make them happy and satisfied while they do nothing to make you happy in return. This manipulative tactic is common among people who get comfortable in a relationship once they know their spouse is already engaged in it. In the end, the victim loses a lot more, including themselves, into the one-sided relationship.


9 – You find yourself apologizing for things you haven’t done

Do you find yourself apologizing for things your toxic partner forcefully accuses you of? Mental abusers have a way of getting into your head, manipulating you, and coercing you into apologizing for something you haven’t done.

Here’s an example. You decide to catch up with a friend or workmate and fail to pick his or her call. Therefore, your spouse may conclude you are cheating.

With receipts and accusations all geared at forcing you to confess that you cheated, you could end up apologizing for something your toxic partner framed and made-up. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to bend your truth to accommodate your partner’s accusations, things need to change. These continued habits could force you into isolation and self-doubt.

10 – Putting on an act

Mental abuse can seemingly last for ages, mainly because the abuser acts personable, attractive, and charming in public. This makes it hard to explain the real picture to friends and family who have a different perspective on the individual. This is the same reason why victims fall into their abusers’ arms as the abuser initially sweeps off their feet before revealing his or her true identity.

Would you describe your spouse as the same person both in public and when they are with you? If your answer is confusing, you probably have an abuser for a partner. Mental abusers are willing to put on an act for as long as the victim plays along.

mental abuse
Here are signs you partner is manipulating you. It could be time to move on.

Final thoughts on mental abuse

Unlike verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, mental abuse typically lasts longer. The abuse is silent, and victims unsuspecting. If not rectified immediately, the violence often culminates into physical abuse after taking a significant toll on your mental health. Recognize these signs of mentally abusive relationship. Indeed, you could help yourself or a loved one to walk out of a dangerous and disastrous relationship.


12 Signs That Reveal It’s Time for a Career Change

12 Signs That Reveal It's Time for a Career Change

Do you feel like you’re in a career slump? Even if you’re in a job field that you’ve always loved, it may be time for a career change. Wouldn’t it be great if you lived every day pursuing your passion rather than just punching a time clock?

Did you know that the average person will change their job five to seven times during their lifetime? If you’ve only had three jobs by the time you retire, then you are in the minority. Going to the same company day in and day out can be tiring.

You may find that you’re becoming burnt out with the monotony of it all. In many cases, a career change will do you good.

Signs It’s Time to Change

How do you know whether you should bite the bullet and make a career change or stay and reap the benefits of tenure? There is something to be said for people that hang on to a job until their retirement years, but few make it that far.

Pursuing your passion is not always financially the best decision. However, your mental and physical health can take a toll on you if you’re doing a job you don’t like. Here are some signs that it’s time for you to make a change.

career change

1. You Dread Going to Work

The adage says that if you find a job that you like that you will never work a day in your life. So if you love your career, then you won’t dread going to work, right? Well, work is not always fun, but you should have friends and things about the position that is redeemable.

Now, keep in mind that there will be stress and some days are going to be better than others. However, if you find yourself continually dreading going to work, then it could be a sign that you need to make a change.

2. You’re Always in A Bad Mood at Work

Do you notice that your mood and behaviors are subpar when you’re at work? If every little thing irritates you and you find that the smallest thing sets you off, then it could be a sign that you need a career change.

While there may be certain situations that are irritating, you need to weigh if the circumstances warrant how you feel. In many instances, you may find that you are overreacting out of stress and ongoing angst from the situation. However, a bad situation can take a drastic toll on your overall mood.

3. You’re Apathetic to Change

Do you lack desire? When there is a special project, do you try to hide in the back of the crowd to avoid being picked? If your innovation is lacking, then it may be a sign you need to start packing.

You need to be at a job where your talents can be recognized. If you don’t even care to participate because of past failures or a lack of motivation, then it might be time to move on.

4. Your Focus is Poor

Unless you have a medical condition like ADHD, you shouldn’t have a hard time focusing. However, your focus can be directly linked to your interest. Have you ever tried to get your child to do homework when all they wanted to do was play?

