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Here Are 23 Photos That Have No Logic


In our daily life, we go through different things. We usually don’t pay attention to everything but somethings that are truly amazing leaves a mark in our memory. These are the 23 weirdest and interesting images that will last long in your mind.

23. A pineapple is saying “HELLO”:

Image credits: crowbirdsandmockingbars

What is the first thing that comes to your mind after looking at this picture? I mean, I think a pineapple is saying “HELLO” or he’s trying to dance.

22. A fish is eating his own tail:

Image credits: VARCHUN13

I mean, what kind of picture is this? Is the fish trying to eat his own tail?

21. How people are using modern technology in their life:

Image credits: sfAAsfa

This is one weird picture. A man is using hoverboard to move and the kid sitting on the horse. Maybe the photographer is trying to show that how modern technology has been used in the best way.

20. Useless selfie stick:

Image credits: blank1

I think the picture shows the person is trying to tell that I have bought a selfie stick and he’s trying to show off.

19. I am trying to open the car door:

Image credits: LimitedToTwentyChara

I think the picture shows that a man is trying to open the car door when no one is looking at him. Weird. No?

18. It’s not far away:

Image credits: life1

I think the photographer is trying to tell us that this day is not far away when animals will be trained for driving the car or doing other stuff like human beings.

17. An overexcited cat:

Image credits: life1

The photographer is trying show that a cat is quite over excited and that is why she is walking up the wall.

Here Are 28 Pictures That Show How The World Has Changed Over Years 16. A worrier frog:

Image credits: iProcione

What kind of picture is this? Is the frog trying to be a worrier?

15. Amazing camouflage:

Image credits: JiveMonkey

Nice camouflage! The food he is eating is growing on his skin.

14. A guy is trying to fulfill a challenge:

Image credits: DRTY-BWTY

Maybe, the guy in this picture is trying to fulfill any challenge.

13. A guy is trying to do a weird try:

Image credits: hatMudkipGuy

What kind of picture is this? This dumb boy is trying to fit this huge thing in this car.

12. An interesting Christmas tree:

Image credits: emersonic420

The photographer is trying to show a different and an interesting puzzle Christmas tree.

11. When you are on diet:

Image credits: furbalicious80

When you are on diet and you don’t want to eat flour. Go for this kind of pizzas.

10. I’m Loving’ it!

Image credits: bjornenalfa

It feels like a window of any McDonald’s outlet. After looking at this picture, I can imagine why so many people are scared of clowns.

9. Very Christmassy. No?

Image credits: OneWeirdTrick

I think, this picture shows that workers are hanging these Christmas stuff in a mall. You can imagine how things get messy after Christmas.

8. A girlish hotdog:

Image credits: ChacistFratboy

After looking at this picture, I can say that pink is the worst color ever. This hot dog looks so girlish! Isn’t it?

7. Suspicious frogs:

Image credits: TymalMcburn

This group of frogs seems suspicious. Looks like they are in search of food or maybe they are trying to stalk somebody. What do you think of this picture? Do comment.

6. So foggy:

Image credits: mightyyorkshire

I think the photographer is trying to show the foggy weather or the people who are waiting for the taxi.

5. Frozen soda:

Image credits: hellisus

Soda has never looked better. I am just loving the feel of the frozen soda. I am sure photographer was trying to show the same thing.

4. A weird dog:

Image credits: Vermillion67

I don’t know what kind of weird dog or picture is this?

3. Please think before you make a wish:

Image credits: James Fridman

Sometimes, we should think before we make a wish. I think this girl wished for big booty and see, she got that!

2. Oops! I got sunburned:

Image credits: mylaowai

I think, this picture is trying to show that the other person got sunburned last year on the same beach.

1. A fish and a chick:

Image credits: izismile

This boy’s smile shows that he is holding the two loves of his life. One is fish and the other is his hot chick! Sounds interesting. No?

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