Some parents have described getting their kids to work on an assignment is like nailing Jello to a tree. Can you relate? If you try but cannot seem to focus on the tasks at hand, then it’s time to reevaluate your job.

success quote

5. You’re Unproductive

Were you a star player, but you’ve fallen in the ranks? Do you no longer care if you get recognition or make the top seller list anymore? You may find that you are just totally unproductive.

When your focus is off, and you don’t want to be there, then you will find that doing your job is impossible. Are you missing deadlines, or have you had reprimands because you’re not meeting quotas?

Sometimes people become burned out. No matter how hard you try to push yourself, you may not be able to give the company the productivity you once did. It’s just another indication that a change would do you good.

6. Your Self-Esteem is Suffering

Does your job make you feel lackluster and subpar? A career that once made you feel fulfilled is now making you miserable. Your self-esteem can suffer when you’re not hitting your goals, and your performance much less than that of your colleagues.

If a position doesn’t make you feel better about yourself, but it makes you doubt your abilities, then it can cause damage to your psyche. A person who thinks they can’t do something will not perform near as well as someone who believes they can do anything.

7. Your Heart is Not in It

Many people find that their heart is not in their job anymore, but how can you tell? Well, do you not return calls to customers that you would have answered right away before?

Do you let customer service issues slide or handle a situation in ways that you would have never dreamed of when you first started? Do you drag into work late, take more extended lunches, and are the first one out the door? When you can’t wait to get out of the workplace, you’re just there to collect a paycheck.

When your heart is not in your job, your performance and everything else will suffer. If it pains you to drag yourself out of bed to go to a job that makes you feel miserable, then you might want to change careers.

pop meme

8. You’re Eternally Bored

Are you twiddling your thumbs rather than doing any real work? The only thing worse than being overworked is having little to do. Maybe your company doesn’t need you or business is slow.

Work shouldn’t be entertaining, but you don’t need to be bored out of your mind either. If the days drag on and there are spaces of time when you feel like climbing the walls, then you need to reevaluate your situation. The day can seem like years when you have nothing to do.

9. You Daydream of Another Job

Do you sit at your desk and daydream? Are you jealous of a friend that is traveling the world and seeing exciting places while you’re stuck in the same old job? A career change is inevitable if you’re daydreaming about a way out.

It’s common to think the grass is greener on the other side. However, if you find yourself dreaming about a new job and doing something else, then it may be a sign, it’s time to start the job hunt.

10. You’re Looking for Ways Out

Have you already begun sending your resume out to potential companies looking to hire? Are you networking with other businesses about the possibility of a career change? Some people start searching even though they may not be serious about the job hunt.

However, if you are miserable enough to scroll the help wanted section or join a job search engine, then it’s a sign that you need to pick up the pace and find something.

11. You Don’t Get Along with Management

Are you having problems getting along with people on the job? Do you have an issue with management and their leadership styles? Do you have write-ups and marks against you for insubordination or other offenses because you just can’t get along?

Management issues can be troublesome to anyone who is trying to make a living. While you can expect a certain degree of employee/management disagreements, you should look up to and respect your leaders. If the powers that be at your company don’t support their employees or seem to have a problem with you, then it’s time for a career change.

12. You’re Disconnected from Your Passions

Sometimes the need for a career change has nothing to do with the job and more about you as a person. Do you feel like the passion and drive has been sucked out of you at the end of the day?

If you would rather be feeding the hungry and building houses for the homeless, yet you’re stuck behind a machine in a warehouse, you could say that you are disconnected from your passions.

career changeFinal Thoughts on Deciding It’s Time for a Career Change

A job can make you so miserable that you will become unnoticeable to those around you. It can make you anxious, depressed, and put a damper on your life. Rather than living under the dark cloud, why not make a change?

If you’re only there for the money, you don’t have any connections with employees or management; then you need to go. If you’ve started dreaming up sicknesses to avoid going into work, then it’s time for a career change.

When you’re unhappy, your entire body can feel the stress from a life out of balance. What is your passion? Where do you see yourself? Many people have found that they wanted to work for themselves and never punch a time clock again. Maybe you’re done with the career stress and have an entrepreneurial side that is trying to burst out.


15 Signs Your Partner Has a Wandering Eye

15 Signs Your Partner Has a Wandering Eye

Sometimes, a man or woman’s wandering eye is not necessarily a sign of disrespect. Instead, a short glance toward the opposite sex is more often than not a sign of curiosity from your partner. Or, they could simply not help but notice someone’s attractiveness.

Much as we might admire a beautiful sculpture or painting, it makes sense that we would continue to appreciate beautiful people after the honeymoon stage of a relationship fades, and the bond matures.

Sometimes, however, wandering eyes could be a sign that your partner is or is considering cheating. So what are some other signs you can look for to tell the difference between the two?

Here are 15 signs your partner has a wandering eye:

1 – Does your partner criticize you, incessantly?

Constant criticism is considered by experts to be one of the four horsemen. Sometimes as people settle into a relationship, they find their partner’s quirks and habits to become less endearing and more of an annoyance. If your partner happens to be less emotionally mature, they may seek out another partner behind your back instead of ending the relationship.

If someone is suddenly finding every opportunity to find something wrong with not just your actions, but who you are as a person, they may be trying to deflect some internal shame about not being forthcoming with you. Even if your partner isn’t cheating, this is a sign of a strained relationship.


2 – Has your partner made accusations of you being the cheating partner?

Along the same lines as deflecting shame, if your partner makes accusations about you cheating, they may do so because the fact that they are cheating makes them feel insecure. Some people want to have their cake and eat it too. They want loyalty and a hot new fling.

Be careful, though, as some people have simply been burned in the past, and that accusation might not have any relation to current behavior. Therefore, your significant other may not be a cheater.

3 – Has your intimacy suddenly changed?

When someone is cheating on you or has a wandering eye, their sexual behavior can change. They may retreat from the bedroom due to guilt over their actions. Conversely, they may ramp up the volume in the bedroom with some new techniques their side-lover introduced to them. Be careful with this one. Indeed, he or she may merely be trying to spice things up in the bedroom to get you excited.

4 – Have strange expenses showed up in your bank account?

When a woman acquires a new lover, she may suddenly have a new income that is unexplained. If the man in the relationship is cheating, you can expect to see that bank balance decrease as he woos his fling. Finances are a significant point of contention between couples. Therefore, both parties should be transparent.

If there is a lack of transparency when it comes to money, this may indicate you both have a strained relationship.

5 – Do you have an intuition that something is off?

Sometimes nothing does a better job of tipping you off to cheating better than your gut. You do not consciously realize this, but your gut picks up on thousands of micro bits of data as you go about your day. When something is off, your gut or intuition will undoubtedly tip you off. Indeed, because you are reading this article right now, your intuition is probably already on full alert!

pop meme

6 – Has their schedule suddenly changed?

Another sign that a partner is participating in an affair is if their schedule shifts to make time for steamy romp sessions, rather than to bury their heads in more work or a suddenly sick family member. Make sure that your partner gives other signs of cheating before accusing them of being a cheater, however.

7 – Are your friends treating you differently?

Friends may start acting more courteous or try to avoid you altogether. That is because they are often the first ones to find out about an affair. The same applies to your partner’s friends. They, too, may start to avoid you or act exceptionally nicely around you.

One way you can check to make sure that your partner doesn’t have a wandering eye is by telling your friends that you’ve noticed the change in their behavior and want to know what that’s all about. Who knows, they may be planning a surprise party for you and your spouse. Otherwise, your partner may already be cheating on you.

8 – Have technology habits changed?

If your spouse suddenly has their eyes glued to their phone most of the day, they may be having an affair. Of course, if your spouse needs to be on their phone often for work-related reasons, that is one thing, but if their habits change, that might signal a strained relationship.

Technology habits can include anything from checking their phone once before bed to suddenly checking their phone more often for “emails.” If they suddenly change up their technology habits, this is a reliable indicator that your partner has wandering eyes.

9 – Do they have a new phone?

Unless your significant other has recently dropped their phone in the toilet, your partner buying a new phone without explanation is a major red flag that they are cheating on you. Many people who are seeing other people on the side will keep a burner phone or small flip phone, away from your vision so they can hold conversations you won’t be privy to.

10 – Do they have a secret cloud account?

Along with a new phone or new technology habits, most information these days gets stored in “the cloud,” or an online data storage service. This data can include work-related documents, videos, and yep, you guessed it—racy photos from an affair. If your significant other is secretive about showing you his laptop or other electronics, he or she may be a cheater.

11 – Have they stopped making plans for the future with you?

Someone who is cheating may stop making plans for upcoming birthdays or celebrations because they want to keep the calendar open for both you and the person they are keeping the affair with.

pop meme

12 – Have you effectively discussed your boundaries with your partner?

Cheating isn’t always as cut and dry as going out and hooking up with a stranger. For some couples, cheating can range from watching a man walk by a few seconds too long to creating emotional intimacy with someone else beyond what they have taken the time to develop with their spouse. You will want to discuss some of your boundaries with your partner so that they don’t unintentionally hurt you.

13 – Has the emotional intimacy between you two changed?

Speaking of emotional intimacy, have you noticed your partner sharing less meaningful information with you? As relationships grow and mature emotional intimacy, ebbs and flows as life becomes more complicated and less complicated. However, there should always be an open pathway for communication. If one party shuts down, that person may be participating in an affair.

Perhaps you can suggest to your partner to have a weekly discussion about life and your feelings towards each other.

14 – Have their clothing preferences changed?

If your partner generally wears a pair of jeans and a regular t-shirt, and suddenly go out and purchase more formal clothes, this can indicate that they are making an effort to impress someone else.

The same can be said if they have been keeping roughly the same style of hair for the past few years and suddenly come home with a bold new haircut. The best way to handle this situation is to ask your partner what they intend to use their new clothes for or why they decided to get a new haircut.

You never know, they might want to take you on a lovely date!

15 – Is your partner happy overall with life?

Your partner should be content with his/her life. Discontentment can lead to poor behavior, so it is wise to discuss life paths together to find out how to improve the relationship. This will help your partner to keep their eyes from wandering.

wandering eye

Final Thoughts on Having a Partner with a Wandering Eye

If you suspect that your partner is a cheater, it is essential to have an open and honest conversation about if cheating is the actual issue or if it is related to a stressful life circumstance the both of you are going through. What is the reason behind the deception? Is there a work schedule issue where both of your paths are failing to align often?

Do you both have enough interests together to keep the relationship interesting? Is one partner addicted to adrenaline rushes? There’s never an excuse for cheating. However, depending on the reasons for cheating, you can decide where to go from there. It will depend on if your partner is remorseful for his or her actions. It will also depend upon your morals and feelings.


9 Hidden Signs He’s Playing Games with Your Heart

9 Hidden Signs He's Playing Games with Your Heart

Relationships are a game for some men. They pull you in, then spit you back out. Many times we fall for it thinking he’s our soulmate. Watch out. We’ve got nine not so visible signs he’s playing games with your heart.

Nine Subtle Signs He’s Playing Games With Your Heart

1. Roller Coaster Of Love

If a man has you on his roller coaster of love, he’s playing games. It isn’t fair to you that some days he feels like calling and texting while other days he disappears. Sometimes he seems excited about the future while other days he looks a million miles away. This roller coaster of a relationship is insane. You’re the one getting whiplash while he strings you along for the ride.

Sometimes he truly might be busy. Other times he just might be a jerk. Sometimes guys just lose interest. This behavior hurts you but is better than the man that wants you as his pawn.

These types of men just test you to see how far you’ll ride. They want to see if you’ll keep playing because as long as you play, they get exactly what they want in a partner. Ask them upfront if they’re taking you on a ride, or if they’re truly interested in you, but don’t know how to show it in the right way.

2. They Have No Other Allies

Some women fall for the sweet, mysterious type of man that seems to be a loner. Yes, there are great men out there just like this, but there’s also the narcissist that isolate their partners. You may notice he’s controlling of anyone around him. In fact, there’s hardly anyone else ever around him because of this.

No one wants to fall prey to his games. He’s playing games by making you think you’re the most special person in his life, but in reality, he doesn’t have many people in his life at all. This is because this game usually involves using people until they no longer have the need for them. You don’t need a lot of friends if you’re always trading them in.

You’ll notice he has many former girlfriends, but it was always their fault the couple split. You’ll notice he’s no longer friends with his buddies because the buddies did something to end the friendship. When someone doesn’t have allies on their side, there’s usually more to the story.

pop meme

3. They’re Too Sensitive

Sometimes men are born sensitive. Other times they’re playing games with your heart. Narcissistic men don’t respond well to criticism at all. They feel they’re above criticism. You might be joking, but they don’t take it that way. When men are too sensitive, it sometimes means they’re just playing with your emotions.

They want you to feel bad for being “mean” to them. When they don’t get their way, you’re in trouble. They need to feel in control at all times. When you hit their buttons, they may show you their sad side, making you feel horrible. The world isn’t going to cater to them.

They don’t understand why everyone isn’t on their side. Men that take offense to everything you say without you giving your side aren’t worth your time.

4. They Have No Empathy

If someone has no empathy for you, it’s time to run. A relationship needs to be a balanced one where both parties listen to both sides of arguments. If a man has no empathy towards your viewpoints in life or things that have happened in your life, it’s all a game to him.

You’ll notice he doesn’t have much feeling about anything in other people’s lives. He claims to be close to people but doesn’t worry about what’s going on in their life. He might not even realize you’re going through a tough time. When you disagree, he won’t budge no matter your feelings on the subject.

In all reality, you aren’t “together” in the sense of being a couple at all. If you can never unite with empathy and sympathy, you’re just riding along together on that roller coaster.

These fifteen images prove that chivalry is, indeed, alive and well.

5. You Can Never See Their True Self

It’s possible to be with someone, yet never know who they are when they’re playing games. The game is all about the mask. You can even live with someone without them taking off that mask. This is because some men simply hide their feelings and who they are. It’s not even about you. It’s all about their insecurities as a person.

The game is all about how long they can keep you around without you seeing behind their mask. Some men don’t like to be vulnerable at all. They may not be able to take off their mask because it’s protection for them. You never see if they have any true redeemable qualities because they won’t let you. Don’t worry. This game is not because you’re not “good enough.”

This game is because they feel the mask is who they are, and it’s the only way they’ll ever survive in their world.

Learn why only some people reveal their true colors during a breakup.

6. They Need All The Attention

If your man needs to be in the spotlight at all times, it might mean he’s playing games. If he gets all of the credit for the relationship, you’re just a pawn. Some men want the fame when they do nothing much in the relationship.

They may seem to be the prize of all the men, yet they’re scumbags. When they’re on a pedestal, they have the power. They love attention because they feel powerful. They may portray themselves as a martyr who needs support in life.

Basically, they will do anything they can to get the attention they need for their ego. In a relationship, if you both don’t have the attention you deserve, there is no need to be in it. He needs to treat you like you’re on a pedestal as well.

7. His Eyes Are Always Roaming

It’s okay if your man has a normal wandering eye. Most men are programmed to notice beauty in women. It becomes a problem when you notice he is always staring at other women, find random texts on his phone, or notice him talking to lots of women.

He may claim they’re just friends, but some men have a deeper motive. It’s simply disrespectful in a serious relationship to have lots of women on your dance card. If he’s streaming you along just so he can reach the next height of women, figure it out and run away. If he cheated on someone else with you, take note that he may do it again.

For some men, one woman is never enough. It might also be the fact he wants a lot of different women. Don’t take it personally. Some men just cannot be fulfilled with just one woman. They play games to figure out which one will do the most for them physically and mentally. A cheater will tell you anything you want to hear to get you off his back about the other women.

Don’t believe him unless he’s sincere. Don’t waste your time with someone that will never have enough love in his life.

8. It’s All About Acceptance

The acceptance game goes beyond a mask. Their goal in this game is to make themselves seem like a wonderful person just to be favored. They want to be the most popular person in the room. You fall for their kind, sweet persona because they want you to favor them.

They don’t truly care if you care about them, but they want that acceptance. They crave to be on top of the world. You’re just in this game because you help accelerate them to this power couple status. They may pretend to agree with you on everything.

Or he’ll pretend that he supports your side. Finally, he may even act like your values are their values. It’s all about getting acceptance then moving on.

9. It’s Always Your Fault

One of the meanest ways to play with your heart is the wrongful assignment of fault. The guy that sends you on a guilt trip is the wrong man for you. He will manipulate everything into being your fault. Many women fall for this in a relationship because they want to keep the man, and they are hopeful that things will change.

They might not even realize they’re being manipulated. Many times a man will seem empathetic and then slowly reveal his true motives. They start showing you through emotions that they’re sad you hurt them. It’s always the fact you hurt them instead of they did anything wrong.

It’s easy to turn things around in their favor. If you start seeing a pattern, stand your ground. Don’t stay around to be the victim when they seem to always be the one suffering for love.

playing gamesFinal Thoughts on Ending Things With Somone Who’s Playing Games

Don’t feel disappointed in this relationship.

In the end, if a man is playing games with your heart, he’s the loser.  Know that you can win the game by leaving him. You don’t need to be a pawn to anyone that doesn’t deserve you as a partner.


10 Signs You Are Spiritually Gifted

10 Signs You Are Spiritually Gifted

Having an intuitive nature or being spiritually gifted is often passed down through generations. If you feel that you have a sixth sense, or some call you an old soul, then it could be a gift that is passed to you from your ancestors.

Many people get feelings or sensations that they believe is bizarre or out of this world. Perhaps, something supernatural is trying to communicate. Divine intervention is something that many people experience frequently, but does it mean that you are spiritually gifted?

If you feel that you have unique gifts to communicate with the spiritual world, then you need to open yourself and allow the channeling to occur. The longer you prolong the acceptance that you are spiritually gifted, the harder it can make your life.

Signs of Being Spiritually Gifted

Perhaps, you are on the fence about whether you have an intuitive side or if you have a gift in dealing with the spiritual realm. Well, here are ten things that may happen to you when you have a spiritually gifted nature.

spiritually gifted

1. Visions

Some say it’s daydreaming, but visions are dreams that you have when you are wide awake. It can be something random that pops into your mind that makes you feel uncomfortable.

For instance, you may envision a car accident with your loved one. One way that the spirit world will communicate with you is through premonitions and visions. These little films play in your mind or visual field to warn you of danger.

It could be your spirit guide is trying to tell you to avoid traveling or to warn your loved one before they get into a car. The beauty of these visions is though while they may be uncomfortable to see, they are almost always meant to help you or someone you love to avoid danger.

2. Vivid Dreams

Do you dream a lot at night? Dreams are another way that the spirit world can easily connect with you. Spiritual experts say that you are the most vulnerable when you are asleep; thus, it’s easy for the spirit world to communicate.

A lady once dreamed that her father was dying. The dream was very descriptive, and it felt so real that she was shaken. She awoke at 2 am to a phone call telling her that her father had just passed. Was the spirit world trying to warn her?

Perhaps, she could sense his spirit leaving this world in her dream. Dreams are always open to interpretation. However, if you get messages while you are asleep, then you should write them down and investigate their meaning.

3. You Awaken During the Most Spiritual Hour

Did you know that between 3 am and 4 am each morning is when the veil between the spirit world and the natural world is the thinnest? It means that you can easily connect with spirit during this time.

If you thought that it was your small bladder waking you up at the same time, you might need to investigate. Waking up at this time is often to mean that the spirit world was trying to tell you something, and you are spiritually gifted enough to receive it.

You need to learn how to receive messages during this time. The next time it happens, sit up and hear what the spirit is trying to say to you. The message may be of vital importance.

pop meme

4. Synchronicity

You’ve probably heard that death, among other things, always comes in threes. These trends are possibly spiritually based. It’s called synchronicity, and it goes beyond death.

What if you’ve had dreams, visions, and constant thoughts about a person? It could be that the spirit world is wanting you to reach out to this person to help.

A girl once dreamed about her ex-boyfriend from high school dying in a horrific car crash. She accidentally ran into him in a bookstore not long after that occurrence, but she didn’t mention the dream. Then, he suddenly popped up on her suggested friend list on Facebook, which she accepted.

Two weeks after the encounters, she saw a post that his car ran off the road during a snowstorm, and he perished. Perhaps, the spirit world was trying to tell her to connect with him, warn him, or make peace with their past.

5. Hearing Guiding Voices

Do you hear things that no one else does? Do you ask someone a question and seem to know the answer before they speak? You should listen to spiritual voices when they are trying to communicate with you.

They may pop into your mind, speak to your heart, or you may hear them audibly. Regardless of how the messages come to you, you must be receptive to open communication. These voices can mean you’re spiritually gifted, and the spirits want to help support you.

6. Experience Random Emotions

You may have sensations and emotional outbursts that are not yours. It can be someone else’s sensations channeling through you. It may sound a bit farfetched, but it happens all the time.

A story stated that a woman was driving on I-10 in Florida and was about to pass a semi-truck. Every time she got close to the truck, she felt scared, even terrified. She was so anxious that she felt as if they would shoot her.

She knew that she was spiritually gifted. But she wasn’t sure if the spirit was trying to warn her about danger or she was channeling the energy of others. She quickly learned she was an empath. The experience was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t get it out of her mind.

She found out later that her brother’s wife had been kidnapped and was held at gunpoint in Los Angeles. She knew that the emotions she was feeling were that of her sister-in-law. Her sixth sense allowed her to feel these sensations to pray for her family.

7. Night Terrors

It’s often thought that children are the recipients of night terrors because they have irrational fears and are natural empaths. However, some experts say that the reason why children experience these dreams is that they are so sensitive to the spirit realm.

Have you ever heard of the “Delta and Theta” state? When an adult that is spiritually gifted enters this state, they can see things beyond the normal scope. If a spirit is trying to communicate with you but is not getting your attention, then nightmares are another way to communicate.

Remember, they will do anything they can to get your attention, even if it means waking you up at night in a panic.

night terrors

8. Prickly Sensations

Have you had a tingling sensation when someone tells you something amazing? Some call them tickling vibrations or tingles. However, sometimes you feel so excited inside that you want to dance with glee.

Tingling sensations can be magical; some even describe them as miraculous. These phenomena are just spirit confirming or communicating with you in another way.

9. Pressure Around the Third Eye

Most people know where the “third eye” is located. Have you ever felt a pressure in this area right between your eyebrows?

Spiritual experts say that clairvoyant people can often receive messages when they feel these pangs in this area. Additionally, other individuals say that they can see another person’s chakra colors when they open their third eye.

Doing some spiritual exercises can help you to open and close this extraordinary vision with ease.

10. Discernment and Being Spiritually Gifted

People who have discernment can tell you things present in the room that others can’t see. For instance, they can recognize when an evil entity enters the room. Spirit will give you different feelings to acknowledge the presence. You may get a chill up your spine, or they may be able to see the entity visually.

As you grow in your gifts and callings, you will soon be able to channel the spiritual world as it comes to you, but you also need to know when to close your third eye to get rest. All these things will come with time and practice.

spiritually giftedFinal Thoughts: Keep Connected to Your Old Soul to Stay Spiritually Gifted

Do you think you are intuitive? Have you experienced things that others don’t see or hear? Do people call you an old soul? You can consciously welcome these spirits, or you can push them away.

You must know that spirit is very assertive when it wants to get it’s point across. As you become more aware of things going on in the world most cannot see, you can grow your abilities.

Remember, to strengthen a muscle as you must use it often. You can enhance your abilities and learn how to channel the spirit world to help you and those around you. The most crucial step is to acknowledge that you have a gift and work ways to improve it so that it can intensify.